military guns

Overheard at work today:

“Hey, what the hell are these doing in the trash? Isn`t that dangerous?”

“Yeah, it is. I bet Cutthroat could use them though!”

“Fuck yeah, you`re right!”

“Hey Cutthroat! These`re going in the trash if you don`t take them.“

I also scored like 7 cleaning kits and a set of punches and files. The leather pouch is a badass sunglasses case. Not pictured are all the cleaning accessories, nor the wood refinishing set. The house had a ton of books on black powder shooting and aircraft with models of historical planes all over the place. Story goes the previous resident was a USAF veteran and commercial pilot for years. If his house is anything to go by, he lived a rich full life. I can only hope to have a life like his.

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Members of the Italian Army unit, the Bersaglieri assigned to defend the Mosul Dam. The black feathers on their helmet are a traditional part of their military uniform, making them easy to distinguish among other troops. Whether or not it has a negative effect in terms of camouflage (or lack of) is up for debate but it doesn’t seem to bother them. (GRH)