military life

Right now, Maggie Sawyer is helping Adrian Rodriguez out of his binder while Alex Danvers picks up his favorite pizza.

Maggie is teaching him new strike combinations on the heavy bag, and once he’s exhausted and showered, both of them are wrapping him up in their arms while he cries.

They both remind him that he is real, that he is not a burden. That he is worthy. That he is courageous and that he is powerful. That he is one of the happiest parts of their lives.

Because he is.

I don’t make the rules.

I am usually the first to say that moralizing is bad but the military is the leading exception. I’ve lived under a military occupation my entire life, so, basically fuck you

Well-intentioned questions:

“When will he get leave next?”

“Where will he be stationed next?”

“Will he be able to come back for my wedding/Christmas/birthdays/holidays/anniversary?”

“When will you get to see each other again?”

So I understand long distance is hard. It really is. But I don’t understand why people breakup because they “can’t handle the distance”. Personally I’d rather not see him for months with limited communication, than the rest of my life without him at all. Just saying.
Zora OC Clans !

hey guys! ^v^ the zora oc discord and I have created some clans that zora oc’s might be a part of! So here’s a little description of each below! ovo

Freshwater Clan - For the freshwater type zora’s found in rivers and lakes.  The folk here are good musicians, dancers and botanists who create instruments and cloth! They’re creators. There’s not a day that you cannot hear the gentle strum of a lute. This clan is great for putting zoras in a mood, both awe in nature’s beauty and their large festivals~

Saltwater Clan -  A tropical clan on the peninsula known for it’s colourful reefs. Here is the best place for markets. Theyre lively, welcoming and encouraging. Multicultural. Excellent holiday destination! Pretty much Australia lol

Forbidden Sea - A deep dark place in the sea where the dangerous, spoopy or banished zora go! Known for their criminal and cannibalistic nature. Their leader is a giant megalodon shark that instills power through fear. They frequently start wars with the Ocean Clan.

Ocean Clan - A massive and beautiful underwater city run by several elected leaders located far out to sea~ They are renown as a military superpower and are well known for their enormous pretty underwater library, which shows both the peace and intellect of the clan! However they are not on good terms with the Forbidden Clan. yikes.

Arctic Kingdom - A refined and regal kingdom that holds zora who can handle extreme cold climates, e.g orcas and narwhals etc. They are known for quality meats, thus making them good hunters. They also specialize in weaponry and ice sculpting. They are good with trade and connections too, infact they are close allies with the Ocean Clan~

Hotspring Clan - For zora who are more acclimated to warm waters. They are a spiritual and tranquil clan who specialise in medicinal herbs and healing. There’s always the smell of incense in the air. They hardly ever get sick, thus making them a happy friendly bunch to bathe with. Royalty, leaders and soldiers favour this clan greatly for their relaxation!

Cavernous Clan - For both freshwater and saltwater zora, as there are freshwater caves and sea caves throughout Hyrule! They specialize in gems and jewelry; like multicolored luminous stone jewelry. They could find a lot of sunken treasure and stuff too. However the clan keeps to themselves, so theyre rather quiet. The caves are practically hidden anyway.

Nudibranch Clan - A kingdom for extremely smol zoras with smol houses. They’re smaller than link, down to the size of your arm, even your palm! They trade rare pearls.

Sea Of The Giants - For massive af zoras. Like 50ft 100ft tall! So they’re located WAY out to sea. Wowzas. Most of them are deity’s. The Ocean Clan worships the Leviathan giant by providing offerings, thus getting protection in return~