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Just Not Enough - Kylo Ren x Reader x General Hux

Hux and Kylo fighting for reader. Reader not knowing about their feelings for them. You choose with wich one reader will choose, or if reader is able to choose. Or reader could choose both of them as well!!! ;D’

‘an imagine where ur in a love triangle between kylo and hux’

‘Can I request some kylo x reader x hux smut? I hope you’re doing okay <3<3′

A/N: I’m so sorry I felt like poopoo since yesterday bc I’ve been stressed but I got this done and I’m satisfied and I hope you are too! I don’t write smut at this moment in time so there’s no smut just loads of Kylo x reader x Hux requests!

I done this as gender neutral as I can, and I hope you enjoy!

Warnings: None :3

Words: 1649

Being second in command as Lieutenant under General Hux wasn’t easy, when he was training or meeting with Snoke in the throne room; you would take on the stress of taking over, which wasn’t an easy job. Today though, General Hux hadn’t been seen on the bridge and you had to take over his duties and from what you knew he hasn’t got anything on his rota. The things you do for him and Kylo Ren.

That leads you to the Knight of Ren, you hadn’t seen or heard of him today either. It was unusual as you were pretty close friends (as you and Hux were, too.) and Kylo would always come and rant about what the red head had either said or did that had extremely annoyed him.

You only sighed as you signed off another twelve thousand credits towards last weeks damaged goods and walked back to your workstation. Plonking yourself on your seat, you went to pick up your datapad when you noticed a shuura fruit on the desk. You raised your eyebrow and set it aside so you could focus on earlier tasks that should have been completed by now.

As you shifted in your chair and began to tap away at the datapad and the monitor screen of the computer on your workstation, you noticed that all recent data files that should have been completed had already been. You rubbed your eyes and refreshed the data documents only ever seeing the completed work.

“Son of a Bantha,” you whispered to yourself, completely unaware that it was Hux who had placed your favourite fruit on your workspace and did all your work.

You sat beside Phasma and a few high ranked officers at dinner, Hux and Kylo still not in sight. When you had asked Phasma about it, she simply shrugged and suggested that they must having a training day under the orders of the Supreme Leader.

After finishing your dinner, you excused yourself from the canteen table and brought your tray to the racks. You felt a little tap on your shoulder and turned around and came face to face with a dirty blonde male, he had wide framed glasses, an orange technician jumpsuit on and a nametag with the name ‘Matt’ engraved into it.

“Hi, I’m Matt… I’m a Radar Technician…” he spoke plainly and fumbled with the glasses on his face, you nodded slowly and gave him a small smile. Matt had stared at you for a couple of seconds before quickly digging into his pocket and handing you a small card; you thanked ‘Matt’ and he nearly ran off, but unknowingly he was watching you from around the corner.

You flipped the little card open to see the familiar neat handwriting of Kylo Ren, inside the little card;

Meet me in the hangar after your shift,
K.R x

You simply shoved the card into your large coat pocket and headed down the hall back towards the bridge, a thin smile on your lips.

After finishing a long and horrifying day on the bridge, you had started to make your way down to the hangar where the Knight of Ren was. It made you wonder, how come you didn’t see him all day but some Radar Technician called ‘Matt’ was sent to you personally, from Kylo himself, with a card to meet him at the hangar? When was ‘Matt’ hired? You were sure that you know if you or Hux had hired a new technician or member of staff.

Rounding the corner you bumped into slender figure, which when you looked up, your eyes met with the piercing beautiful blue eyes of General Hux. You hadn’t noticed though, that he was holding onto you as if you were about to fall moments before; not that you didn’t mind.

“General Hux,” you curtly nodded and straightened yourself up, “I didn’t see you on the bridge today… was everything, okay?” you placed a hand on Hux’s arm lightly, which made his face heat up a little. The General had only managed to gain control over himself so he could nod slightly.

“Where are you going this time of the evening, Y/N?” Hux asked intrigued as this was the complete different opposite direction of where your sleeping quarters are. You smiled slightly and took out the little card from your pocket, then handed it to Hux; after a few seconds his face had gone as red as his hair and he had put the card into one of his own pockets.

“Well, Lieutenant L/N, I shall accompany you down to the hangar where Kylo Ren awaits of you.” He had smiled and put a hand on your back softly, leading you down to the hangar where he could have a word with the Knight of Ren himself.

Once in the hangar you had noticed Kylo talking to Captain Phasma over by a squadron of Stormtroopers, whom was fallen in perfectly. To say you were impressed was pretty much an understatement.

You and Hux had approached Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma, wrapping your large First Order militant coat around you more due to the draft. It hardly went unnoticed that you didn’t come alone by the Knight of Ren, his eyes boring onto General Hux since his hand had since almost nearly slipped around your waist just so the red head could annoy the laser brain of the wannabe sith off.

“Well I was hoping we could have a quiet evening to ourselves Y/N,” Kylo started, the robotic voice of his helmet echoing off the wings of the nearby TIE fighters, a compressed ‘whoosh’ could be heard and Kylo took his helmet off; smiling to you a little, “But someone else must not have got the idea of a two person get together,” the Knight growled towards the General who just smirked smugly towards Kylo.

“For all anyone could have known, Ren, You could have killed poor Y/N,” Hux retorted in a serious tone, not breaking a sweat or smile to in fear of Kylo. Kylo Ren stomped up to General Hux and wasn’t about to hesitate to kill him on the spot if it weren’t for the Supreme Leader. “And why would that be, General?”

“Oh I don’t know, you’re a destructible and childlike thermal imploder?” Hux raised one of eyebrows and shrugged his shoulders, “Why would Y/N want someone like you anyway?”

(Alternative Ending 1)

You looked down and shuffled from foot to foot when a Phasma intervened, “Why don’t we let Y/N decide?” which completely caught you off guard, you looked up at all three of your friends, two whom had made it obvious they were fighting for affection.

Looking around, you noticed that the troopers who were in formation were either tilting their heads or murmuring to each other as if they were asking one another if they knew what was going on.

Looking back to the force wielder and General you bit your lip a little, what would happen if you chose General Hux? If you had both decided that one day that you had decided that you thought that it wouldn’t work out between you? Of course you thought he was… attractive in ways but not in the ways that you thought that Kylo Ren was.

Kylo Ren was shredded.

But that’s only what you’ve been… told. Ren was a misunderstood soul on this big satellite and you were the only one who could mostly relate to him; you had a more profound bond. Under all the dark robes, the robotic mask, the big bad act… he was really a sweetheart.

“Ren, I choose Ren.” You whispered softly.

(Alternative Ending 2)

Through all the bickering you hadn’t realised that they had asked you to make you to make a decision until you heard your name, you snapped your head up and looked up at everyone who was looking at you; you haven’t exactly felt this much public pressure in a long time and the last time you were nervous was when you had a meeting with the Supreme Leader alongside Ren and Hux.

What if you ever got into an argument over a petty thing with Kylo? Would he kill you then? You knew he wouldn’t and despite his chocolate brown eyes and long raven hair, you had preferred the General with ginger locks and blue dominant eyes.

General Hux is defiantly a dominant.

Or… whatever, that’s whatever. You had manned the bridge with Hux for years and loved your little talks, his voice was soft and calming; that one you would miss on a long day of work. His background wasn’t that great which he told you how his father was always such a laser brain and pushed him too hard but got him to the title where he was today. Hux was always gentle and soft around you and gave you his signature smirk when you were down.

“Well, I um choose Hux…”

(Alternative Ending 3)

You glanced from the corner of your eye to see Phasma take her helmet off and take a small step forward as the two men still bickered, you shook your head slightly and lifted your hand up in an ‘I’ve got this’ motion by your side.

“Okay Nerf Herders, I really don’t see how you haven’t gotten it yet…” you interrupted them, which shut them up immediately “I’m not interested in a romantic relationship with either of you. I’ve already got a significant other.”

The tall chrome armoured woman smiled to herself as her fiancée put it straight to both men, “I don’t think she’s very appreciative of your behaviour right now though, I would please like to politely ask you both to calm” Y/N smiled softly as Captain Phasma walked towards her fiancée, putting an arm around their waist.

“Y/N and Phasma…?!”

“I wouldn’t have put it together”