Because it’s important to be honest when your knowledge is incomplete, and because I want to expand that knowledge, I have a serious question:
What medical conditions exempt a person from being able to go vegan?
I’ve known vegans with food allergies, Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, IBS, nutrient absorbency issues, chronic pain, mobility issues, hormonal issues, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, autism, addiction, and many other issues. I have/am currently dealing with some of these myself.
Specifically, which condition(s) require the consumption of animal products?

If we’re all led to believe that poverty is just a matter of laziness or stupidity or whatever other justifications we can come up with, then we’re not likely to be in a real position to do much about it when it comes to attacking the root cause of the problem. Instead of demanding a more equitable system for the distribution of social and economic goods, we blame the victim. This is insidious, because ideology is something we carry around with us in our heads; it forms the basis of our day-to-day understanding of the world.
—  Bob Torres, Making A Killing: The Political Economy of Animal Rights

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LMAO im so angry rn. im arguing w this "food engineering student" about veganism on the fucking internet, and after i literally show them the statements made by the NHS and many other associations about veganism they STILL say its unhealthy and that "other scientists have written books about how bad veganism is"?? and "well you cant just believe these associations, they just tell you what you want to hear!!" IM!!?? AND theyre supposed to be a fuckign food engineering studentshhsh im done. im out

It’s confirmation bias, plain and simple; people believe what they want to believe and disregard what they don’t. The fact that the vast majority of people can be perfectly healthy on a vegan diet is indisputable at this point, backed by decades of longevity studies and agreed by all the most authoritative nutrition organisations. I’m quite sure other scientists have written books about veganism being unhealthy, just like other “scientists” have written books about how Jesus walked with the dinosaurs and how evolution was a lie. That a scientist says something means absolutely nothing, scientists are people too with their own biases and belief systems. What we look at is the data itself, which in this case overwhelmingly demonstrates that a properly planned vegan diet can be perfectly healthy for all stages of life.