miley's lost bun: a criticism.

with or without hair, the girl is gorgeous. i’ve always admired her, and i always will. she’s a true renaissance woman for her age. she fucking does everything. she’s down to earth, she works out, she parties, and smokes the occasional salvia joint. she’s one of us. her wardrobe is always perfect, and she looks like she puts effort into shit. 

did you get that last part? she looks like she puts effort into shit. 

thats what really matters. after all, we can’t absolve to idolizing someone unrealistic. miley is realistic. i feel like most of us would act like her if we were put in the spotlight. whatever, i’m a fan. but her hair looks GREAT right now. i can’t get over it. i have officially developed an ultimate lesbian crush on her. i WOULD eat her out. over. and over. again. her hair is beautiful, especially the way it frames her face. now please. someone. worship. her. with. me.