military ban on women

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Hey I saw on your tags that you wanted to rant about trumps new tweets regarding banning transgender people from serving in the military, I'd love to hear your opinions so, please, rant on.


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But…. didn’t donald “support” the lgbt community???

And now, unsurprisingly he TWEETS about how he’s banning Trans men and women from joining the military, because “our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory” and “costs”.

Honestly screw every single human who voted for this trash man. He’s literally banning Trans people for no legitimate reason at all, besides the fact the he and his whole cabinet are transphobic pieces of trash.

It’s been one day of the Republican National Convention and so far we’ve seen:

-The platform, which calls for (but is not limited to) banning women from the military, and advocating conversion therapy for gays (which is considered unscientific torture by many)

-representative Steve King from Iowa, who basically asked on national television, what contributions to civilization have non white people made?

-An underwear model who spoke to the entire convention about President Obama being a Muslim and how that’s apparently inherently a bad thing, even though there are no religious tests to begin with for any public office because of this great thing I like to call the constitution

-Melania Trump apparently plagiarizing a speech by Michelle Obama and (ironically) receiving a standing ovation

-Mike Pence, the literal candidate for the second highest office in this country basically saying Mulan was a liberal conspiracy made by Disney to positively promote women in the military (it wasn’t), the idea of which he disagrees with apparently due to women’s provocation to being sexually assaulted in the military

Please, don’t let these people near public office

From my notebook, For Amiri Baraka

I use to dream as a High School boy of being you.

Poetry book in hand

and some poor girls’ heart in the other.

Singing Giant Steps to myself on the way to class 

only to later walkout in disgust.

I had a love affair with history

yet school books always misrepresented her

presented the same old head and hand action 

but never moved down to her legs. 

I walked out smooth with the wind on my ass

 and voices on my shoulder telling me to come back. 

I glided through the hallways so much all the other kids knew I was high. 

I was just free.

 Hovering in the corner of the Library

getting my “no holds bars” education.  

I read about banned books 

military warfare

women who refused 

and men who sold out

Vampires! in fantasy and reality. 

My revolution, your revolution






The Louisiana Purchase, 

and how fast they tried to give it back.

I learned how to play the piano because of you. 

I bought "Blues People” one summer in Memphis, Tennessee  for .75 cents 

 I read it in one week just for reassurance that the blues was in my blood.

From that day on I was what my Grandma called a “freebird”

my peers called it “free spirit”. 

To me I was just living the way my ancestors intended.