What’s great about love letters are that someone writes how much they love you in a single sheet of paper that they wouldn’t say in person so then you can read over and over again just like falling in love with them over again without needing them to be there physically with you in your mind while reading this sheet of paper you can hear their voice reading it to you and its like a part of them will always be there with you because they expressed their true feelings for you in a letter
—  Arlene Madrid
Goodbye is the hardest

Hi @taylorswift, I doubt you’re going to see this, but I really wanted to put this out there to try. I’m going through a really tough time right now and the thought of you seeing this makes me feel a lot better :) This is my boyfriend, Brandon. As you can tell by the pictures, he is in the military (Army, specifically). He came home for Christmas for two weeks (yay!!) but he left very early this morning for deployment to Washington–while his family and I live in Oklahoma. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how hard saying goodbye was. It’s something I’ll never being to put into words. Standing there knowing what’s about to happen and being scared to leave the only thing I’ve ever known is a new feeling to me, and I didn’t realize how hard saying goodbye was actually going to be. I know we’re going to get through it and that someday the plane ticket is going to be one way, but I just wanted to make this whole thing to basically say thank you. 

Thank you for being here for me with your music and just in general. I can’t thank you enough, seriously, I can’t. You, the thought of seeing him again, and my guitar are the things getting me through this right now, and I can’t begin to thank you enough for having my back and for understanding the things I’m feeling. 

I love you to the moon and back, Taylor! Thank you for everything you do. 

So I understand long distance is hard. It really is. But I don’t understand why people breakup because they “can’t handle the distance”. Personally I’d rather not see him for months with limited communication, than the rest of my life without him at all. Just saying.
I know exactly how you smell when you wake up. I know exactly how you create apostrophes around your mouth when you smile. I know the waves of sound that echo from your mouth when you laugh. I know that you rather be awake at night and sleep all day. I know what movies make you cry and I know what movies make you laugh. I know where the freckles are at on your chest and how you hate them. I know how smart you are but I know how much you disagree with that. I know how your eyes are so full of life and that every time I see them I’m constantly pulled in, I know I can’t resist them, and even if I could- I wouldn’t.
—  A 60 day love letter