Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Reportedly Engaged, Once Again
Take two!
By Josh Duboff

So, what to make of this second stab at an engagement? Us is usually a very reliable source in these sorts of matters, but we will feel more confident in its truth when we see a joint selfie posted on Cyrus’s Instagram account revealing the news in cryptic emoji. 

What sort of heated text-message thread are Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence engaging in right now? 

What sort of trippy love songs is Cyrus crafting between breaks of jumping on a trampoline and blowing bubbles? 

What did Chris Hemsworth say when he heard his brother’s news? Actually, we know the answer to that last one: he grasped Liam’s shoulder and muttered, in a gruff but affable tone, “That’s great, mate.”

why is everyone making a big deal that miley might be married at 19?

i personally dont think it matters as long as she found what shes looking for. people get married at 16 and 7. but wait, all because its miley cyrus and shes a celebrity its a big deal. everyone is jealous because they dont have what she does. i bet no one who has something to say about this will every have the money she has. god! if it was selena and justin getting engaged and married at their age everyone would be jumping for joy. I CANT TAKE THAT PEOPLE ARE SO CRUEL TO MILEY! SELENA DOES THE SAME SHIT AS HER BUT ITS OK FOR SELENA!!!! whatever dude. all these fake fans and wanna be’s can go suck a cock.