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Will the reaper, a look into Grell’s life before becoming a reaper

I watched Will the reaper last night with my best friend and found the amount we learn about Grell in this is actually WAY more than I thought at first. So I really wanted to go over my thoughts here now that I’ve slept on it and alike.

Here we go

Ships aside (I actually dislike Willgrell personally or gerlliam or w/e) I think when we watched their interactions we learned a lot more about Grell and her past then most ppl caught on at first.

First the majority of the OVA Grell is ruthless, cold hearted, mean and pushy with William, treating him as if her A grade makes her a better reaper despite her low grade in everything else.

This tells us a few things, either that Grell came from a high standing family in society OR more likely Grell came from a Military family.

Personally knowing people who come from families with heavy ties to the military I think this is a way more likely possibility given a few things.

Grell doesn't seem to be from typical nobility, she’s not as helpless as earl’s like Ciel shes VERY physically capable as proven by her VERY deadly and powerful skills in battle but this also explains her other grades of a B in written and a C in phycological.

Coming from a military family, especially if you’re the only child Grell would most likely be groomed for military duty from a very young age, this would put a tremendous amount of pressure on her mentally hence the same grade as Will in theory but the C in physiological. Grell had a VERY hard life for some reason, SOMETHING made her mentally like this and her theatrical side could be how she attempted to break away from this “grooming for war” life she may have grown up in.

This could also explain Grell’s brutal side, the side her family forced into her from a young age for war, for a military role. Her theatrical side was her own personal interests, he own unique wants for her life that we can assume her family did not QUITE approve of.

Something else I feel is worth talking about is how Grell handled the writer guy they were sent to reap. 

Despite Grell’s appreciation for the arts she was very quick to want this poor novel guy dead. I believe Grell was so quick to judge him due to her past of her own artistic interested being so violently dashed in her own life for so long is reflected in how she views interests in the arts in others initially. 


Because once he made comments that encouraged Grell even slightly she became INCREDIBLY excited and showed off quite a bit. MAYBE bc no one else ahs ever encouraged herrrrrr?!?!?!?!

So now let’s talk about That fight between Grell and William.

And Grell’s reaction to it.

I think it’s very safe to say the Grell has never actually lost a fight but that's just touching the surface here.

Grell said while getting her butt kicked “what is this sensation?” and mistook her own masochistic arousal as love.

This is huge because this is pretty clear indication that Grell has never experience ACTUAL romantic love before. Grell’s probably only ever experienced physical pleasure and even THEN not much and certainly not enough to make him unable to distinguish it from an emotion like love.

Anyway, these were jsut my own thoughts on what I saw. I hope you all at least found this interesting.


In his memoirs, Prince Nicholas [of Greece] remembered with vivid detail his wedding day. “We were married on the 29th August [1902] in the church forming part of the big Palace. The interior of this church was all dark blue and gold, arranged by the Empress Catherine in the luxurious taste of her epich. Thus time, instead of being a mere spectator, I was now not only one of the chief actors, but the proud winner of a lovely bride who had won herself a place in all hearts by her sweet nature and unsefishness.”

The groom wore military uniform, along with all his decorations, including Russia´s Order of Saint Andrew the First-Called. Grand Duchess Helen Vladimirovna wore the traditional gown and jewels customarily worn by all Russian imperial brides. These included “first, the diadem of the Empress Catherine, with a pink diamond of extraordinary beauty on the centre and the small crimson velvet crown all covered with diamonds. Then came the diamond necklace of large stones, the bracelets, and the earrings in the shapes of cherries, so heavy that they had to be attached so gold hoops and ringed over the ears.”

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