military inspired fashion

FACES - models: Djavan Mandoula  - photographer: Sølve Sundsbø - fashion editor / styling: Anastasia Barrier - hair: Rudi Lewis - makeup: Polly Osmond - set designer: Max Bellhouse - Vogue Hommes Fall / Winter 2016

  • featured designers: Balmain jacket & t-shirt - Haider Ackermann trousers - Roberto Cavalli boots

I spent waaaay too long on this… My friend told me she wanted a Bucky, but for some reason I was in the mood for dresses.  And I love military-inspired fashion, so….Have a fem!Bucky with excessive use of Hydra print patterns.

spiritassassin!adidad verse - too many ideas

OK so I was trying to sleep but tons of ideas for the modern au! adidad verse popped into my head so I needed to write them down: 

  • Bodhi invites his dads to every fashion show he hosts and participates in, and to be sure his papa (Chirrut) can enjoy every piece of it, he always hires a professional person to do the audio description of each of his clothes creations in every stupid detail possible.
  • (Chirrut smiled like crazy the first time he realized what was happening and Baze just plain on cried, overwhelmed with pride)
  • Bodhi hires Jyn and Cassian to model for him because their sense of style is basic af and he finds them too beautiful to wear some gap piece of trash clothes.
  • Bodhi, of course, sometimes invites his dads to model for him. And he does longass speeches about how they mean the world to him and are his first motivation and inspiration in life.
  • He would say things like: “My father’s blindness gave me the opportunity to create my pieces always keeping in mind that even tho it looked good, it should also feel nice, smell like home and express true values that only the heart could understand.”
  • (Chirrut cries at that.)
  • Baze proudly wears every goddamn thing his son makes him, even if it’s a long pink sweatshirt with holes and pearls and cartoons patterns, with a mini short and adidas tights. He’s here for his son, not for some others’ opinions. 
  • Jyn helped Bodhi finds his fashion line’s name “Rogue 1″ after one hell of a night of crazy brainstorming and creating strange new dresses with military inspirations. 
  • Before being a fashion artist, Bodhi did do some years in the military. This collection is both an hommage and a way of making something beautiful out of those dark times of his life.
  • Chirrut and Baze adopted him in his early teen years. They supported him in all of his careers paths, and he definitely took his papa’s faith in the Force. 
  • In this au, his bf is Luke (sorry not sorry). He literally stopped Luke in the street and begged him to model for him: “Your yellow jacket is both a disaster and a brave fashion statement, please let me create amazing crazy pieces for you”. Luke laughed and accepted but only if Bodhi agreed on going on a coffee date with him.
  • K2 sews almost all of Bodhi’s creations and modeled for him once in drag because they only felt confortable doing so in that way.
  • Leia is one of Bodhi’s fav and best model. She’s always wearing white because Bodhi told her it was her perfect color. They always dress up Luke in the most extravagant outfits and hairstyles.