The Bolsheviks were the most organized and largest group on the far left, but they were not the only one. To their own left were groups of anarchists of various sizes, inclinations and degrees of influence. Decidedly a minority current, anarchism nonetheless enjoyed localised support across the empire, with various strongholds, such as Odessa — and Petrograd.

There in the capital, the most radical and influential were the Anarchist-Communists. Some of their leaders were held in esteem, like Iosif Bleikhman, a fiery, unkempt, charismatic figure who spoke his native Russian with what Trotsky described as a “Jewish-American accent” which his audiences enjoyed, and Shlema Asnin, a respected militant with the First Machine Gun Regiment, a dark-bearded former thief who dressed like a gothic cowboy, wide-brimmed hat, guns and all.

In the same chaotic expropriatory post-February wave during which the Bolsheviks moved into the Kshesinskaya Mansion, revolutionaries had taken and retooled the Vyborg summer home of the official P. P. Durnovo. Its gardens were now a park, with facilities for local children, and the building was hung with black banners reading “Death to all capitalists”. The house was the headquarters of several groups including the district bakers’ union, some far-left SR-Maximalists, and an Anarchist-Bolshevik group grandly styling itself as the Soviet of the Petrograd People’s Militia.

China Miéville, October: The Story of the Russian Revolution

Redneck Revolt: Weaponising Working Class Identity

Redneck Revolt are a militant revolutionary anti-Nation communist movement that is rapidly gaining acceptance with far-left media outlets. 

(sources in video’s description on youtube, if you’re interested)

@think-critically  @anti-marxistcult  hey remember the other day you mentioned astroturfing movements?? check this out ^^ People are catching on to the regressive’s bullshit, shadilay to the Kekistan people for calling this fake paid shills out. These marxist SJWs are so faaaaake and bought off.

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I've got the perfect lineup of ships for the Rubies: Rupphire (of course) PeriDoc (Peridot/Doc) Legpis (Leggy and Lapis, name a work in progress), Militant (Army/Navy), and JaspBall (Jasper/Eyeball) All the Rubies get girlfriends!!



Anarchist hip hop dedicated to all the unemployed out there and those who have nothing to lose but their chains.

Normal Horoscope:

Aries: Force yourself to do the things you know you need to do.

Taurus: Life gets easier once you realize you dont have to be involved in everything. Let sleeping armed militants lie.

Gemini: Its meaningless if you cant remember it. Boring genius is just as worthless as boring trash.

Cancer: Ideas are refined like ore. You gotta do the work to dig it out of the ground though.

Leo: It never comes when you’re prepared. Nothing ever does.

Virgo: You are made of a thousand thousand little things. For every cell of you there are eight cells of something else. Keep them happy they are your guests.

Libra: Dont just seek more difficult challenges, seek different challenges. Look for things that show you the world in a slightly different way.

Scorpio: Oftentimes, just picking yourself up off the floor over and over again is exercise enough. Gravity is the best trainer.

Ophiuchus: Dont expect courtesy of the world. Just dont.

Sagittarius: You’ve lost a lot of time haven’t you? Don’t worry. Nobody ever has 100% of their time with them when they’re done.

Capricorn: Fat is chemically burned. Every time you gasp for breath you are billowing with the smoke of weakness.

Aquarius: Your only option is beef stew.

Pisces: You have to say words you cant just make noises and expect people to understand.