military buttons


General Grant posing for a photograph, 1860s


i) The coatee (detail) of an officer of the 6th Dragoon Guards (The Carabiniers). Dating to the Napoleonic Wars.

ii) A crested helmet (detail) of an officer of the 6th Dragoon Guards (The Carabiniers). Dates to the Napoleonic Wars but post the 1812 uniform changes.

Both seen at the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Museum at Edinburgh Castle yesterday while I at work there as an intern.


Unfinished jacket for Laeh. I decided to do full lining except for the sleeves because I was just too lazy ><… It still misses buttons because I don’t have any good ones! \o/ I’d love some silver ones which would look a bit like decorated military buttons but not sure. Gold might be nice too. I’m also happy that I decided to keep the full-circle hem. I love how it looks!

But apparently - I had decided last night that I won’t bother with the lining… so I slimmed the back too much and now the front panel looks silly because the lining takes too much space! I think this would fit Feeple60 better but… : P Boo that! Meh, I’ll add some dark lace as decoration so it’ll be okay… maybe : P

(Also Laeh needs SHORT bangs. Like really short! And new strings and some serious sueding, poor thing doesn’t even stand without the wall)

As for the sewing music! I’m gonna see Miyavi @ Nosturi next month and I’m incredibly silly and happy about it!! So I’ve been listening to “Miyavi - Secret” on loop all day!