militant black men

Until we do right by black women, the black community still has a long way to go.

Stop separating black women into to classist groups. Stop saying the “Good” black women go here and the “ratchet” one’s go here. Do we do that to black men? No. Not once have I saw black people separate the black men from the hood, from the college educated black men. There are always lectures to constantly attach them both to each other, so they both can be seen as people who can contribute positively to our society.

We also do this with this “Queens” talk created by pro-black militant sexist and misogynistic black men (and women). We don’t denounce other black men by labeling only obedient black men as kings, we throw the king label on every black man because we value all black men. Don’t tell me I’m behaving and acting like a queen because I’m educated, working and dressing modest like. If that’s the case I don’t want to be your Queen and don’t call me that ever.

When whites say that rappers are the reason for crime and the negative images of black men, the entire black race comes to the rappers defense along with the everyday black men. We tell them don’t generalize, and even make a case for the rappers to be treated like humans too.

But on the other hand, when it comes to black women we don’t do this. Any stripper, love and hip/basketball wives member, or whatever are always used as examples to freely generalize black women. It’s not fair.

The fact that our sexist misogynistic thoughts intersect with racism, allows us to use extreme examples of respectability politics on black women and girls. This happens in our own race, not just regarding white America and non-black poc communities. Respectability politics are mainly used on black women in the black community, rarely black men.

We complain about patriarchy, misogyny and sexism in other races but the black community is “extremely” misogynistic and sexist. Even a large number of black women inflict misogynistic and sexist beliefs on women. It see it 24/7 black women young and old being as vile and repulsive towards women like it’s nothing.

And you know why It’s frustrating? Because there’s all this talk about how we shouldn’t force black boys and black men into hypermasculinity, because it doesn’t allow them to be human. It doesn’t allow them to experience a wide range of emotions and feelings. It confines them to a certain label and identity, and all of that jazz. But we continue to shame our daughters into hyperfemininity, and we tell them “Act like a lady in order for people to respect you”. Black women constantly lecturing our daughters about how hyperfemininity is the only way black women will be seen as victims or valued. This is so because there’s isn’t a day or a time where we actually sit down and discuss these things amongst black women and girls.Do we tell our black sons “Act like a man and maybe you’ll be respected?” Hell no. We don’t discuss the value of black women outside of gender roles, because of racialized stereotypes of black women.

So I don’t want to read posts about us progressing and becoming unified, because there’s a big ass hole still in our community that involved black girls and women, that we still have not fixed.