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Plate Half-Armor said “of Henry IV” dating back to the French War of Religions in 1562-1598

Reinforced with a second breastplate and a left vambrace, shown here with a fleurdelysé cabasset, as well as a similarly styled morion.
The armor shows two bullet marks, one in the front which was probably a way to proof the breastplate, and one in the back.
Note that this last shot wouldn’t have necessarily been lethal either, as Henry IV himself was shot in the kidneys through his armor during the War of Religions and survived.

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I am practically beaming over your military AU! It is literally one of my most favorite Alternate Universes for Voltron of all time, especially with how you designed their character and positions (PTSD, Grenades, snipers and etc.) along with your art/style (which I really loved after seeing you draw RWBY!) One thing I really came here to ask about is where did their military uniforms come/inspired from? I swear, I wasn't kidding about their designs :0

Hey there!! Thank you so much T T Im so happy that you like it! 

I have a few inspirations for their uniforms, which mainly come from the US marine corps. All inspirations and images under the cut! 

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British Mark IV Female and Male Tanks of ‘C’ Battalion, including 'Crusty’ and 'Centaur II’ loaded aboard a train at Plateau Station in preparation for movement to the forward area prior to the opening of the Battle of Cambrai.

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i’ve kinda been on semi-hiatus the past few months without rly saying anything. my apologies. im actually going back home to nebraska for a bit. i came to california basically to see if i could stand living here for the duration of an mfa program (yes), but i miss The Husband, and my visitor’s pass on this military base ive been living on is almost up and it’s financially better to go home for a while than to try and find a place here. undecided if im going to come back to california for school or not, we shall see. i got into calarts, but even with a scholarship it’s hella expensive, so im waiting on other schools before deciding.

but once i get home and get sorted i should be a little more stable and capable of doing projects and maintaining my blog and stuff. ive been living with my friend and her multitude of small children so free time has been hard to come by. im looking forward to having some solitude, tbh. (plus, my coffee shop got reopened!!!)

also if you sent me asks over the past few days, im not ignoring u, i just have been on mobile and wanted to wait until i could tag.

none of my fics are abandoned, and i got some cool original material coming out in the hopefully near future.

bless u all, ur all beautiful, and i look forward to being around more to interact with u

A 1830′s full dress sabretache of the 2nd or Royal North British Dragoons (or more famously the Scots Greys).

Note the cipher of William IV in the centre and the battle honour of Waterloo.

The men of the Totenkopf Division in Kharkov in March 1943, just after the recapture of the city. The morale of the division had been dealt a blow when its commander, Theodor Eicke, was shot down and killed during an aerial reconnaissance on 26 February 1943. The aircraft crashed behind enemy lines, but a party from the division managed to retrieve his body. Despite his death, the Totenkopf Division continued to fight the way Eicke had taught it. As he himself said: “Hardness saves blood. In fact hardness saves more. It saves bitterness, it saves shame, it saves worry, it saves sorrow.”


Large number of American prisoners were taken by the Leibstandarte Division at the beginning of Operation Wacht am Rhein in December 1944.