militaristlibertarian replied to your post: Currently I believe, but this might change:

read “the road to serfdom” Central Planning IE Technocratic Meritocracy never has, and never will, work. No elite council of a small number of people, no matter how smart or how intelligent they are, can plan an entire country

That’s why the government needs to be decentralised and broken down to the local level and to concentrate its sole allegiance to the worker and not the corporate bodies, so that each smaller council can attend to the local needs of its people more intimately, while paying any excess funds into a central bank so that space programs, medical research and defence etc can be afforded; but these things can only come after the needs of the people are met. But while the governments must operate separately, the basic criminal laws across the entire nation should be consistent, and locally legal experimentation can be utilised with the civil laws to determine the best possible format.