The United States is far and away the leading selling and giver of weapons to the world; the leading spender on its own military, with expenses having skyrocketed to now about $1.3 trillion per year, roughly equivalent to the rest of the world put together; the leading occupier of the world with troops in almost every other country; and the leading participant in and instigator of wars. The United States is also, far and away, the leader in incarceration, with more people and a higher percentage of people locked up than in any other time or place, and with even more people on parole and probation and under the control of the prison system. More African-Americans are locked up than were slaves prior to the U.S. Civil War. The U.S. is likely the first and only place on earth where the majority of sexual assault victims are male.
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Me explico, “Touch me” el fanfic wigetta sigue viento en popa de hecho tengo escritos hasta el capitulo 10 en mi cuaderno aunque intentaré convenzer a anwili19 que es la dueña de la idea original que me deje publicarlo en su tumblr, ¿Por qué? Porque sí.

Y lo más mportante, voy a escribir un fanfic o historía ¡VARXOD! ¿Por qué varxod y no wigetta? 1) Porque se situa en Chile en un nuevo régimen militar inventado por mí pero basado en el régimen militar de 1973, 2) La manera de ser mis personajes no coincide con Willy y Vegetta, y 3) Hace más de un año que no veo un fanfic Varxod y quiero hacer uno. Así que comenzaré a publicarlo hoy, en más o menos una hora :D se llama “A tu viejo gobierno de difuntos y flores” y si les gustan cosas como: El drama, la historía, la politica, el simple hecho de leer o una buena historía con fuertes ideologías, criticas sociales y “comunachos”. Les gustará la historía.

Ultimately, I hope my fellow geeks from all walks of life will check themselves the next time they have something to say about police brutality, Black life and resistance. To those who already have, be wary of those who will weep over dead bodies in The Hunger Games and praise Katniss for dismantling her government, those who worship Batman and family for spitting in the face of the Gotham City Police Department, and those who are enthralled by the X-Men revolting both peaceably and violently against a militarized police force, who will nonetheless look at protests and riots across the country and have nothing to say but “thugs,” “niggers,” and “savages.”
—  J. Skyler, “LGBT Visibility: There’s a Riot Going On.” 
Coragem é algo crucial para vida e morte, mas pra morte. Tenho surtos de coragem, e me sinto imortal quando sinto a adrenalina correr em minhas veias. Meu pai, contudo, diz que é faixa preta em corrida. Ele não daria pra ser um bom militar, na guerra é permitido fazer de um tudo, menos correr, menos desertar.
—  Sam Nascimento, La vida passe. 
Militarized police pointed their guns at an empty house for hours this afternoon, while community members talked down suspect who had run to nearby church. [part seven/]

Tuesday, April 21st.

The three hour police standoff in Ferguson this afternoon ended with a SWAT team finding the house to be empty. The man they were searching for, named Lorenzo, had escaped to a nearby church, where people there spoke with him and convinced him to turn himself over to the police. Lorenzo, who is schizophrenic, is currently receiving mental health attention.

Part Seven [final]

President Obama has apologized (story here) for ‘accidentally’ killing an American and an Italian (both hostages) with a drone strike on the Afghan/Pakistan border. President Obama has not apologized for all of the other innocent civilians killed by the US drone program over recent years A Bureau of Investigative Journalism report found that only 12% of those killed in Pakistan by drones over the past ten years were ‘militants’. Al Qaeda members, the original intended targets of the drone program, constituted only 4% of those killed. Civilians aren’t just ‘collateral damage’, they are overwhelmingly the victims of America’s drone strikes. 

the-cheshire-cat-grin asked:

Hi, could you please explain what's happening in Ferguson right now? Why has the SWAT team gathered in a residential area?

A large, militarized police presence took over a residential street in Ferguson this afternoon for about three house because they believed one mentally ill black man was hiding out in his home after allegedly shooting his brother. 

As it turned out, the man had escaped to a nearby church, where people there convinced him to turn himself in. 

A few members of the community were able to do what a heavily armed SWAT team, police dogs, and a robot could not.