milicevic family

Happy Saturday!

This picture sort of sums up my week lol. And how I feel now that it’s Saturday.

Anyways I now have the formal ballet attire for my ballet class. In other words I now have classical dance wear lol. The classical ballet people have finally caught me wearing my hip hop gear.

Speaking of school, it’s been amazing! Awesome actually. Nothing makes me happier than seeing other people who love theatre and art as much as me. Plus seeing the projects my fellow classmates have been up to have been pretty awesome. As a creative it inspires me to keep creating.

This was a short post but I hope ya’ll enjoyed it. I’m tired and am in need of some TLC. Especially for my soon-to-be-deteriorated ballet feet lol.

Have a great day! Keep doing you homies.

P.S. kudos to Terry Richardson for these photos for WJ. They’re amazing! Okay I’m saying that word too much lol.