Solo Summer Road Trip | Babes Ride Out East Coast
5 Places to Stop from New Jersey to Catskills 

Rule # 1 for planning a solo road trip? Know all your stops… and if you plan on roaming around the green fields of New England or anywhere on the East Coast, you’re in for a real treat! 

From eerie roads with a paranormal past to delicious hole-in-the-wall diners, the route from New Jersey to Catskills is full of hidden gems. Jersey native and Babes Ride Out East Coast manager, Kelly McCaughey is one of the raddest girls we’ve met from the event, and for good reason. This dog loving, Sk8-Hi wearing, dirt bike ripper can name off any and all the best secret excursions to stop and enjoy while you’re making the trek down to Catskills. While Kelly was working her magic at BRO EC 2, we were able to pull away this busy-bee to fill us in on the best stops to make for anyone looking to plan a solo road trip on the East Coast.

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I did a thing! :D 

I was taking a look at the results of @something-wicked-sims​‘ poll about the Simblr reader preferences and figured out that it was about time The Emergency Coven got its proper introduction page U____U from now on, when you click on the Emergency Coven link on the sidebar of my blog, you’ll be brought to the above page: there’s a presentation for new readers and a “Start Here” button for those who wish to read the whole story from the beginning, as well as links to the latest story posts and to my Characters page (which you can find linked in my blog homepage too, but alas, I figured it might be useful to have everything in one place :D). 

And no, in case you’re a long time reader, you didn’t miss the chapter in which I say that the story is set in Milford, PA. The reason why I didn’t mention the name of the town until now is because for the longest time I couldn’t figure out WHERE I wanted the story to be set, besides “Pennsylvania”. I was originally going for a fictional town, but I couldn’t come up with a cool name for the life of me, so I ended up searching for towns in Pennsylvania with lots of victorian houses for inspiration and eventually Milford popped up XD I took a few poetic licenses, but some things like buildings and landscapes, especially in the most recent chapters, have been inspired by the original town.


A few weeks ago, Ryan, Hunter and I shared one of my favorite days in a long time.

We were out of the house, with coffees and donuts in hand, by 8:30am.

We headed to Milford, PA, where my parents had a summer home when I was a child. It’s been years since I had been back, and it was such a special experience for me showing Ryan the house were I spent my childhood summers, our lake, the cute town, where we went to get ice cream. Hunter also had a blast running through leaves and taking in some mountain air.

I think I’m ready to go back for another visit!