This is my beautiful baby sister, Christa.

In the beginning of last summer (as some of my followers might remember), Christa was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. Hodgkins is a type of cancer common in teenagers and young adults, and luckily one of the most curable kinds. Christa seemed like one of the lucky ones when, after four full rounds of Chemotherapy, she was declared cancer-free in September. She started to grow her thick brown hair back, regain her energy, and apply her focus to finishing her senior year of high school and applying for colleges.

Now, Christa’s life and aspirations have been interrupted once again. Her cancer has returned.

Christa’s a sweet, kind, hardworking 18 year old girl who deserves more than anything to enjoy her senior year of high school. Instead, she’s had to be absent from school once again, and she’s been told she can’t go to her first year of college. 

Another disappointment Christa has had to deal with is missing a concert that she was deeply looking forward to: that of her favorite artist, Miley Cyrus. Now she’ll have to spend that night in the hospital getting chemo.

So, her twin sister Julia, has started something on Twitter to try to make magic happen for Christa: #MileyVisitChrista. Miley will be in town the 22nd of April for the concert, and we had this crazy idea. What if we could get Miley Cyrus to come visit Christa personally? Julia has done all she can to rally the students at their high school to tweet @mileycyrus  and hopefully make enough noise in the hashtag to garner the pop star’s attention.

I can’t believe this is happening, but yesterday (when I started writing this post)  #MileyVisitChrista was trending in Philadelphia and today: it’s trending period. Teachers at her high school are lifting the block on Twitter on the students’ school-provided laptops for the day, and there are signs up all around the school. Everyone’s allowed to tweet in class all day. This is beyond incredible.

Even so, it takes a hell of a lot to get the attention of a mega superstar, so I wanna do my part here and pull out all the stops (or any stops I have, anyway). I have 1,041 followers on here. Each one of those followers probably has an average of a few hundred of their own (at least). I see posts like this going around every day, and I see the massive rallying power has. 

So: if you have Twitter, it would mean the world for me and my family if you could join us, and take some time out of your busy day to tweet with the hashtag #MileyVisitChrista to @MileyCyrus, and if you don’t have it, it would be just as meaningful if you could take a moment to help me spread this around so more can see it!!

I would be forever indebted to all of you for helping me make this happen for my baby sister.

Thank you, and God bless you all. <3


Hey everybody. So there is this girl who is a senior at my high school. Her name is Christa and she was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma last summer. Despite the chemo treatments she went through until September, they recently found out her cancer is back and so now she will have to undergo even more aggressive treatments. This will cause her to miss parts of the rest of her senior year and her first year of college. Christa is a huge Miley Cyrus fan - she and her twin sister Julia were supposed to go see her in concert when she comes to Philly, but because of her chemo Christa can’t go to the concert now. Christa’s sister Julia, myself and a lot of other kids at my school are trying to see if we can get Miley to pay Christa a visit in the hospital. I know it may not happen, but every reblog would be very much appreciated, and if you have a Twitter, please tweet Miley using the hastag #MileyVisitChrista. I don’t know Christa or Julia that well - I’ve only had a few interactions with them at my school newspaper, but they both seem like genuinely nice girls and I know this would make Christa feel a lot better during this difficult time. Thanks if you actually read this, and please reblog and tweet to spread the word. Maybe if enough people tell Miley about this she’ll actually come see Christa!