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I am practically beaming over your military AU! It is literally one of my most favorite Alternate Universes for Voltron of all time, especially with how you designed their character and positions (PTSD, Grenades, snipers and etc.) along with your art/style (which I really loved after seeing you draw RWBY!) One thing I really came here to ask about is where did their military uniforms come/inspired from? I swear, I wasn't kidding about their designs :0

Hey there!! Thank you so much T T Im so happy that you like it! 

I have a few inspirations for their uniforms, which mainly come from the US marine corps. All inspirations and images under the cut! 

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Plate Half-Armor said “of Henry IV” dating back to the French War of Religions in 1562-1598

Reinforced with a second breastplate and a left vambrace, shown here with a fleurdelysé cabasset, as well as a similarly styled morion.
The armor shows two bullet marks, one in the front which was probably a way to proof the breastplate, and one in the back.
Note that this last shot wouldn’t have necessarily been lethal either, as Henry IV himself was shot in the kidneys through his armor during the War of Religions and survived.

What your favourite Paradox Grand Strategy says about you
  • Crusader Kings 2: Compulsive Liar, Closet Eugenicist, Anal Retentive.
  • Europa Universalis IV: Casual Scum, Byzantine Revisitionist, Arm Chair Historian.
  • Victoria 2: Either a Nationalist or an Imperialist, thinks British Colonialism maybe not such a bad idea, read about Machiavelli once.
  • Hearts of Iron IV: Military Fetishist, Probably a Cryptofascist, Lover of Flowcharts.

Back when Tony was in the US Army, during his last tour in Afghanistan he and his squadron were patrolling a small village, making sure that it was safe and secure for those who lived there. They all separated into smaller groups to do building searches. Though Tony and his group weren’t as lucky as the others. While walking into the small home, they had thought they cleared it. While exiting the back of the house, a bomb had gone off, killing the man who had been closest to it and injuring Tony and one other. Tony ended up with a piece of shrapnel in his left leg, though it wasn’t the only damage done, it was the worst. He was discharged from the Army months later on an honorable discharge and received a purple heart. For years after the injury, he walked with a noticeable limp, and constant pain from the piece of medal that wasn’t removed.

Years later Tony woke up in the middle of the night in a lot of pain, and a high temperature. He ended up having to go to the hospital, after seeing how red and swollen his leg was. He stayed a few nights, non of the antibiotics seemed to be helping. After much decision making, his doctors came to him and informed him they had to amputate. After the procedure it took him a few years to finally get over his insecurities about loosing his leg, and looking at it as a battle wound and started wearing it proudly (though he still mostly wears pants to cover up his prosthetic).

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               mikasa   understood  why  he  was   freaking  out,  and  yes  he  WAS   indeed   freaking  out.   (  which  is  why  his   texts   seemed  to  be  another  language.   )   she   let  out  a  sigh,   quickly  typing  in  her  response.

               [   text   ;;   eren.   ] :     Eren,   don’t  text  and  drive.
               [   text   ;;   eren.   ] :     And   don’t   freak  out  so  much.

               he  didn’t  want  her  to  go,  but  she  felt  like  she  HAD  to  do  it.  mikasa  had  to  do  something  with  her  life.  so  much  of  it  had  been  spent  protecting  eren,  and  he  didn’t  even  seem  to  want  her  help  most  the  time.  she  would  of  done  it   f o r e v e r    but   now  she  was  feeling  lost.   (   what  is  she  suppose  to  do  with  her  life?   )

               [   text   ;;   eren.   ] :     Me   joining   the   military   wouldn’t  be  the  end  of  the  world.

A 1830′s full dress sabretache of the 2nd or Royal North British Dragoons (or more famously the Scots Greys).

Note the cipher of William IV in the centre and the battle honour of Waterloo.

You Christians do worship God, but then - believing yourself to be the only true ones - you despise nations other than those you consider worthy of having your grace bestowed upon them.
—  Güyük Khan, third Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, in a letter to Pope Innocent IV.

An prototype rocket artillery, a Panzer IV chassis is seen here fitted with a 28/32cm  rocket launcher apparatus. A small armored protrusion for the crew is built on the front and is where the machine gun is situated. 

A later attempt to mount launchers on the Panther chassis never went beyond the drawing board.