tour spotlight on: chicago zine fest, pt. 3

tabling day!

1. the spread at table 35

2. inclusive bathrooms are one of the things that make czf so rad

3. my friend kelly from high school stopped by!

4. pals ashley (earlywaczdiaries​) and maggie 

5. jocelyn and cousin troy! (love having so many pals and family stop by czf the last two years)

6. dirk doing his thing

7. my table neighbor, gina, writes a comic about justin beiber. it’s really cute and her illustrations are another level of great.

8. so long, chicago crowds.

there were talks of doing karaoke or something else social after the fest, but about all we had energy for was eating at a diner with my mom and crashing by 9:00 pm. so grateful to all the friends, new and old, i got to see.