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Wasn't that military academy (i have yet to watch voltron) like a college? I know we say college kids but I mean the youngest they could be is 18 tbh.

It basically was but people try to argue it isnt 

Meet America’s #NewAstronauts

We’re so excited to introduce America’s new astronauts! After evaluating a record number of applications, we’re proud to present our 2017 astronaut class!

These 12 new astronaut candidates were chosen from more than 18,300 people who submitted applications from December 2015 to February 2016. This was more than double the previous record of 8,000 set in 1978.

Meet them…

Kayla Barron

This Washington native graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering. A Gates Cambridge Scholar, Barron earned a Master’s degree in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

She enjoys hiking, backpacking, running and reading.

Zena Cardman

Zena is a native of Virginia and completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and Master of Science degree in Marine Sciences at The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Her research has focused on microorganisms in subsurface environments, ranging from caves to deep sea sediments.

In her free time, she enjoys canoeing, caving, raising backyard chickens and glider flying.

Raja Chari

Raja is an Iowa native and graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy in 1999 with Bachelor’s degrees in Astronautical Engineering and Engineering Science. He continued on to earn a Master’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.

He has accumulated more than 2,000 hours of flight time in the F-35, F-15, F-16 and F-18 including F-15E combat missions in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Matthew Dominick

This Colorado native earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of San Diego and a Master of Science degree in Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School. He graduated from U.S. Naval Test Pilot School.

He has more than 1,600 hours of flight time in 28 aircraft, 400 carrier-arrested landigns and 61 combat missions.

Bob Hines

Bob is a Pennsylvania native and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from Boston University. He is a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Test Pilot School, where he earned a Master’s degree in Flight Test Engineering. He continued on to earn a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Alabama.

During the last five years, he has served as a research pilot at NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

Warren Hoburg

Nicknamed “Woody”, this Pennsylvania native earned a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of California, Berkley.

He is an avid rock climber, moutaineer and pilot.

Jonny Kim

This California native trained and operated as a Navy SEAL, completing more than 100 combat operations and earning a Silver Star and Bronze Star with Combat “V”. Afterward, he went on to complete a degree in Mathematics at the University of San Diego and a Doctorate of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

His interests include spending time with his family, volunteering with non-profit vertern organizations, academic mentoring, working out and learning new skills.

Robb Kulin

Robb is an Alaska native and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Denver, before going on to complete a Master’s degree in Materials Science and a Doctorate in Engineering at the University of California, San Diego.

He is a private pilot and also enjoys playing piano, photography, packrafting, running, cycling, backcountry skiing and SCUBA diving.

Jasmin Moghbeli

This New York native earned a Bachlor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with Information Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, followed by a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School.

She is also a distinguished graduate of the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School and has accumulated mofre than 1,600 hours of flight time and 150 combat missions.

Loral O’Hara

This Texas native earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Kansas and a Master of Science degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics from Purdue University.

In her free time, she enjoys working in the garage, traveling, surfing, diving, flying, sailing, skiing, hiking/orienteering, caving, reading and painting.

Frank Rubio

Frank is a Florida native and graduated from the U.S. Military Academy and earned a Doctorate of Medicine from the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences.

He is a board certified family physician and flight surgeon. At the time of his selection, he was serving in the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Jessica Watkins

This Colorado native earned a Bachelor’s degree in Geological and Environmental Sciences at Stanford University, and a Doctorate in Geology from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

She enjoys soccer, rock climbing, skiing and creative writing.

After completing two years of training, the new astronaut candidates could be assigned to missions performing research on the International Space Station, launching from American soil on spacecraft built by commercial companies, and launching on deep space missions on our new Orion spacecraft and Space Launch System rocket.

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There have been a lot of weird, quirky one-off characters with stupid, ridiculous weapons in RWBY, but my favorite is still Flynt and his gun trumpet.

Look at this idiot

This is how he dresses to an organized fighting tournament between what are basically national military academies for people with superpowers. “Hmm, I’m going to be fighting highly-trained fighters who can summon explosions, move faster than sound, and control objects with their mind, what kind of armor should I wear to that…got it. Fedora, shades, and a vest. Oh, and an untied tie for good measure.”

That fucking trumpet is his weapon too. People in this show wield scythes bigger than themselves, gloves and boots that double as magical fireball shotguns, floating swords they can control with their minds, and this moron decided to take a trumpet, stick a trigger and grip on it, and call it a day.

And the dumbest part is it works



Like everyone else in the show, he has a special ability on top of his ridiculous weapon. What is his ability? Is it something musical? Something that has to do with waveforms? Something that makes sense? Nope, it’s him playing with himself.




In a world of superpowered crazy people with giant illogically powerful weapons, Flynt Cole is a man with a trumpet, a hat, three clones of himself, and all the jazz his soul can muster.

I fucking love it.

Bring back Flynt!

creating a fake identity and breaking into a government regulated military academy to avenge your maybe-dead-maybe-abducted-by-aliens family and family friend only to find out that alien radiochatter can be heard from the roof of said military academy, thus leading to you and two of your classmates, along with a dropout and your abducted-by-aliens family friend, to find a giant blue robot lion that takes you to another galaxy where you wake up two royal aliens from their ten thousand year sleep and consequently find out that you and those you brought along with you are destined to save the universe from an evil dictator in more giant robot lions, all with assigned colors and yours being green, is gay culture


Ah yes academy rivalry

(Maes falls 2 seconds later)

Die Gorch Fock is a tall ship of the German Navy (Deutsche Marine). She is the second ship of that name as a sister ship of the Gorch Fock built in 1933. Both are named in honor of the German writer Johann Kinau who wrote under the pseudonym “Gorch Fock” and died in the battle of Jutland/Skagerrak in 1916. The modern-day Gorch Fock was built in 1958 and had undertaken 146 cruises by 2006, including a tour around the world in 1988. She is under the command of the Naval Academy in Flensburg-Mürwik.

Altean!Lance & Galra!Keith Masterlist (Part 2)

Broken Bonds by yestofandoms (9/9 | 56,737 | Mature)

Keith is in desperate need of money to take care of his dying brother, Shiro, so he goes back to his old roots. Keith is hired by the Galra King, Zarkon, to kill Prince Lance as the final blow toward the Altean Kingdom, after the death of King Alfor. Keith infiltrates the Altean Castle by becoming a servant to Prince Lance.
Keith’s prerogative is to save his brother, but priorities can change when you fall for a Prince.

Down the Line by fevered_dreams (4/? | 19,846 | Explicit)

Shiro and Keith are a couple of mostly ordinary space explorers accidentally turned heroes, and Lance wants nothing more than to travel across the universe with them.

And if they happen to get embroiled with helping to put an end to a hostile, intergalactic Galran rebellion… Well, what’s an adventure without adversity?

A Moment in the Snow by Gigapoodle (1/1 | 3,378 | Not Rated)

When the Castle of Lions lands on a planet with freshly fallen snow, Lance jumps on the opportunity to drag Keith out with him and relish every moment in the weird, white powder that falls from the atmosphere.

Keith complains, but he sees just how happy Lance is playing in the stuff, and he knows he doesn’t really mean it.

Fall of an Empire by No_Name_Kane (5/? | 9,650 | Teen And Up)

Prince Lance has a lot going on right now; becoming future king, combat training- and the apparent overthrowing of his kingdom by the Galra- Altea’s worse enemy.

Prince Keith was tasked with one thing: Capture the Prince, bring him back to Galra. Yet, things still manage to go wrong.

Spoils of War by bluphacelia (2/? | 7,166 | Teen And Up)

There was an pulsing red glow somewhere, aggressively filtering through his closed eyelids. Lance groaned. It was too early for this, probably. There was a dull ache at the back of his head and he felt sore all over. What had he done last night? Was there a party? How much had he had to drink? Something felt off. He wasn’t sleeping in his bed. The surface was too hard. Too cold. Had he fallen asleep outside again? His mind felt muddled and slow as he slipped in and out of a doze.

Lance turned, trying to get more comfortable, but a rattle broke the quasi-calm and jerked him fully awake.

He wasn’t home. He wasn’t even close to home.


To Reap What You Snow by TheArtArmature (4/? | 8,770 | Teen And Up)

The Alteans and Galra used to be allies, until the rise of Zarkon and his conquest for Universal domination. When a descendant of refugee Alteans, and the genius pilot of the Galra’s Military Academy end up becoming Paladins of Voltron, it will take more than just team exercises to get this team to work together. Will they be able to form Voltron and save the universe, or will their pasts keep them from moving into the future?



“Isolated Pawns”: I have plans to someday write the chess!fic that I’ve been wanting to write for awhile. Rey and Finn are orphans and chess prodigies. When the orphanage burns down, Rey is taken in by the Plutt Syndicate of Jakku and Finn is placed in the Arkanis Imperial Military Academy. They meet again as teenagers at a high-stakes chess tournament, both competing to be the Regional Grandmaster, but there’s more than just the title at stake for both of them. It’s set in-universe, but with a 50s aesthetic.

This wonderful art of bb Finn and Rey and teen Finn and Rey was drawn on commission by the incomparable @hippano!

MilitaryOfficer!Yoongi (Dope!AU)

Originally posted by yoonsaur

Paring: Reader x MilitaryOfficer!Yoongi

Warnings: Smut (unprotected sex)

Words: 3.1k

Summary: You are attending the military academy for your training. You seem to catch, the impossible to impress, Officer Yoongi’s eye.  

You had been at the academy for a few weeks now. You were top of your class, impressing all of your senior officers. Well, all except one.

Officer Min Yoongi, was one of the most prestigious officers at the academy, his approval is something everyone wanted, but it did not come easy.

You had accepted that nothing you did would ever impress him. You knew you were good at what you did, you didn’t need his approval to know that.

It wasn’t long until you would graduate from the academy. You didn’t know what role you would move into. There were talks about you going into leadership, but there were others that implied that leadership wouldn’t effectively put your combat skills to good use.

You were a good shooter, you had figured that out very early into the training process when you were at the firing range. You were hitting the various targets almost perfectly after only half an hour, it took the other cadets at least a week to even get close to that kind of accuracy. In honesty you weren’t sure where it came from, since you had never fired a gun before you got to the academy. You just put it down to good hand-eye coordination.

Yoongi had kept his eye on you during your training. He was required to oversee some of the activities. He usually hated the cadet training. The cadets were cocky and often needed to be knocked down a peg or two and so he avoided them the best he could.

He simply stood in the corner, arms crossed over his chest, silently watching with a constant hard expression. He never spoke to anyone, just watched. He never showed any interest in any of the cadets, as he knew he would never have to see any of them again once they left and he liked it that way.

Although all that changed once he saw you in action. 

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@drowningwithvigor and I made a Rebel Leader Lance AU! 

Lance never leaves Garrison the fateful night that a Galran escape pod crash lands in the desert near the military academy. He never meets Shiro, never becomes the blue paladin, and never leaves the planet. When Prince Lotor comes to conquer the planet in the name of his father, he bombs the Galaxy Garrison and Lance is the only surviver. He escaped the slave fields, but not before losing his family to the invaders, or so he thinks. About a year after that night, Voltron comes to liberate the earth. They stumble across “McClain”, the leader of “Guerreros Amarillos”, a group of rebels doing everything they can to free the human race from Lotor’s enslavement.

Shiro is shocked at the war hardened young adult before him. He knew him as the overconfident, fun and flirty kid, but now… He could barely recognize his beautiful face, covered in scars.


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“I can’t believe Fullmetal told you before he told me,” Roy huffed, crossing his arms over his chest and glaring at the informal wedding invitation his captain had dropped on his desk. The golden letters read, “formal invitation to follow.”

A rare teasing smile touched Riza’s lips. “Are you really surprised, sir? You always were at odds with him. If I didn’t know you two better I’d be shocked he invited you at all.”

Roy stood and crossed the office to the window, staring absently at the rapidly darkening street below. He was silent for a time, the quiet permeating the otherwise empty office, until: “How long ago did he tell you,” he asked pointedly. 

Riza watched his back warily, knowing that he’d be offended if he knew the truth. Still, it wasn’t in her to lie to him. “He told me during his layover in the West, on his way out of Amestris last year.”

Roy whipped around to stare at her wide-eyed. “He proposed to her last year,” he yelped indignantly. “But that means,” Roy counted back mentally, “he was barely eighteen!”

“Yes, sir. I’m glad you can still count,” she replied dryly.

He shook his head in disbelief before returning to his chair with an irritated sigh. He ran his fingers through his hair, then laughed hollowly. “How is it that Fullmetal is getting married when I was still in the military academy at his age?”

A trickle of sadness slid down Riza’s spine as she watched the subtle shift in her General’s expression. The disgruntled pinch in his brow gave way to something softer, more akin to regret, and the shimmer in his onyx eyes dulled.

“If it’s any consolation, sir, you were somewhat deprived of the opportunity before the war,” she offered. Right away she knew the words were a mistake as anguish flashed across Roy’s face. He shot her an affronted look, not bothering to mask his emotions in the absence of their other subordinates, but did not reply.

Riza wanted to tear herself away, to snatch her words back from the air and shove them in the trash along with every other thing she wished she could say to him. Instead, she stood by the desk with her spine ramrod straight, feeling the weight of the silence that wedged itself into the narrow space that separated her from the General. It settled on her shoulders and curled up in her lungs as she exhaled every unspoken promise that laid beside her each night.

It was a rapping on the office door that broke Riza’s destructive train of thought. She refocused on the general as his head snapped up from its resting place in his hands. He straightened in his seat and jerked his chin towards the door.

Riza strode stiffly across the room and poked her head into the outer office. A mousy sergeant saluted her, a stack of letters tucked under her left arm. Riza took the papers and thanked her quietly before withdrawing back into the room.

As she sifted through the new mail, Edward’s surprisingly neat handwriting caught her eye, and she frowned at the words staring back at her:

Brigadier General Roy Mustang and Captain Riza Hawkeye
Office #379
East City Headquarters

Riza’s brow furrowed at the oddness of the addressee line as she opened the letter and read. She gasped as her eyes slid across the paper and by the end of the letter her stomach was bubbling with apprehension and excitement.

“Captain, what is it?” Riza looked up and smiled broadly at Roy’s confused expression.

“Edward has requested that we participate in the wedding proceedings,” she said, feeling pride welling up in her chest. “He would be honored if you would walk Winry down the aisle, sir.” Roy’s black eyes widened, his jaw going slack as he stared at her in shock.

“He wants me to act as the father of the bride,” he said incredulously.

“Yes, sir. He said it was Winry’s request.” She hesitated before continuing, heat beginning to rise in her cheeks. “She also requested that I fill the role of mother of the bride.”

Roy started laughing then, his shoulders shaking with amusement. When he caught his breath he leaned forward in his chair, a mischievous glint in his eye, and said, “Write him back that we accept his offer. Tomorrow you and I will need to pick up a chess set; Fullmetal seems to have taken an interest.”

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i just read your post about leia visiting space!university, and i'm happy-screaming. i want ALL the sw-academia headcanons!!

Mostly I’m fascinated with the that Leia doesn’t remember universities, because by the time she was old enough to—know anything about the galaxy, all the old universities had been converted to military academies. They were targeted by the Imperial Security Bureau as “hotbeds of radical republicans” and most of the professors and students who resisted the new regime—or god forbid, protested—were shipped off to prison planets.

Also, as with all my headcanons, it’s very planet-specific—for example, Alderaan doesn’t really have academia-type space, Alderaan has always been more about informal clubs/organizations and open source, direct education. Primary teachers outnumber professors 100-to-1 on Alderaan for this reason, and run the gamut from established schoolteachers to tutors to wandering instructors-for-hire. (Leia had a dizzying number of tutors when she was young, and all the very best, since Breha was Minister of Education before she became Queen, and had opinions about these things.)

Whereas Chandrila had an extremely formal and arcane academic culture, inaccessible to the majority of its inhabitants. It required dedicating upwards of seven years to studying the subject, and the subject alone; even the requirements for application were complex and the process expensive. The fact that Mon Mothma is university-educated means she managed to navigate years of complicated paperwork and ritualized procedures, while also learning some stuff. It makes her….uniquely suited to being a senator, and she will say as much.

Naboo had a long tradition of competing philosophical schools, which generally sprang up around one or two great teachers and were then continued by his or her students. If Padme hadn’t been elected queen—and then senator after that—she likely would have attended one. (There was a lot of fierce competition for her bid, when she announced she was stepping down from the throne. The rumors that she was going to start her own school persisted for years, no matter how many times she insisted she wasn’t interested.)

Luke, like most Outer Rim denizens of his generation, was educated in a virtual classroom, as part of the Empire’s “educational outreach.” (The Empire is a lot of things, but not stupid. They knew that controlling what people learn and how they think was vital to their state-building. It’s why they ran the radicals out in the first place.) Sometimes, you’d get one of the old Core-educated professors passing through Toshe—running from the Empire, more books on their datapad than credits in their account. Generally, one of the local families would offer them food and lodging in exchange for lessons, and the whole community would come together to hear what they had to say.

Luke remembers evenings like that—Beru cooking her special delim for the potluck and Lars dressed in his best clothes; crowding into a room with all the furniture pushed to the walls, everyone talking and laughing like they were at a festival. A tired-looking woman making her way to the center of the room, and the way everyone fell silent to listen—

Steve Trevor + Backstory

As a follow-up to my musings about Steve’s childhood (to recap: Indiana boy born in 1882 to a military father and suffragette mother who grew up with a bunch of older sisters), here’s some more conjecture about Steve’s backstory.

The evidence base I’m using for these imaginings come from:
1. Steve is a male feminist fantasy, so no fuckboi traits allowed
2. Steve is good at soldiering; “sir” comes very naturally to him
3. You can do something or you can do nothing, and Steve’s already tried nothing
4. Pine’s description of the character: “rogue-ish,” “cynical,” “realist,” “worldly,” “charming”
5. History and stuff

Education (1900-1905): Steve is a smart cookie, so I can see him doing well in school and taking classes at Butler University, at his mother’s insistence that he learn a few things about the world before the army fills his head with nonsense. At around 19, Steve would enroll in West Point, the United States Military Academy. It’ll be the first time he’s lived outside the Midwest — and the first time he’s seen the ocean. His, “Why wouldn’t I know how to sail?” comment makes me think he got teased at some point in his life for not knowing his way around the water. He probably played football and got really into the Army-Navy rivalry. Hazing was a big issue at this time, with the older classmen wanting to teach the “plebes” a lesson. Integrating southern and black cadets was also an issue.

Abridged Military Career (1905-1910): After graduation, Steve would begin phase one of his military career. At this point in history, the US is caught between isolationism and imperialism, sending soldiers to the Philippines, Nicaragua, Mexico, etc. The last conflicts of the Indian Wars were also continuing. No glory, no honor. Steve grows disillusioned with the military. His father, though privately upset by imperialism, is nonetheless deeply disappointed when Steve takes a honorable discharge and announces his intention of seeing the world without a gun in his hand.

Rogue Explorer (1910-1915): Let’s say it’s around 1910 when Steve sets off to see the world. He uses his natural charm, his smarts, and his military understanding of supply and trade routes to become a smuggler — but only to fund his travels and fun. Steve is a ladies man because he genuinely loves women. He falls for them on a regular basis and knows his mercurial nature well enough that he only pursues women who know what they’re about and can teach him a thing or twenty. He isn’t a heartbreaker; he’s spot of fun to be remembered fondly.

Steve meets Chief first and the two from a strong bond (one that acknowledges the heavy cultural baggage they left the US with). Steve meets Sameer next, probably because Sameer needs that face of Steve’s to pull off a con. The two begin to work together and bring Chief into their group. They meet up, go off on their own, meet back up — they see the world alone and together. Charlie they meet just as WWI is kicking off. He’s a soldier in the British military, and their contact for sneaking in their smuggled goods. At first, the war is good for business. It’s the “do nothing” approach. Steve tells himself that smuggling goods is helping the boys on the front lines, he’s doing a service. Besides, the US is neutral. Why shouldn’t he be? Charlie re-joins the war effort first. Then Sameer offers his services to British Intelligence. Chief stays neutral, and they all understand. Steve, who can’t stand the horrors anymore, returns to the US.

Soldier-Pilot-Spy (1915-1918): Piloting was just in its infancy when Steve begins his soldiering life again, but he takes to it like a duck to water. The US won’t officially join the war until 1917, but years before they’re offering pilot training and recruiting all the officers they can find in anticipation. That picture of Steve was probably taken in early 1917. After proving himself a competent pilot and a capable officer, British Intelligence would come knocking at his door on Sameer’s recommendation. As a white man and an officer, Steve would get an office in London, a personal secretary, and a place at the table with the brass. His father might indirectly find out his son is now a spy not a soldier and have some thoughts about that ignoble line of work.

But Steve is good at it. He speaks enough languages (at least French and German) to be useful, and his natural charm makes him a valuable operative. He proves more than effective as a honeytrap. (see: scene with Dr. Poison). Spying is an ideal blend of his rogue-soldier dichotomy. While he’s proud of his success and emphatically does not want to suffer, he harbors a deep guilt that other men — better men — are bleeding and starving and dying in the trenches. He grows cynical and numb executing his duty. The armistice and the notebook recall him to life, giving him a mission that he can believe in. Diana, of course, awakens his idealism even further.

Rebel Girls: 10 YA Heroines Who Will Make You Want to Lead a Revolution

You’ve read The Hunger Games and Divergent but did you know there are even more badass heroines out there, standing up for what they believe in and becoming part of a movement? Get inspired by these rebellious women who will make you want to make a difference!

1.       All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis

In Speth’s world every word and gesture is copyrighted, patented or trademarked. From the moment citizens turn fifteen they will begin to pay for every word they speak and to rack up massive debts that can ruin families and lives. When Speth’s friend Beecher takes his own life rather than work off his family’s crippling debt, Speth vows to never speak another word, and her silence unwittingly sparks a movement that could unravel the very fabric of her society.

2.       An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

Laia is a scholar , one of those oppressed by the brutal rule of Martial Empire. When Laia’s brother is arrested for treason, she makes a dangerous deal with members of a rebel force: in exchange for her brother’s rescue, she must risk her life to become a spy inside the Empire’s military academy. There she meets Elias, a soldier who secretly wishes he could oppose the Empire. Together Elias and Laia start down a dangerous path that could get them killed…or bring the Empire to its knees.  

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