military hetalia

you did not fuck with the polish hussars. they crushed the ottomans (and holy shit you did not fuck with the ottomans to begin with), the russians, and the swedes (swedish warrior-kings, mind you). by the thirty years war, the swedes had learned their lesson. they applied it on the battlefield of warsaw in 1656. from this defeat sprung two legends in european history: first, the birth of prussian military history, and second, the saying that given an army of swedish pikeman and polish hussars, one could conquer all of europe

Russia: I hate flying anywhere with you. 

America: Why?! I’m amazing!! 

Russia: Just because you are the world’s largest arms dealer does not mean you have to travel like it.

Prussia: O.o Holy shit!! Russia has to tell you that?!

Canada: It is getting out of hand, bro… 


Hetalia at Sakuracon was a ton of fun. I was super pleased with how my Marshal Parade Uniform turned out for Russia, and it was so nice to be in that I didn’t want to get out of it!

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ask-lovifreakingvargas and I will be attending all 3 days of the convention next weekend! Our lineup is as follows:

Friday: Hyakuya Yuuichirou (Sara) & Hyakuya Mikaela (Me)
Saturday: Romano & Spain 
Sunday: Sophie Hatter (Sara) & Howl Jenkins Pendragon (Me)

We’ll be attending the Hetalia meet on the Saturday so if any of you guys are going to that do let us know and we’d love to meet and chat with you! On the Friday and Sunday we’ll just be walking around at our own pace with no meet-ups planned, but if you do spot us (I’ll be posting selfies of what we look like on the day) then please don’t be afraid to say hi! We’re both idiots I can promise you that, so please don’t be too scared or shy, we’re super excited to meet some of our followers that may be going!

If you have any questions about this in particular, don’t be afraid to message either Sara or myself and we’ll do our best to answer them for you! 

See you soon~ 

Bad Writing Prompts By Me: Your Enjoyable Fuck Up

Imagine there are two realities, one being military normal Hetalia, then hella normal Domestic “i drive my 7 year old to elementary in my Cooper Mini Van” sort of domestic. Then imagine the Germanys accidentally switching realities so you have super confused daddy in the war zone and trained solider trying to figure out why his partner ITALY WHO KNOWS HOW TO SNIPE A MAN’S HEAD IS BAKING HIM BREAKFAST IN A FRILLY APRON