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Hits Daily Double always exposing artist releases lmao I love them for that. They are experts in the music industry and know everything they never have once posted lies. They are the one place that leaked new Adele and beyonce info before they both released. It is a very serious site by experts, trust me. So along with Taylor I saw Miley is releasing too? I wonder what her sound would be.

I KNOW!!! That’s why I said in tags that it’s a rumor and should be treated as such, but that it’s a pretty reputable source. They have the tea. 

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That said - I think there’s a lot of compelling evidence that Taylor is planning on a release probably in Q4 of this year, including the fact that nearly all other major artists that one would expect to have a fall release (Ed, Lorde, Katy, to name three) are releasing early in the year, almost as if their labels/the industry are clearing a path for her because no one wants to try to go up against her sales this fall. 

PDA - Real VS Fake as Fuck

When you study Publicity you discover things that you knew but you were too dumb and blind to see. 

LIKE PDA for example. PDA is something that we can discuss (i have other subject but i will talk about it in a other post). How can we notice the difference between Real and Fake? and Fake how? 

Its very simple. 

For Example: Miley and Liam during Valentines day 


Mia And Darren in not special day

Miley and Lian pic the paparazzi was hidden, you can see there is no flash, no pose. There is too much noise and low quality.  Also if you look for this day pic you will find several of them at the same way, they eating, going to their car…anyway …you got it. A paparazzi following celebrity style.

Mia and Darren the “paparazzi” was too close, used flash, clean image, and all the pics are of them walking to some place then gets over. Where did they go? What did they do? We don't know. 

Now you could ask…Okay but? I will explain. When a paparazzi follows someone famous he truly follows him, getting so many pictures he can, you can see on this video (

“Oh but darren is not that famous” they dont care, if you’re knowing for do something specially on TV they will follow you. the Second pic its a Posed Pic, those type are very common to see like Taylor Swift with Tom in a vacation last year (tryiong to prove they were real) or like Lea Michele in Hawaii this year.

Also…. Miarren pics are always like this one.  

Selena’s interview with Frankies Neighborhood saying she had a crush on Justin (February 24, 2010)

Frankie: Im going to start controversy but your friend with Justin Bieber Correct?
Selena: Yes
Frankie: I heard… we got Justin Bieber fans in here?
Selena: *raises hand and smiles* I am
Frankie: Apprently he is a fan of yours because he was interviewed recently and they asked him about Miley Cyrus and he said she’s cool but she’s not my type then he was asked about Selena Gomez and he called you a cutie pie and that you’re amazing.
Selena: Aww
Selena: He’s so cute. He is about to turn 16 i’m just saying

A Few of the MANY Celebrities at the Women's Marches all over the World.

Emma Watson
Ariana Grande
Daisy Ridley
Kristen Stewart
Miley Cyrus
Jake Gyllenhaal
Lauren Jauregui
Troye Sivan
Demi Lovato
Melissa Benoist
Scarlett Johansson
Katy Perry
Sir Ian Mckellen
Ashely Judd

and counting ….