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Before my husband and I got married, we were apart for 8 months. We were lucky enough to skype once in a while, but that was it. It was not our first time being apart from each other…actually ever since he joined the military that was when we were doing the whole long distance thing. We were together for about a year and a half-2years before he decided to join the USMC, and I fully supported him every step of the way. Anyway, after about a year he proposed and then, a year & a half later we got married. He was only able to get 2 weeks of leave and I pretty much had to plan everything by myself, with the help of my mother in law. Now….we are apart again, but luckily this time…after waiting another 3 months…I get to move in with him so we can spend (mostly) every night with each other.

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Morrison was sent to the Shimada Castle along with Tracer as a bodyguard to discuss possible relations or treaties between them. Their airship had just landed outside the castle, Jack dressed in formal military attire and groomed hair. (the-golden-days-long-gone)

Hanzo and his father were waiting at the castle gates to greet their guests, Genji nowhere to be seen. Hanzo wasn’t surprised by that fact, his younger brother always off and doing whatever he pleased. He looked to his father as the airship landed before them, before his eyes settled on their guests.

He recognized the strike commander from the news reports on tv, though he had to admit to himself, the man was much nicer looking in person.


Summary: Between the demands of helping the turtles and Splinter relocate and her reinstatement and promotion to investigative reporter at Channel 6, April has barely had time to stop for breath. But when she and Vernon report on the work of a certain Dr. Stockman, it’s his grad student, Irma Langenstein, who catches the interest of the organization that’s been abducting scientists across the city. Fortunately, Irma has more connections than anyone realizes, and Donnie does not take kindly to the abduction of his online gaming partner.

Now, Irma is stuck in an enforced witness protection program in the new lair, there’s a vigilante running around the back streets of New York, and citizens are reporting mysterious lights in the skies above the city. Which is all in a day’s work for the best reporter in NYC.

Rating: PG/K+.
Universe: TMNT 2014.
Tags/Warnings: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction, Friendship, Family.

Author: Fantasiawandering

This project has been a real challenge, but also a great amount of fun. I’m really grateful for the fact that the artist who chose my story, without knowing it was mine, happened to be a good friend who could stand listening to me rant about how the story constantly refused to cooperate. Leah and I ended up challenging each other to create content in a universe outside of our comfort zones, and there was something really comforting about having someone right there with you to bounce ideas off of and to cheer you on. Creating in isolation is a bit like working in a vacuum, and it was really cool to work on a project without feeling quite so alone.

Artist: fivefootoh

A real challenge indeed! I thought it would be fun to tackle the 2014 turtle designs, and I was surprised (but not disappointed) to find that I had picked out a friend’s story! It’s been hard to illustrate, seeing as that I’m not as familiar with this universe as with others. But I finally got myself to stop worrying and just let whatever came to my head to be drawn. It’s been fun to take Fantasia’s ideas and notes, and see Irma and everyone else come to life not only in words, but in pictures.

The first chapter is below; read the rest at: | Ao3!



For as long as she could remember, April had known exactly what she wanted to do with her life. Yet, it seemed that with every turn, she was faced with something else forcing her carefully-laid plans off the rails. The fire. Her father. The years of having to take time off school to waitress in order to pay down her debt. Oh, the job at Channel 6 had been a dream come true, until April had realized that all they needed was a pretty face to jump up and down on things. And then, the biggest wrench in the works of all. The chance encounter on the rooftop that had sent her life spiralling out of control.

She never would have thought that spiral could have been the launching pad she needed to turn it all around again, yet here she was. April O’Neil: Investigative Reporter.

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Will the reaper, a look into Grell’s life before becoming a reaper

I watched Will the reaper last night with my best friend and found the amount we learn about Grell in this is actually WAY more than I thought at first. So I really wanted to go over my thoughts here now that I’ve slept on it and alike.

Here we go

Ships aside (I actually dislike Willgrell personally or gerlliam or w/e) I think when we watched their interactions we learned a lot more about Grell and her past then most ppl caught on at first.

First the majority of the OVA Grell is ruthless, cold hearted, mean and pushy with William, treating him as if her A grade makes her a better reaper despite her low grade in everything else.

This tells us a few things, either that Grell came from a high standing family in society OR more likely Grell came from a Military family.

Personally knowing people who come from families with heavy ties to the military I think this is a way more likely possibility given a few things.

Grell doesn't seem to be from typical nobility, she’s not as helpless as earl’s like Ciel shes VERY physically capable as proven by her VERY deadly and powerful skills in battle but this also explains her other grades of a B in written and a C in phycological.

Coming from a military family, especially if you’re the only child Grell would most likely be groomed for military duty from a very young age, this would put a tremendous amount of pressure on her mentally hence the same grade as Will in theory but the C in physiological. Grell had a VERY hard life for some reason, SOMETHING made her mentally like this and her theatrical side could be how she attempted to break away from this “grooming for war” life she may have grown up in.

This could also explain Grell’s brutal side, the side her family forced into her from a young age for war, for a military role. Her theatrical side was her own personal interests, he own unique wants for her life that we can assume her family did not QUITE approve of.

Something else I feel is worth talking about is how Grell handled the writer guy they were sent to reap. 

Despite Grell’s appreciation for the arts she was very quick to want this poor novel guy dead. I believe Grell was so quick to judge him due to her past of her own artistic interested being so violently dashed in her own life for so long is reflected in how she views interests in the arts in others initially. 


Because once he made comments that encouraged Grell even slightly she became INCREDIBLY excited and showed off quite a bit. MAYBE bc no one else ahs ever encouraged herrrrrr?!?!?!?!

So now let’s talk about That fight between Grell and William.

And Grell’s reaction to it.

I think it’s very safe to say the Grell has never actually lost a fight but that's just touching the surface here.

Grell said while getting her butt kicked “what is this sensation?” and mistook her own masochistic arousal as love.

This is huge because this is pretty clear indication that Grell has never experience ACTUAL romantic love before. Grell’s probably only ever experienced physical pleasure and even THEN not much and certainly not enough to make him unable to distinguish it from an emotion like love.

Anyway, these were jsut my own thoughts on what I saw. I hope you all at least found this interesting.

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A character of mine is routinely tracked by agents of various organizations (think Area 51 kind of deal, not the police or the army). What kind of signs would she look for when she's assessing whether someone is a threat to her? How to spot an agent in disguise?

Here’s the thing. If you’re going with the whole alien hunter thing, then you’re probably looking at the police and military. Remember, Groom Lake was an Air Force Base, and that is military.

The short answer is anyone that singles her out and she catches paying attention to her, and that’s about as good as it’s going to get. Unless she knows specific tells with the agents hunting her, like, say, that they’re all aliens themselves, and have some distinguishing characteristic, then there’s that, but otherwise, she’s just going to have to rely on her own paranoia.

As I understand it (and keep in mind, this is a little out of my forte); the basic advice with protective details is to scan the area, and if anyone sticks out in your mind, keep an eye on them. But, as simple as that is, it’s hardly foolproof. Over time, more details of what you’re looking for specifically will get filled in, This is just the old “one of these things doesn’t belong” game with assassins and attempted murder.

Also, “disguise” makes me think of Groucho Marx glasses. Realistically, in a situation like this, a disguise would probably be something as simple as jeans and a t-shirt, with maybe a jacket or work shirt if it’s appropriate.

This is also going to get into a protagonist/antagonist bent, so, I’m going to start with the assumption that your conspiracy agents are the bad guys.

In order to be effective, they need to be able to escalate. They need to have the ability to act openly if the situation really warrants it. Otherwise it will just be too easy to outmaneuver them. In the real world, hunting and killing anything bipedal is generally frowned upon by the police, and any antagonist that can be completely neutralized by dialing 911 is a poor foe (at least in this context.) This means, setting them up like the fake emergency call in the Bourne films would be an amazingly fast way to get rid of them, and it would work reliably.

So, your antagonists need to actually be affiliated with either the police, military, or both. If it’s a conspiracy outside of the government, they need to have pull inside the police. These need to be people that really can call the cops for backup, and possibly (depending on what they’re hunting) the national guard or marines.

If it is a conspiracy, then their front line agents will probably be ex-law enforcement or ex-military. These are the kinds of people that have the necessary skills, the background, and the outlook for the job. This also means, they’ll be very hard to spot, because you’re not looking a specific set of characteristics, you’re having to look for a lot of possible tells.

If the group is actually your protagonists, and the situation is a little different. In this case, your agents will look a lot more like resistance fighters. Ex-law enforcement and military are still preferred, but they might have to take whatever they can get.

They’re also going to need to be very careful. One slip up could mean their entire operation is in jeopardy, and the police are a serious treat to their ability to function.

In a case like this, agents could be potentially impossible to spot. The easiest way would be to look for the same faces popping up. These guys don’t have a large staff to pull from, so they can’t afford to rotate their surveillance. They also probably couldn’t afford to track someone “just because they might be a problem later”, again, they don’t have the numbers to do that. So if they’re stalking your character, it’s because they’re planning to neutralize her, soon.

You can run groups like this as antagonists, but it’s not easy. Hunter: The Reckoning is written from the perspective of the rag-tag monster hunters being the protagonists, but the books could give you some ideas for using them as antagonists. While we’re on the subject, Hunter: First Contact is specifically built around running these two types of groups against each other, and it does offer some good suggestions, even if it is geared for a world where Vampires control the police, and the werewolves are ecoterrorists.

First Wave was a… let’s call it quirky series about a lone alien hunter trying to save the world. Cade Foster wouldn’t make for a good antagonist, but if you can track the show down, it might give you some ideas. Also, the aliens in the setting are interesting, and Roger Cross’ work as an enforcer for the aliens is very memorable. Fair warning, the first season DVD set is obscenely expensive, and I don’t think SyFy’s released the others, so this might not be an example you can actually use.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention V. Either the original series from the early 80s or the reboot a couple years ago. I’m not a fan of the former, and I haven’t seen the remake. But, it is the urexample of a resistance cell fighting against an alien invasion. This is pretty much the opposite of what you’re wanting to do, but it might help.

By the same token, I’m not a fan of Earth: Final Conflict, but the show was about resistance fighters hiding inside, and working to subvert aliens who came to earth openly. It’s at its best when the aliens are ethically ambiguous, but that gets lost in later seasons, as the aliens become more overtly evil. It probably isn’t exactly what you’re looking for, but for anyone else in the general vicinity.

You can run conspiracies as protagonists, but it’s tricky. Stargate: SG1 is a good example, and The X-Files plays this for both the FBI agents and the conspiracy. The British miniseries Ultraviolet plays a lot like this as well, though they’re hunting vampires, not aliens. If you’re going for more of a comedy bent, the MIB films might not be a bad place to look. The first film in particular, has a wonderfully surreal quality.

This one might not be possible to track down, but The Visitor (1997) was a really interesting series where an alien abductee returns to earth, and is trying to save the world. It’s notable for having two separate groups, a slightly deranged military commander tasked with covering up alien activity, and a cadre of FBI agents. If you can find a copy, this was a really good series.



In his memoirs, Prince Nicholas [of Greece] remembered with vivid detail his wedding day. “We were married on the 29th August [1902] in the church forming part of the big Palace. The interior of this church was all dark blue and gold, arranged by the Empress Catherine in the luxurious taste of her epich. Thus time, instead of being a mere spectator, I was now not only one of the chief actors, but the proud winner of a lovely bride who had won herself a place in all hearts by her sweet nature and unsefishness.”

The groom wore military uniform, along with all his decorations, including Russia´s Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called. Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna wore the traditional gown and jewels customarily worn by all Russian imperial brides. These included “first, the diadem of the Empress Catherine, with a pink diamond of extraordinary beauty on the centre and the small crimson velvet crown all covered with diamonds. Then came the diamond necklace of large stones, the bracelets, and the earrings in the shapes of cherries, so heavy that they had to be attached so gold hoops and ringed over the ears.”

Arthuro Beéche: Dear Ellen

With the scornful way Warden Alistair still talks about Templars in his cameo, I take back any and all comments I may have made about him trying to get hair tips from Cullen.

Clearly they would have a huge passive-aggressive personality clash that takes the form of catty remarks about proper military grooming standards.

Then Dorian dives into the fray because fuck you his hair is amazing and it becomes a true hair-care arms race.