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Hi again! It’s been 5ever since I recolored something and I’ve been wanting to recolor this shirt for a while! I recolored this top by Sentate that Miley used to wear 24/7, and it’s one of my faves. I’m sure a lot have people have done this by now lol. I used @wildlyminiaturesandwich‘s Unnaturals and Neutrals Palettes for the recolor! As always, lmk if there are any issues with the file. Hope you enjoy!

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t a g t e a m// triple h & shawn michaels

prompt- takes place in the 90s because ohmygod they were so fucking hot holy shit wowwowow and broo this is dead ass my fantasy god damn i mean have you seen them like really??

warnings-bissshhhh its a threesome so: oral sex, unprotected sex, (wrap it 4 dan) diRTy tAlk, teasing, anal??? (try it once b4 u judge) (i haven’t done it b4 just saying keep an open mind k anways) triple h is a warning and so is shawn sexy boy michaels

“when’s our scheduled date for the european tour?” shawn was discussing travel time with vince because he never told us the important information about the trip.

“uh-hu. mhmm. yea. yup.” he turned to you. you were sprawled out on the hotel bed in nothing but a lion onesie, because why the fuck not. he winked at you and you rolled your eyes playfully.

“oh what? yeah im listening.” he said to vince making you giggle and shake your head.

“listen dumb ass!” you whisper yelled and he stuck his tongue at you. you rolled your eyes for the second time in 60 seconds and got up off the bed.

“oh yeah, sure.” shawn mumbled, his eyes never leaving you as you walked into the bathroom. you heard slight mumblings coming from the previous room as you discarded of your onesie. you put on a cropped “dx” shirt when you heard the incoherent mumbling stop. about five seconds later, shawn appeared behind you. his arms snaked around the bottom of your bare torso.

“did i ever tell you how much i love that underwear on you?” you smirked. you were currently wearing plain black panties that were high waisted (the ones miley cyrus used to wear) showing off your long legs.

“maybe…” you responded, lightly grinding yourself onto shawns crotch.

“babe… hunter is coming right now.” he groaned warning you.

“you say it like it’s a bad thing.”

“i don’t like sharing my girl.” he said before flipping you over to face him. he propped you up on bathroom counter and attacking your lips. you moaned at how rough he was being, he knew you liked it that way. you heard a key card slide and the door unlock. shawns face buried into your neck groaning.

“stop fucking! im entering.” hunter yelled making you laugh. shawn groaned very loud.

“you’re such a fucking cock block dude!” i laughed even louder. he looked at you and shook his head, adjusting his semi hard on in his pants to not be visible and kissed you one more time before going out to greet hunter. —————————————-

“thank you guys so much!” you yelled to the crowd before disappearing behind the curtain. the cheers of the adoring wrestling crowd was one of the things you loved about meet and greets. shawn suddenly slapped your backside making you jump.


“what? i can’t help myself.” shawn smirked at you when you turned around.

“he’s an ass-man.” billy gun arrogantly stated. (ha get it) i sighed and shook my head at the comment.

“are we still going to lita’s room for an after party?” you questioned checking your watch. you looked back at both men who were nodding.

“im so ready to get pissed off my ass drunk.” and im so ready to finally ask you.

“what was that?” shit, i said that out loud. shawn narrowed his eyes at you for a couple of seconds.

“hmph.” —————————————-

the atmosphere was wild. almost all the men and women that made up the main roster were in lita’s suite. it was the biggest out of all of ours because she had just won the title. music was blasting and everyone was tipsy, and having the time of their lives.

“dance with me baby girl.” shawn asked invitingly as he gently took your hand and led you to the big space were everyone else was dancing. you turned around onto shawn and pressed your body up against him. shawn hung his arms around your neck as you slowly but gradually pressed your backside against his crotch. you felt his cock twitch in his denim jeans. he started to grind back into you, soft whimpers falling from his lips. the sounds coming from his mouth and his cock grinding on you made you feel incredibly hot.

“you like that baby?” you teasingly whimpered in his ear. he quickly nodded making you smirk.

“y-yes i love when yo- oh!” you pushed your ass back against his semi-erect cock.

“baby, please, we need to leave.” shawn begged. you continued to repeat your actions.

“make. me.” you stated. when you looked back at shawn, you didn’t see the face of a begger. you saw the new face of…(aMerIca) dominance. he pulled you away from the crowd and out the room. as soon as the door closed, he pushed you against the wall and your eyes locked. your chest rose and fell heavily and quickly before shawn connected his lips with yours. his hands roamed from your back to your bum and squeezed making you gasp.

“shawn,please…” you mumbled as his kisses started to travel down to your neck.

“what baby?” he whispered in you ear and you groaned. he knew what you wanted, he just wanted to tease. you huffed out as his lips attached to your neck, nipping and sucking.

“g-go to o-our room” you breathed out. shawn tapped your legs signaling you to jump and you complied. he carried you down the hall to your room, his lips still attached to your neck. he let you down gently and his lips made it’s way back to his favorite pair of lips. shawn came off as a play boy, but really he was absolutely whipped for you. your hands snaked around his neck and you went on your tippy toes to get a better angle. his hand went into his back pocket, fishing around for the room card. he pulled it out of his pocket and placed his hand on your lower back. he slipped the card in the slot and pushed the door open pushing you in. he closed the door, still attached to you and you both made your way to the bed. he lightly pushed you down and threw his shirt over his head eagerly making you giggle.

“im gunna fuck you so hard.” his hands raised your shirt over your head exposing your bare chest. he looked up at you eyes wide.

“it’s like you’re trying to murder me (y/n).” you smirked and pulled him close to you.

“maybe.” you lifted your hand to his crotch and began to palm him through his jeans. he whimpered and quickly kissed you again. his lips were firmly against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth. his plump lips molded into yours like two puzzle pieces. his heart was beating fast and so was yours. the love you had felt for each other wasn’t able to be formed into words. shawn never told you this, but he wishes there was something more than sex to show how much he loves and cares for you. how he’d do absolutely anything for you. but, until they make something up, sex would have to do. not that he was complaining though. he loved to feel your every warm tight muscle surrounding him when he was buried deep inside you. guess he was to in the moment to realize that hunter just entered the room.

“woah.” hunter breathed out. surprisingly, he had never walked in on you guys before even though the amount of rooms you shared together was more than you could count. shawn looked up at hunter and his eyes widened in shock, his heart beating even faster. he didn’t want anyone to see you like this. no one deserved to see you this vulnerable, this sexy. he was about to cover your chest up with the nearest covers, but you stopped him.

“wait…” you murmured and softly put your hand on shawns chest. shawn immediately shook his head.

“no. absolutely not.” you looked up at him and tried using your infamous puppy dog eyes that he ate up so much.

“(y/n), don’t look at me like that. please, you know i can’t resist those…” he trailed off. he looked up at hunter who had an obviously uncomfortable bulge he was trying to hide. he looked back down at you, your chest was rising and falling heavy. you had talked about how you wanted this for a while. and if the tables were turned with two girls, (one being you) he’d probably be asking too. he nodded his head and you smiled and looking over at hunter.

“hunter baby, you wanna join?” hunter swallowed and nodded.

“then what are you waiting for? come here.” hunter walked over to you and shawn with a smirk on his face.

“rules.” shawn stated sternly. “hunter, do not kiss (y/n). you c-”

“baby.” you said to shawn and he sighed.

“i just don-” you cut him off with hard kiss on his lips. you reached over to hunters crotch and lazily started to palm him through his loose basketball shorts. he groaned which almost made shawn pull away to see what you were doing, but you started to palm him again too. you opened your eyes and looked to see your hands feeling on two thick cocks and you moaned at the site. you’ve always wanted them in you at the same time and your wettest dreams were coming true tonight. hunter nudged shawn a little and he reluctantly moved over while still kissing you. hunter dipped and attached his wet lips to your left nipple making you moan and slowly lay down on the bed. you decided to get more handsy with shawn and slipped your hand into his jeans. you shakily started rubbing his naked cock up and down but had to stop a couple of times because of hunter.

“ohhh… hunter…” you moaned out as he brought his nipple between your teeth, gently biting it. his big hand cupped your right breast needing it in his hand. shawn had shimmied out of his jeans by now and he had kneeled infront of you, his long thick cock in front of your face. you looked up at him with your most innocent look to see his chest quickly rising and falling. you looked back down at his cock and sat up a little before taking the whole thing in your mouth.

“shi-fuck.” shawn huffed out and you mentally smiled. you slowly bobbed your head back and forth, your tongue gliding against the veins on his cock. you were so focused on sucking shawns cock, you didn’t realize hunter already had slid your baggy sweats off of you until you felt his hot breath on your pussy. you gasped when you felt him chuckle on your pussy.

“no panties? god you’re bad.” shawn released his cock from your mouth with a pop that made him shudder lightly.

“if you’re gunna eat her pretty little pussy, you gotta do it right.” shawn said and shuffled over to your jewel.

“open up baby, daddy and hunter are hungry.” you moaned and spread your legs as far as you could without any discomfort.

“jesus, you’re so wet, fuck. her pussy is so pretty.” hunter said to shawn as they were captivated by your juices sliding from your pussy to your second hole.

“i know, and i get to fuck it everyday.” you whined in annoyance which made both men chuckle.

“please someone just do something.” you moaned out.

“thats no way to talk to daddy like that.” you swallowed and felt your pussy quiver. shawn smirked.

“im sorry. daddy, can you and hunter please lick me?”

“yes princess, we can.” immediately after those words fell out his mouth, you felt two tongues flat on your pussy.

“shit!” you exclaimed. shawn planted small kisses on your heat while hunter waisted no time inserting his tongue directly in there. you felt hunters tongue deep inside your heat exploring every warm muscle. shawn kissed your clit and attached his lips to it. he began to suck making you scream. the pleasure was too much.

“im gunna cum!”

you gasped out for air as both of their tongues managed to fit in your small hole.

“fuck fuck fuck!” you practically screamed out, your orgasm hit you like a fucking truck. your heat clenched and you felt your cum oozing out of you. your whole body trembled and your vision went blurry. you fell back onto the bed and tried to catch your breath as both boys softly lapped at your heat cleaning up. as you were calming down with closed eyes, you felt shawns body hovering over yours.

“you think you could take two cocks at once baby?” shawn whispered in your ear making you shudder and then whimper. you were still sensitive but you wanted this so bad. you nodded as you felt hunter kissing your inner thighs.

“she’s still incredibly wet, i think she’d be able to.” hunter said rising up and jacking off his cock. hunter stripped down to bareness, and you must say, his cock wasn’t anything short of a disappointment. he wasn’t as long as shawn, but he was still pretty thick.

“come ‘er baby.” hunter laid down on the bed and his cock stuck up. your pussy was dripping in anticipation. you crawled on top of him and you felt shawn standing at the edge of the bed. you and hunter shuffled down to where shawn was so he had better access.

“you ready baby girl?” shawn whispered into your ear, pushing your hair on the back of your ear. you nodded your head yes and your heart began beating fast again. hunter lined up with your heat and shawn lined up with your second hole. you had done anal once before with shawn but it was around a month ago.

“just relax. it will feel good if you relax.” he said noticing your breathing getting heavy. you nodded and took a few deep breaths. your eyes fluttered shut when you felt shawns fingers spreading lube on your hole. you moaned when he stuck two of his fingers in, readying you.

“im ready.” shawn planted a soft kiss on your lips and looked to hunter. they both nodded at each other and at you before their cocks slowly entered your holes.

“oh!” you exclaimed. you felt the veins, their skin, how hard they were once their cocks entered you.

they thrusted at a slow pace making sure you were comfortable and were feeling good. once when they heard you moan, they began speeding up.

“holy shit you’re so god damn tight.” shawn struggled to say as his cock entered deep in you again. the way his cock looked nestled between your ass made him all the more horny. he spit on his cock and rubbed it around adding even more lubricant.

“uhhh…” you moaned out. you could barely even open your eyes at the amount of pleasure you were receiving. shawn pulled on your hair lightly and pulled you back at a new angle making hunter hit a new angle. you cried out in pleasure while hunter kneaded your chest and toyed with your nipples.

“god (y/n) you squeeze my cock so we-holy shit” you tried to ride him as much as you could but the pleasure was coursing through your body and almost paralyzed you.

“ooh fuck yes! go-im gunna cum!” you screamed out as the two cocks continued fucking your tight holes.

“i already did.” hunter chuckled out and slapped your bum.

“just hold on a few more seconds.” shawn groaned out and you shook your head.

“s-so good… i can’t…” hunter rose his upper body up and began to suck on your nipple. he took it between his teeth and flicked it with his tongue. you new you couldn’t hold it in.

“shawn baby…”

“now” both of you simultaneously released and rode your orgasms out hard. profanities tumbled out of shawns swollen lips and you were too tired to form coherent sentences. you all breathed heavy, sweaty bodies collapsing on the bed.

“you see?” you turned to shawn. “wasn’t so bad.”

Aph Characters as things that I have heard people say at school

Italy: “If you give me food, I will love you forever”

Germany: “Get on my ship.”

Japan: “Ching chong, Its the Racist hat!”

America: “Suck my McDick”

England: “Dangflabbit, Miley!”

France: “Wear the golden glitter pants to your date!”

Canada: “Never underestimate the silent ones”

China: “Make sure you use protection!”

Russia: “Go take a selfie with the Trump manaquin!”

Romano: “No hoein’ around”

Prussia: “Guys! I found a pimp hat!”

Mtv’s not allowed to make anymore of these ‘racism is bad’ PSA’s when they let Miley host wearing dreads and Rebel Wilson making police brutality jokes

Can we stop pretending that this 2015 VMAS were not problematic af

Honestly, Miley wearing dreads knowing damn well it’s wrong.

Rebel Wilson dressing up as a cop knowing damn well police brutality is at an all time high.

I’m still not off Anaconda not getting the nomination it deserved because that song played for MONTHS and still didn’t get “Video of The Year.”, but Shake It Off or Blank Space achieved the same and yet nomination. (Nicki didn’t have to win, but she could’ve at least been nominated.)

It’s not even over yet and already there’s so many problems.

Edit: I don’t care about the Anaconda video, the song itself was legendary. Not the lyrics. I’m talking about radio play, video play, on every single station. That should at least be nominated as video of the year. So stop talking about the ass shaking, idgaf, I’m talking about views on YouTube and radio play.