Okay everyone.

I’m getting REALLY tired of all of this. Pleople are being quite stupid lately with music and artists.

Miley Cirus acts normal: “You’re boring, Disney Girl!" 

Miley Cirus appears almost naked: "What a slut!”


Lady Gaga sells less CDs: “Haha bitch copy of Madonna you get nothing”

Lady Gaga sells tons of CDs: “Whatever this CD is so gay/dark/artsy”


Lana del Rey is not that famous: “You are not popular who likes this shit?”

Lana del Rey becomes popular: “Pff people promoted her that’s why she’s famous”


Katy Perry does a video with lots of visuals and artistic material: “Katy you’ve changed what have you done this is illuminati you’re brainwashing us blha balha blah”

Katy Perry does a normal video: “Boring. I know you can do better, I’m disappointed.”


Justin Bieber sings Baby: “HAHA gay fag boy only teen girls like you grow up you girl.”

Justin Bieber grows up: “Wow you’re an asshole be nicer”


Nicki Minaj makes a songs about boys: “No one likes you you’re raps suck you only talk about dicks”

Nicki Minaj makes a song about relationships and problems: “You have changed why do you do this”


Marina and the Diamonds and “The Family Jewels”: “They have meaning but there’s nothing interesting here, IMPROVE!”

Marina and the Diamonds and “Electra Heart”: “This new album sucks you changed styles hollywood sucked your brain”


One Direction does a slightly bad song: “Only teenagers like you you have no talent duh”

One Direction does a good song: “You’re popular because how you look”.

Avril Lavigne does rock music: “This sucks. You can’t do rock.”

Avril Lavigne releases “Hello Kitty”: “This sucks. You can’t do pop”.

Listen up, people. I’m not a fan of all of this artists, but seriously?
I think everyone should shut up a bit and let the fans and the artists alone. They are like a normal people. If they wan’t to change, they will. If they wan’t to do something different, they will, and if they don’t, they won’t.

So please. Shut up and enjoy the music already.