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On Tuesday, Lucca, a 12-year-old German shepherd, received the prestigious Dickin Medal, the highest military decoration awarded for valor in the UK. She’s the first American K9 to receive it. While serving, she led over 400 missions in Iraq and Afghanistan, and found over 40 explosives. She lost her leg when an IED detonated as she was searching for weapons. Thank you for your sacrifice, Lucca.

German soldiers tending to an injured dog at a field hospital for dogs during World War 1.

Source: Royal Library, Denmark.

9th Battalion AIF photos for my anon.

Lines of the Australian 9th and 10th Battalions at Mena Camp, looking towards the Pyramids. The soldier in the foreground is playing with a kangaroo, the regimental mascot. Many Australian units brought kangaroos and other Australian animals with them to Egypt, and some were given to the Cairo Zoological Gardens when the units went to Gallipoli.

Heroic Military Dog Gets Animal Victoria Cross After Losing Her Leg In Afghanistan

Lucca the military dog has been awarded the animal equivalent of the Victoria Cross after saving thousands of lives during active service. 

The retired 12-year-old German Shepherd and her owner, Gunnery Sergeant Christopher Willingham, served in the U.S. Marines and are in London to receive the PDSA Dickin Medal at a special ceremony. 

As a search and explosives dog, Lucca was on duty in Afghanistan for six years, seeking out hidden explosives on over 400 missions. She was so good at her job that there were no human casualties on any one of those outings. 

Lucca with owner Gunnery Sergeant Willingham and Corporal Rodriguez, who saved her life [PDSA]

But on her final mission in 2012, Lucca was checking for hidden dangers around a 30lb improvised explosive device (IED) when a second IED went off. 

The blast took Lucca’s front leg clean off, and also left the dog with severe burns to her chest. Thankfully Lucca’s handler, Corporal Juan Rodriguez, was on hand to administer the emergency first aid that saved her life. 

Cpl Rodriguez didn’t leave the dog’s side throughout her treatment [PDSA] 

Lucca and Cpl Rodriguez after Lucca’s surgery [PDSA]

Now fully recovered and adjusted to live with three legs, Lucca is enjoying a happy retirement in the U.S. with Gunner Sergeant Willingham. 

He explained what a special dog she is, saying, “Lucca is very intelligent, loyal and had an amazing drive for work as a search dog.  She is the only reason I made it home to my family and I am fortunate to have served with her. 

“In addition to her incredible detection capabilities, Lucca was instrumental in increasing moral for the troops we supported. 

“In between missions, I took the searching harness off and let her play and interact with the troops.  Due to her personality, demeanor and proficiency as a search dog, Lucca made friends wherever she went. 

“Today, I do my best to keep her spoiled in her well-deserved retirement.”

Lucca enjoying her new life of leisure [PDSA]

The PDSA has only handed out 65 Dickin Medals (Lucca’s is the 66th), the majority of which went to messenger pigeons in WW2 (32). 

The other recipients have been 30 dogs, three horses and one cat - come on, cats. Up your game. 


When you’re in the Military, how you spend your free time is up to you. See how Abby Roetzel spends her weekends volunteering at the Animal Defense League in San Antonio.

anonymous asked:

why must there be reciepts for when a woman has been accused of committing a crime? but not for men or trans people? are women just perfect little snowflakes in your world?

Lol what? Feminists circulate posts full of sources of violent and sexual crimes committed by transwomen or men who dressed as women to gain access to female facilities or just men entering female facilities in general. For example:

From evolution-thru-revolution

The Tip of the IceBerg (please add to this list).    

Women harmed by rape in bathrooms by Males:

The Threat to Women and Girls Presented by Bathroom Bills  The story of biological male sexual predators who used nondiscrimination laws protecting gender identity to sexually assault women.

Here is a site documenting 250 cases regarding transwomen harming women and girls over a five year time span.

And here’s some more:

Male-to-Female transgenders are 18 times more likely than women to be convicted of violent crime

Regarding any crime, male-to-females had a significantly increased risk for crime compared to female controls (aHR 6.6; 95% CI 4.1–10.8) but not compared to males (aHR 0.8; 95% CI 0.5–1.2). This indicates that they retained a male pattern regarding criminality. The same was true regarding violent crime.

In other words, MtF’s were seven times more likely to be convicted of violent crimes than women, and just as likely as “cis” males to be convicted of a violent crime.

Trans-women violence against females and children:

There is research documenting shame and narcissistic rage in autogynephilic MtF transgenders.

The few studies that have examined personality disorders among transsexuals usually have found that these disorders in general—and disorders in Cluster B, which includes Narcissistic Personality Disorder (American Psychiatric Association [APA], 2000), in particular—are more common in transsexuals than in nontranssexuals

Founder of the “TERF TRACKER” outed as a violent sexual offender

Transgender MtF’s use status as “women” to try and receive lighter sentences on crimes committed; avoid registration as sex offenders:

One In Six Sex Offenders Change Names To Avoid Registration: Study

Violent Offenders Seeking or Granted Sex Reassignment Surgery:

Violent Offender’s and Women’s prison (expressed interest in or already moved):

Pre-op placement:

Post-op placement (includes prison transition and self-castration):

Granted surgery, awaiting placement:

Will constantly be updated.



A little late, but as promised, here is a part two to this post.

Men (cis or otherwise) invading female-only spaces for harmful intentions:

Gender-Critical Trans Voices:

Gender-Critical People Banned from Speaking on Accusations of Transphobia:

The Lie That There is Little-to-No Crimes from Transgender Women: A Mass Media Cover-up:

“The surge in Irish referrals in the past two years can be linked to a broader acceptance of gender dysphoria. High-profile gender transition stories like that of Caitlyn Jenner and Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox have pushed term transgender into the mainstream.”

Children denying sex-roles being treated for gender-dysphoria:

The Pharmaceutical Industry’s role in patient care (how the pharmaceutical industry is making money off of gender dysphoria and why SRS and HRT is being pushed):

Male “transgender” sexual perversion is a money-maker for many

List of Transgender Sex Offenders:

Research on MtF transgenderism:

Already posted above, but I am writing this again:

Male transgenders (MtF) are 18 times more likely than biological females to be convicted of violent crime. In essence, MtF trans are just as likely as biological males to be convicted of violent crimes.

Meanwhile genderists say “TERFs kill 50,000 transwomen a day!” or whatever and just repeat it among themselves with no evidence or even basic reasoning behind the claim.