militant night vale political correctness society


did someone say we should get badges?

(the top features the motto in both latin and weird spanish (weird spanish of course being regular spanish with the chinese word for fish inserted at random intervals))

use the blank one to put your url and junk. or print it ut with your name and wear it to cons. this badge is municipally approved and blessed through the proper bloodstone rituals.


Attention citizens of Night Vale, and citizens of places other than Night Vale.

Remember that even though Cecil was glad that the Apache Tracker saved his dear precious Carlos, he still acknowledges the fact that the Apache Tracker, despite being a hero, is still a racist embarrassment, and does not really want anything to do with that guy, just like the rest of Night Vale.

That being said, anybody who tries to honor the Apache Tracker in any way, shape or form, such as cosplaying him by donning redface and cartoonishly inaccurate headdresses, is also a racist embarrassment, and the citizens of Night Vale will also refuse to associate with you.

This has been a PSA from the Militant Night Vale Political Correctness Society. Saving you and your dignity from utter ruin.