tour spotlight on: DC

reading at the dollhouse, the last one with bobbie living there. will miss this nice space. kristie and shara read with us too!

1. browsin’

2. kristie the cub scout, reading from vegan adventure guide (@mooselane)

3. then she taught everyone how to propel their breath further

4. so many great reads written by great friends


tour spotlight on: chicago zine fest, pt. 3

tabling day!

1. the spread at table 35

2. inclusive bathrooms are one of the things that make czf so rad

3. my friend kelly from high school stopped by!

4. pals ashley (earlywaczdiaries​) and maggie 

5. jocelyn and cousin troy! (love having so many pals and family stop by czf the last two years)

6. dirk doing his thing

7. my table neighbor, gina, writes a comic about justin beiber. it’s really cute and her illustrations are another level of great.

8. so long, chicago crowds.

there were talks of doing karaoke or something else social after the fest, but about all we had energy for was eating at a diner with my mom and crashing by 9:00 pm. so grateful to all the friends, new and old, i got to see.


tour spotlight on: columbus, OH

1. the grilled cheese sandwich to end all grilled cheese sandwiches at melt

2. in which it is discovered that i am a wookie, after several conversations about my distaste for slaw-related items

3. used kids records, home to many $1 and $3 CDs we picked up for the car

4. the player’s loft, where we had our reading

5. guest reader dylan talks about working as a mover


tour spotlight on: champaign-urbana, IL

1. it isn’t a zine fest weekend until your first stop in town is the copy shop. we worked as a team to get things assembled pretty quickly.

2. beautiful happenstance for the milhouse zine tour!

3. error records is a short distance from the apartment i had in grad school. i wish it had been open then! it’s a nice space, and nathan the proprietor was kind enough to have our reading there and consign a bunch of our stuff.

4. robyn + joel, friends and our hosts for the evening. robyn is one of my best friends and it was wonderful to spend time with her and their animal menagerie.

5. sarah, presumably reading something amazing.

6. t-rex hands

7. i woke up with hair like st. vincent. 


tour spotlight on: hospitable spaces

this tour would not have been feasible without the help of our friends: the folks who helped us set up readings, gave us a place to crash, came out to hear us read or read with us, offered coffee and food and hugs, or provided words of encouragement for the journey.

another big thanks especially to our sleeping-time hosts: ryan, whitney, robyn, joel, will, beth, and tommy. an air mattress or a couch can mean the world, and you are all the sweetest.



tour spotlight on: philly

kickoff reading  at the wooden shoe, sunday march 9, 2014

1. first (important) picture i took on the trip. 

2. shira explains the shofar, with dirk and olga

3. vegan cheesesteak from blackbird mmmm

4. guest reader april from fluxii distro

5. guest reader jen twigg! reading from tongueswell #1, a favorite from 2013

6. shira’s expression is golden. talkin’ bout shitty dudes, shira mario #4

7. yay for a great first reading!