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Royal Air Force Pilot - Lena “Tracer” Oxton

I can finally share my full illustration for​ It Takes A Woman Zine Vol. 2! This was the first zine I ever contributed to and I’m happy to have been a part of it. :)

Pre-orders are now closed but there are still a few copies available at @ittakesawomanzine!

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I am practically beaming over your military AU! It is literally one of my most favorite Alternate Universes for Voltron of all time, especially with how you designed their character and positions (PTSD, Grenades, snipers and etc.) along with your art/style (which I really loved after seeing you draw RWBY!) One thing I really came here to ask about is where did their military uniforms come/inspired from? I swear, I wasn't kidding about their designs :0

Hey there!! Thank you so much T T Im so happy that you like it! 

I have a few inspirations for their uniforms, which mainly come from the US marine corps. All inspirations and images under the cut! 

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whats so interesting to me is that during the russian revolution, like during the actual 5 days a ton of soldiers, like a huge amount, joined the workers in the streets but a significantly smaller amount of police officers defected and joined the revolution. which i think i read was because many of the soldiers were only there because of the draft for ww1, which was a war they were tired of fighting in and most of them were drafted from the proletariat or peasantry. in contrast to the police officers who actively sought out their jobs and were more reactionary. idk i dont have any really formed thoughts on this but ive been thinking that for a revolution to be viable in america it would need support from a large section of the military and police (not like a military coup but people in the military defecting to support the revolution) because of how militarized america is. and also the military here seems so reactionary im just wondering what kind of conditions it would take to get widespread support for a revolution from the military


Plate Half-Armor said “of Henry IV” dating back to the French War of Religions in 1562-1598

Reinforced with a second breastplate and a left vambrace, shown here with a fleurdelysé cabasset, as well as a similarly styled morion.
The armor shows two bullet marks, one in the front which was probably a way to proof the breastplate, and one in the back.
Note that this last shot wouldn’t have necessarily been lethal either, as Henry IV himself was shot in the kidneys through his armor during the War of Religions and survived.

What your favourite Paradox Grand Strategy says about you
  • Crusader Kings 2: Compulsive Liar, Closet Eugenicist, Anal Retentive.
  • Europa Universalis IV: Casual Scum, Byzantine Revisitionist, Arm Chair Historian.
  • Victoria 2: Either a Nationalist or an Imperialist, thinks British Colonialism maybe not such a bad idea, read about Machiavelli once.
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Military Fetishist, Probably a Cryptofascist, Lover of Flowcharts.

should i put these things my cousin called me/said abt me in my testimonials lol

A 1830′s full dress sabretache of the 2nd or Royal North British Dragoons (or more famously the Scots Greys).

Note the cipher of William IV in the centre and the battle honour of Waterloo.

You Christians do worship God, but then - believing yourself to be the only true ones - you despise nations other than those you consider worthy of having your grace bestowed upon them.
—  Güyük Khan, third Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, in a letter to Pope Innocent IV.