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Katie’s Graduation Present

Katie’s Graduation Present | Phil Lester has missed the majority of his daughter’s high school years because he’s spent the last four years in the military. When Dan finds out he’s going to miss her graduation, too, he throws a fit, and doesn’t even say “I love you,” before hanging up on him. So who’s the military guy in blue at the bottom of the bleachers? | Phan | Teen and Up | Reunion fic, light angst, happy ending, Parent phan | 1,849 Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I pretend that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

I may have spent a good portion of the morning watching military reunion videos and I cried so hard I wrote a fic with my tears.


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Written Word AU

Humans have the first name of their soul mate somewhere on their body and it appears when they reach adulthood (21). Having platonic soulmates is possible (especially amongst twins or very close siblings) but is discriminated against to the same extent asexuality is. Many people have short relationships before 21 but stop altogether when they receive their name. Having a relationship that is not your soulmate is possible, though not looked kindly upon.

Julian has the name Elim appear on the inner wrist of his right hand when he celebrates his birthday while attending Starfleet. He wonders what this Elim would think of Jules, and if it might have been different. Like many young people (most who try to prove soulmates wrong by hiding their name and not revealing it until a relationship is serious), Julian wears a band to cover the name while he’s still training. After he becomes an officer and gets his first posting, the sleeves of his uniform covers the name, he stops. Julian isn’t especially looking for his Elim, he might even be running away a bit because he doesn’t want to deal with the implications of even having a soulmate after what was done to him. Were he any less of a professional or a dedicated doctor, the moment Garak mentioned knowing an “Elim” Julian about passed out. It was why he hesitantly mentioned the name to Tain, he couldn’t resist being so close yet so far. When he discovered the truth, it was as if he knew it could have been no other. He wasn’t sure what to do, so he sat on the knowledge for a long time, merely focusing on saving Garak.

Cardassians have the words said when they feel deep love for the first time somewhere on them since birth, usually the torso or upper arms. It’s a reason all their outfits and military garb cover as much skin as possible, to hid the possible weakness. Garak has had the words “I forgive you for whatever it is you did” over his heart. Since he was a boy able to read what the words said he has wondered at their meaning. When he became an agent, he believed that the words would be spoken by his father, the only person he wanted love from, though he couldn’t imagine what he’d be forgiving. He purposely lived an unrepentant life-style so as to avoid the phrase altogether as a way to protect himself. After all, if the person really knew him, why-ever would they forgive the things he’d done? Would he even deserve it? As he lay in the infirmary after doing his best to try to drive Julian away and leave him to die (and yet also lay the clues the doctor needed to save him if he was brave and foolish), he let himself dream a little. He’d grown terribly fond of the doctor, and the withdrawal was doing hell to his self-control. So he asked for forgiveness. To hear even one of the words for the first time, and to put his stupid dream out of his misery. Then Julian spoke word for word what was over his heart in simple kardasi script. Garak couldn’t breathe. Of course he’d be shown this when he was for sure going to die a horribly painful death. He said nothing, though just before falling into the darkness of slumber he noticed words in standard on Julian’s right wrist…had it always been there?

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Merlin x reader wedding +starting a family headcanons?

  • Merlin genuinely feels a part of his soul leave him when he sees you walk down the aisle.
  • he’s in his royal military garb - kilt and beret and medals and all - and god, you look spectacular in that dress and the veil and the bouquet…
  • oh.
  • oh, he’s crying.
  • the entire wedding ceremony is like an out-of-body experience because you’re beautiful and perfect and so lovely.
  • he kisses you like he’d never before when you’re finally declared husband and wife.
  • the wedding is a decent sized reception - it quickly gets wild with Hamish’s Scottish side soaking up the single malt scotch. 
  • you guys settle back into your flat after the honeymoon.
  • of course a family is what you want, but so soon?
  • you two wait a while, a year or so. your mum and hamish’s mum are all over you two to hurry up and have kids already. 
  • you find out you’re pregnant on a friday. you only remember because you had to get up during the 10am weekly assignment debrief and hurl your brains out for the third time that morning.
  • merlin cannot stop telling everyone he’s going to be a dad.
Troy Otto One Shot Series

“Let’s Try this again doll. I’m Troy.”

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The rain beat down on her with purpose. It was as if the skies had decided to break her spirit that night. After a particularly loud burst of thunder, her feet shook out of fright, causing her to trip and fall face first onto the muddy ground. The pouring rain hid her brief sob of anguish as she allowed herself to lay there for a few moments. She gave in, in those moments and wondered what it would be like to just die. Right there, in the middle of god knows where. Atleast she wouldn’t get eaten by the dead.

The thick coating of mud on her hands and face somewhat warmed her and she sneered in disgust at herself. It had been five days since she’d had a shower. The last time she had attempted to cleanse herself by jumping into a river, she had come across floating corpses. One by one, in abrupt succession, they had started turning. She had hacked away at them with her machete till her body was drenched in crimson water. Her throat had been raw for the next few days. She would only belatedly realise, through nightmares, that it was because she had screamed bloody murder till every single one of them had died. Again.

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about that last post... varric sees cassandra mocking and making fun of the nobles and then he /knows/ he's fallen in love.

Oh no. Oh god. You have inspired me. Get ready, it’s story time.

Winter Palace Cassarric/Tethraghast fluff, based on this post by @cassandrapentayaaaaas​.

Word count: 2300+. I’m sorry it’s this long, but I loved the idea too much not to run with it. 

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(Short) Theory: What if the Riggins Hospital Scene... was in Dirk’s mind?

So, after this post the discord reminded me that there is another interaction with Riggins and Dirk, albeit Dirk is unconscious. This is in the last episode, the last look we have at Riggins. As the audience, we have just seen Amanda leave Todd for her new family - the Rowdy Three. We have just seen Bart and Ken promise to remain together. We have just seen Farah embrace Lydia and embrace herself as a person.

And then, the next scene…

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I was on a twitter thread about Jimmy Carter saying the media has been harder on Trump than other presidents, mostly looking for context because I know Carter is not a Trump sympathizer. I found one comment wondering if he wants something from Trump so I suggested perhaps it’s for a North Korea peace agreemt that I know Carter is trying to make happen. Then this person likes my tweet and idk what to think.

When I was still in Vietnam, I read stories and heard rumors of how badly some GIs were treated upon their arrival home.
As a result, many GIs chose to return under the cover of darkness, shedding their military garb as quickly as possible before re-visiting their old haunts. I assumed these were isolated incidents, and not in any way possible in my home state of Connecticut.
I arrived at Bradley International Airport in uniform, my chest full of campaign ribbons and bursting with pride befitting a soldier returning from war. I sat in a large waiting area while travelers filtered in. I was the only soldier in the room.
As the area filled, empty seats near me were left vacant until, eventually, people stood against the wall rather than sit beside me. The room was eerily quiet as nervous glances were exchanged.
I was the center of attention and suddenly realized that what I had heard was true:
Vietnam veterans were as looked upon as though they had the plague.
Although I never experienced being spit upon or heckled, this quarantine in the airport was, to me at least, even more telling.
I was just as alone and vulnerable coming home from the war as when I left to fight in it! I was both sad and disappointed that this treatment of returning GIs was typical of our national abandonment.
—  Nam Sense: Surviving Vietnam With The 101st Airborne, by Arthur Wiknik, Jr.

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Alexander Hamilton has a new coat, andJohn Laurens thinks it looks very fine on him.

Laurens had been surprised that morning to receive a call by Hamilton. He imagined it had to do with the recent promotion by President Adams to name him Inspector General of the army, a fine position he was sure his amour would fulfill to the best of his abilities. When he received Alexander to his parlor, he didn’t expect to see his dear boy dressed fully in his new uniform: blue and buff coat tailored perfectly to his figure, brass buttons polished to shine as brightly as his new boots, and cream-colored breeches that showed off his well-turned legs, still shapely despite the fact that Hamilton was no longer a strapping youthful Colonel but now an fine-tuned General over forty.

Alexander spread open his arms, waiting for the appraisal. “How do I look?”

Taking off his glasses and setting his book aside, John walked over to his friend to examine further and smiled appreciably. Just seeing Alexander back in military garb stirred a dormant longing in him he’d thought long gone since the end of the Revolution. Reaching out to caress the fabric of the coat’s lapels, he observed, “Whoever tailored this was no doubt an expert.”

Raising his eyebrows with a grin, Hamilton said, “I was very precise in my details. You know it has always been our philosophy that a solider must be smartly dressed. It is essential. Look at the length of the coattails, they will not hide the sword so much as the old styles did.”

Staring hard at Hamilton’s figure in his coat, Laurens suddenly had a longing to have them back on the battlefield, tasting the air of smoke and cannon, for he and his Patroclus to swoop in with the sword to protect their country once more.

His thoughts must have been clearly written across his face, for Alexander asked mischievously, “What are you thinking, Colonel?”

Started from his fantasies, John recovered, “I’ve never seen a more clear example of masculine virtue in recent memory.” Undoubtedly there was nothing more enticing he could have said, as that had Alexander closing the space between them to cup his cheeks and kiss him hungrily.

Under his voice, Alexander whispered, in an order, “Upstairs, Colonel….”

13 Days of Outlander - Day 12  The Hail Mary

This is one of those episodes that I enjoy thoroughly but have trouble picking out too many favorite bits; they all seem to be concentrated in one or two areas. 

Favorite Location: the camp and Culloden House. So I ended up spending way too much time trying to look up which house this was (Touch House in Stirling Scotland) and where else I might have seen it before but could not for the life of me figure it out (I feel like it was used in some other period drama as a major filming location, some Jane Austen adaptation maybe?). Whether I ever find out where it is I’ve seen the house before or not, it’s exterior catches in my mind every time. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment: Jamie refuses to let Claire give up. The desolation on Claire’s face at the beginning of the episode as they arrive in camp days away from the battle of Culloden is heartbreaking but Jamie refuses to give up and does everything he can to reassure Claire that hope is not lost; giving up when there is still time left for them is simply not an option. 

Honorable Mention: There’s a brief bit of silent communication between Jamie and Claire when they’re helping to settle Colum in that seems to be the inspiration behind Colum’s remarks to Claire about how good their marriage seems to be; I think he knows that while he objected to the match because of Claire’s English blood, he can see that being married to her has made Jamie more JAMMF than he would otherwise be (and therefore an even more appropriate/desirable successor and clan chief).

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Murtagh offers to marry Mary. It’s such a sweet little moment from Murtagh and shows that while he was able to lay vengeance at Mary’s feet in the last episode, nothing can undo what was done to her. The guilt he feels is something he will live with the rest of his life but perhaps doing right by her on a day-to-day basis would help. And we get another call out to how good Claire and Jamie’s marriage is and how that one started. 

Favorite Minor Character: Black Jack Randall, civilian. Every time we’ve seen Black Jack Randall before it has been in the guise of his profession as soldier, officer––even when he was in France to make his appeal to the Duke he wore his military garb. But here he is on leave, he is a civilian, and he is in civilian dress. It’s still him in all his horror, but it’s also a different side to him and I find it fascinating (and uncomfortable as hell).

Favorite Line, Honorable Mention for Favorite Scene: Colum announces a guardian and Dougal’s popularity. It’s been far too long since we’ve seen Colum, Dougal, and Jamie in a room together; the tension is always so deliciously thick when these three share the screen. The shock on Jamie’s face when Colum declares that he wants him to be Hamish’s guardian is nothing compared to the barbs thrown by Dougal’s tongue. But as always, Colum knows precisely what to say to put Dougal in his place: “I am skeptical that my support would be enough to convince the clan to choose you as their chief […] Brother if you were half as popular as you believe yourself to be, then there would be more men here today in this army of yours.”

Favorite Performance, Favorite Scene, Favorite Music Moment, Favorite Costume: Gary Lewis as Colum MacKenzie and Graham McTavish as Dougal MacKenzie as Dougal confronts Colum one last time. There isn’t a single thing about this scene that I don’t love from Colum’s clear exhaustion over the fact his brother won’t let his final moments be peaceful one to Dougal’s interpretations of how Colum’s misfortunes and poor health impacted his own life––a performance that is so nuanced, it’s paradoxically both insightful and blindly selfish.  The swell of music as Dougal realizes Colum has passed––and processes from the sight of the bottle in his hand that it was a suicide––in one of the most effective (however cliché it might also be) uses of music in the episode. As has happened before, I can’t pick just one performance because the performance is ultimately all in the dynamic between the two actors themselves. Lewis doesn’t do as much in the final scene between Colum and Dougal, but he carries his weight in all the rest of his scenes in the episode from the moment he steps into the house and offers condolences to Rupert for the loss of Angus to the favor he begs of Claire. And I can’t help choosing Colum’s fur coat/wrap thing as my favorite costume of the episode; it seems worn, matted, and ill-fitting in such a way as to convey just how ragged Colum himself is having reached the final days of his life. 

Favorite Book to Screen Adaptation: Mary and Black Jack’s wedding. What I love about how all of this was adapted for the screen is the decision to keep Jamie and Black Jack apart, to use Murtagh as a substitute for Jamie as witness. It means we don’t get the “Damn all Randalls” from the book (though we still get something pretty close when Claire tells Jamie about the marriage having taken place), but I think keeping the two of them apart here will make their confrontation on Culloden Moor in Season 3 that much better (this change means they haven’t met since the duel in France). 

Let's Hear it For Captain America

I had a hard time writing this one. I don’t know if it is because of writer’s block, or if it is because I am not very good at action. But, I wanted to challenge myself, and this is obviously an important turning point for Bucky, Steve and the Reader.

I am not sure if I am super happy with how it turned out, but I was torturing myself with it, so I thought I would post it. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, and I will try to get better at the more action oriented stories!



You stared out of the plane anxiously. You were terrified of what you were about to do, but you had to do it. Peggy had walked you through it step by step, so at least you knew what you were doing.

You watched Steve jump, and when Peggy signalled for you to follow, you hesitantly did. Peggy’s instructions were very clear, and she was so calm, despite the fact that the plane was under fire. You repeated the instructions in your head, accent and all, and it helped you stay calm. You pulled the line, the chute deployed, and within another few minutes, you landed near Steve in a dark field.

You were still very shaky, so Steve helped you out of the parachute, then held your shoulders, looked you dead in the eyes, and asked, “are you sure you want to do this with me?”

You nodded your reply immediately, and you were both on your way, heading in the direction that Peggy and Howard indicated.

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You know when you’re lucky enough to have dreams that actually stick with you? Especially ones about a fandom that you love, and happened to be obsessed with at that current point in time?

Now, I can’t really remember the specifics behind it, but the idea was; Adrien and Marinette didn’t get costumes with their powers, and had to piece together their own.

Marinette, being a fashion designer, would know everything about having an image, and being proud of that. She would fashion together something both practical, identifiable with kids, and also give her an identity. She would go for the blacks and reds, colours that could both blend in with the night and give her the impression of being dangerous. She would be a target and an attacker; something to inspire and fear. Longer red ribbons at her twin-tails that fly through the air with her; her shirts taking influence from traditional Chinese clothing (because she is a Chinese-French girl, and won’t let anyone stamp out that part of her heritage, no matter how much she wants to keep her identity hidden); everything form-fitting but modest, and evidence of her patching up her costume with the numerous odd pieces of cloth covering over rips over time; instead of a mask, she would wear goggles that blocked out her eyes to keep the wind out, and her costume would come fashioned with a hood for the colder nights. 

Adrien, on the other hand, would have liberty in what he chose to wear; no longer the designer model of clothing his father insisted he would have to wear, instead, he would get creative; he’s not a seamstress, but Adrien would craft his identity from the normal clothing items from Paris; spandex isn’t exactly a common material to come across, so he’d probably go for a black sleeveless turtle-neck, along with black goggles that has a green haze across the visor (I imagine they’d look similar to Cat Woman’s from the Dark Night franchise unclipped, hence the “Chat Noir” name); the first time he saved a little girl’s life, she gave him a bell like the “good kitty” he was, and he wears it with pride; his sneakers would constantly be scuffed, but well-taken care of; he’d probably wear aviator-pants or military-style garb; loose fitting and comfortable, though still practical.

…wow, that went places.

Reasons why I love Tiny!Hamilton

He is the literal embodiment of “fight me” yet is 5 inches tall and can’t hold a musket poor man

Will actually fight you.

Tiny Aide de Camp so you got this small man basically running shit for the continental army. But obviously shenanigans happen like all the time! Plus George Washington is over 6 feet so Ham rides on his shoulders and experiences what it’s like to be tall!

Somehow gets military command. Now you have a 5 inch tall Lt Col Hamilton IN ADORABLE MILITARY GARB WITH EPAULETS AND STUFF

Is still in love with John Laurens so he got himself an adorable (and equally tempered) giant boyfriend! John giving Hamilton nicknames (historically he was called Little Hammy so hell yes!)

Still loves his wife Eliza who helps him write everything (which historically she did a lot of too)

Can’t cheat on her because he’s tiny so that’s sort of ridiculous.

Has 8 kids how??? It’s a mystery! (I made a post about how actually)

Still becomes Treasury secretary so now you got a small man with lots of political power and that’s adorable yes!??? He is always fighting for the rights and respect of Tiny People as well as other minorities!

Tiny debates with 6 foot 2 inch tall Jefferson! AHHHHH!

Is basically regular Alexander Hamilton but 5 inches tall.

Thank you @subsequentibis for making tiny!hamilton


(30 Day 100 word Fictober challenge with some inktober additions)

How Bane becomes Damian Al Ghul’s Guardian

Jason Todd adjusts his aviator glasses, memorizing each person as he hurries by dilapidated buildings and rotting aeronautic hangers. Jason notices a bald woman in grey military garb, shift her head, noting Jason’s tiny cargo, but continues towards Nanda Parbat’s local airfield.

When Jason spoke to Bane last night via skype he swore the decommissioned base would pose no threats to the important package he’d promised Talia to deliver to Bane personally.

The woman, turns, glancing at her phone.

“We’ve been compromised,” Jason says looking down at the baby carrier strapped to his chest. Damian Al Ghul gurgles at him.


Jason stares down at the baby strapped to his chest. This isn’t his problem. But Talia needs him. Talia helped Jason when he couldn’t remember anything but darkness.

Talia supported Jason through months of overwhelming hatred and apathy, while he relearned skills from former League members.

But then he started having aggressive panic attacks making Jason destroy everything in his path.

Talia smiled darkly afterwards, as Jason hid from the world, telling him about Gotham. The past Jason couldn’t remember. His past who had forgot him. Left him for dead. Buried him. Jason felt the rage bubble inside him again.


The rumble of the plane, refocuses Jason’s anger.

Remember why you’re here.

Remember who you are doing this for.

Breathe, Damnit.

Jason closes his eyes momentarily. Remembering how Barsad taught him to repurpose his anger into momentum.

Of all the skills he absorbed through Talia’s henchpeople across the globe, Barsad had taught him the most practical lessons. Yes, he learned small close armed combat, surveillance and arms dealing too but Barsad helped him to channel his rage and fear, focusing them.

Barsad taught him how to overcome the paralyzing apathy and darkness clawing his throat, threatening to eat his soul.


Jason feels the panic rising from the depths of his consciousness.

He breathes pushing it into something useable.




(Fuck Barsad and his calm demeanor.) Bane’s top goon is a placid cloud until you see his unwavering beliefs in Bane’s plans for world domination. Barsad is a ice cube with a hidden volcanic middle. Thaw him even a little and he destroys everything.

Bane’s words rattle through Jason’s mind.

“The child must be with me in Gotham. R’ah must not harm him. Bruce is his father but he’s my responsibility. He’s Talia’s child. We made a deal, Todd.”

thanks @kate2kat this is a great idea

Skip a few years from ,my last cardverse post. Long story short Alfred comes back to Spades. ( Don’t worry I’ll explain all that at some point)  and is the sole ruler of the nation having both the queen and jack positions vacant. (Both Arthur and Yao forced out of office.) While trying to hold the kingdom together after devastating lost with Ivan’s army. With the bickering nobles power garbing military officials and sacred battered subjects. King Alfred closes all borders not allowing anything in or out. The nation goes dark. 

Well almost everything.Months after the shut down . A world renowned historian Toris Laurinaitis manged to sneak in. He’s quickly captured and brought to Alfred, Who takes a instant liking to him that quickly escalates into a one sided love. Toris is searching for a cure to Joker sickness which is slowly killing him and believes the answer can only be found in the old royal spade archives.

So I’m sitting in a quiet zone on my tram cause there’s a huge production filming. I’m just relaxing, minding my business when all the sudden this guy in military garb comes out and waves to the tram. Naturally, everyone waves back cause hey, friendly person! Then I look closer and realize it’s Cillian Murphy and behind him? Tom Hardy. Natural day at work. Love my job.
—  shared by an employee at Universal Studios Hollywood, Aug 16 2016