Atomic Lolipop Hats!

You’ve probably heard me mention on tumblr or in person that I’ve been ‘hatting’ for the last two weeks. And this is the outcome! Not too shabby at all, especially considering I had a con last weekend so most of this has been done in the hours between work.

Whatever doesn’t sell at APOP will end up on my etsy, but I am really hoping that won’t be many at all. I am sorta really in need of money so fingers crossed.

If you’re going to APOP this weekend, you better come say hi to me! I have no clue where I’ll be in the super confusing artist alley, since its not listed yet, but I’m sure you’ll find me somewhere!

…my fondness for the word “hat,” which the British critic Michael Ratcliffe pointed out in his program note at London’s Royal National Theatre, when Sunday in the Park with George was produced there in 1990. From “You could say, ‘Hey, here’s your hat’” in Gypsy to “Does anyone still wear a hat?” in Company, through “Hats off” in Follies and “It’s called a bowler hat” in Pacific Overtures, I seem to be attached to it as an image. Surely some future graduate student in Musical Theater, looking for an obscure subject to write about, will seize on “The Use of Headgear in Sondheim’s lyrics” and conjure up insightful theories for my persistent attraction to the word, but I can save him the trouble: it’s the jaunty tone and the ease in rhyming that attract me – two sound reasons.

Sondheim, Look I Made a Hat, pg. 30

I hope y'all caught the pun in the final sentence.


Kalahira, mistress of inscrutable depths, I ask forgiveness.

Kalahira, whose waves wear down stone and sand. Kalahira, wash the sins from this one and set him on the distant shore of the infinite spirit.

Kalahira, this one’s heart is pure but beset by wickedness and contention.

Guide this one to where the traveler never tires, the lover never leaves, the hungry never starve.

Guide this one, Kalahira, and she will be a companion to you as she was to me.

Meet you across the sea, Thane.


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Stephen Jones is my millinery hero

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he designed some of the most iconic headpieces ever,like the McQueen unionjack top hat, (worn by Ayumi Hamasaki and Dita Von Teese,btw) and this piece that i think it was for that Iris Van Herpen´s liquid collection

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also,this badass little buddy

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i just wish i could wear all these in my everyday life