Meanwhile the blacks, and the young men who must die in wars, and the “irrelevant” humanities majors on campuses, and more and more women, and those who accept themselves as homosexual, will become angrier and angrier. Their actions will become increasingly desperate. Their violence will, paradoxically, offer comfort to the Establishment because they can be isolated and labeled as “crazies.” And the validity of their critique and intent of their social vision will for the moment be lost and discredited. Therefore psychoanalysts must not only come to understand the ways in which the structure of their profession perpetuates the inequalities of the status quo, but also resist the strong pull to become the unwitting handmaidens to the forces of repression and exploitation by allowing themselves and their theory to be used, with an aura of scientific respectability, to quiet those youth who scream out that there is something terrible going on in this country, and set out to change it.
—  Radical and Militant Youth: A Study of Columbia Undergraduates. Robert S. Liebert.

In the cold…

Bundeswehr soldiers of Panzerbataillon 413, a unit that has served in Afghanistan, stand next to their armoured vehicles during military exercises and a visit by German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen at the Bundeswehr combat training center on January 28, 2014 in Letzlingen, Germany. Von der Leyen stated she aims to see the Bundeswehr participate more in foreign peacekeeping missions.