milford girls

  • Milford: How do I begin to explain Robbie Rotten?
  • Stephanie: Robbie Rotten is flawless.
  • Stingy: He has two Fendi purses and a purple Lexus.
  • Bessie: I hear his hair is insured for $10,000.
  • Pixel: I hear he does car commercials. In Japan.
  • Ziggy: His favorite movie is Varsity Blue.
  • Rottenella: One time he met Magnús Scheving on a plane.
  • Trixie: And he told HIM he was pretty.
  • Sportacus: One time he punched me in the face.
  • Sportacus: It was awesome!

I am sick to my stomach and so heartbroken because one of my closest friends, Maren Sanchez, passed away yesterday after being attacked in my school in the morning. Yesterday was the longest and most painful day of the year and all of this still doesn’t feel completely real. I’ve known her since I was in 8th grade, she was in 7th and we’ve become so close throughout the years especially this year when we were both in the drama club. She was the most sweetest, kind-hearted, beautiful, talented, and amazing girl that I knew. She was the kind of girl who would be anyone’s friend and always be there for you no matter what. I still can’t process this, and all these feelings won’t go away anytime soon. I am just in complete shock that this incident still happened. I love you Maren so much, with all my heart. I will keep our memories that we had together close and you will never be forgotten buddy