militant black men

I chose this picture because it is a powerful image of messaging. Something that is subtle and innocent on the surface but holds a deeper meaning within ones psyche. We become conditioned to a sub culture of racial bias by those that control the media. When I urge our community to control all aspects of how the media portrays us and how they report us this is what I mean. Still confused? There is a media slant on how we are portrayed and that portrayal reinforces stereotypes and insecurities within other communities, organizations and people in general. It manifests itself on us through violence, racism and oppression throughout many different mediums. A prime example would be the Oregon Ranchers. Frustrated over what they believe is the over reach of government owning and monopolizing land, the good ranchers broke into a Federal Wildlife Preserve Lodge and commandeer it. They came armed and refused to leave until the government gave into there demands. They also stated that they were non violent but would defend themselves with force if they were to be forcibly removed. Here’s the kicker. Instead of the media reporting that an armed militia took over a Federal facility and were threatening to respond with force if they were to be forcibly removed. It is ridiculous and despicable that the media as a whole report that these Ranchers are freedom fighters, disenfranchised citizens, militia or ol country boys airing out their grievances with the government. Let it be a group of armed militant black men taking over a government facility and threatening armed conflict if they are forced to leave. Best believe the FBI wouldn’t be monitoring the situation from afar and the local sheriffs meeting, negotiating and discussing their complaints. They would have rolled in the tanks and called in an air strike. The headlines might have read- Thugs, gangsters and hood rats lay siege to small town America!! We have got to point out and scream aloud the blatant double standard that inundates the media portrayal of our community. By not doing this we live with the effects of being mischaracterized and dehumanized. Recognize that our community needs to wake up from the Matrix.