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Could you do one where Obi-Wan is immune to anesthetics and tells nobody? They only find out when he's really hurt and needs a surgery on the field and are out of them? Obi-Wan tries to reassure them by telling them that and they're all horrified. Cue after surgery the 212th being extremely protective and cuddly with him and Obi-Wan'd just exasperated but secretly pleased because Qui-Gon was the same way?

“Gen-frip!” Cody’s voice is full of horror as he finally tracks down Obi-Wan, the Jedi giving a shaky grin as he lifted one hand off the floor to wave at him.

“Commander, good to see you, I was getting lonely.” He got out, his other hand pressed to his left shoulder that had a large piece of shuttle shrapnel piercing it and firmly pinning him to said shuttle.

Cody scrambled into the downed shuttle, heart aching for the vods who didn’t make it even as he raised the comms for Helix and the rest. “General, karking sith hells.” The man hissed, kneeling by his side.

“Apologies. I haven’t touched the wound, its too much to be able to pull out on my own without the Force and… well I have a concussion, I don’t trust myself to remove it since I wouldn’t be certain to bandage it for the blood loss.” Obi-Wan confided.

“I would slap you if you tried to remove it.” Cody growled, touching the shrapnel and cursing as he did. “…This is deep General, we need to wait on Helix.”

“Deep? Its through my shoulder and torso and lodged into the shuttle.” Obi-Wan laughed, his voice gritty.

“…I hate you sometimes.” Cody whispered and then settled, one hand on Obi-Wan’s thigh and the other on his blaster in case of unfriendlies.

Obi-Wan’s labored breath was all that filled the air for too long a time until Helix and the rest of the 212th finally arrived.

“We don’t have anesthetics anymore, the shuttle with it went down before it could reach us so this is going to hurt Obi-Wan.” Guilt was oozing of Helix even as he cut off parts of Obi-Wan’s armor and tunics to get to the shrapnel.

“Its fine Helix.” Obi-Wan closed his eyes. “Its fine. Its going to heal.”

“But this is going to hurt.”

All the troopers in the vicinity was shifting around, guilt leaking off them in waves.

“Its fine, honestly. I’m immune to anesthetics anyway.” Obi-Wan tried to sooth only to cry out in pain when Helix squeezed down on his shoulder in shock.

A quick apology and then muteness as Helix continued cutting away the fabric.

“…Immune?” Cody whispered, remembering countless surgeries and injuries.

Forcing his eyes open, Obi-Wan gave his commander a bloodless smile. “Quirk of my biology. What makes me immune to most poisons also makes high level painkillers useless on me… so I go into a fugue state thanks to the Force for surgeries if I’m able to.” He confessed.

Helix stared at him. “…Can you reach that now?”

“…No. I have a concussion and blood loss, reaching it now is impossible so… if anyone has something for me to bite down on, I’d appreciate it.”


Head tucked on Waxer’s shoulder, Obi-Wan really should protest being carried, being fully able to walk himself.

Or he thinks he can at least despite the concussion and the ache from the stitched wound in his shoulder and torso.

“Easy General, don’t fall asleep.” Waxer murmured, tone soothing but sharp.

“The blankets were overkill.” He huffed from the wraps of blankets the troopers had put him in.

“You’re covered in blood and we had to cut several parts of your tunics off you sir, this is better.” Waxer murmured then shifted him a bit.

Boil instantly eyed him. “Do you need to switch? I can carry him if you’re getting tired.”

But Waxer just shook his head and held Obi-Wan tighter to him.

His troopers reminded him of Qui-Gon and the first time his master had learned of the immunity Obi-Wan’s body had, both to the anesthesia and to poisons.

He could still remember it.

The look on the medic and Qui-Gon’s face when Obi-Wan confessed mid removal of pus from a nasty infected wound in his thigh that strong painkillers never worked on him and that’s why he had yelped in pain and tears had poured down his face, the blasted look…

Well Obi-Wan could still remember it.

He’d been fifteen at the time and Qui-Gon had looked horrified.

He’d been carried to the shuttle the next day, Qui-Gon holding a bundle of a padawan. First thing that happened once they reached the temple was that his master took him to the healers where he was taught how to put himself in a Force trance for the pain.

His troopers were like that, leaking protectiveness and concern into the Force.

All for him.

It made him smile as he hid against Waxer’s shoulder, wrapped up in two pairs of green military blankets.

If the basis of the argument of keeping transgender individuals (not ‘transgenders’ you disgusting spray-tan clot) out of the military is a blanket concern about the expense of transition surgery, keep in mind that not every transgender individual transitions. Some do, with surgery and/or hormones, some do not.

“And interestingly, their decision on this matter is, medically speaking, none of your fucking business.” (John Oliver)