miley vma performance

if you ever feel sad about comics just remember that in dcu canon bruce wayne is a celebrity so that means he probably

  • had to sit through miley cyrus’ vma performances
  • low key dated rihanna for a month
  • also dick and jason prob met her during the destiny child era 
  • batman having to sit through every single katy perry performance at the vma/grammy awards just picture it picture the scene
  • white boy danced with taylor swift
  • been approached to host saturday night live 
  • yacht parties with like every famous person his pr firm can set up like massive boat parties with cara delevingne and leonardo dicaprio
  • somehow manages to get invited to every oscars night and trying to find some way to turn it down because batman doesn’t watch movies
  • red carpet moments with the bat kids always standing too close to cass because she looks gorgeous in that dior gown over protective bat dad alert (also somebody should save dick from giuliana rancic she’s a little bit too into him)
  • king of walking posts on ontd

Michael Jackson’s performance at the 1995 MTV VMAs. THIS IS WHAT IT SHOULD BE. Not some raunchy mediocre acting and inappropriate costume changes. Music should be taken seriously into an art form. I didn’t take the 2015 VMAs seriously at all. Take notes Music Television and raunchy new stars. Watch the King of Pop and give him some well deserved respect.


Not that it wasn’t expected, but I’m actually very disappointed in E.L. James for not answering at least some of the accusations leveled against her on Twitter via the #AskELJames. Reading through the hashtag there were some supportive voices in a sea of people who hated the books. The latter comments ranged from bring attention to the sexual, mental and emotional abuse within the novel to making fun of James truly atrocious writing style to personal attacks on the author herself. While I acknowledge that the attacks on James person were perhaps a bit cruel, that doesn’t negate the fact that she chose to block/ignore all comments that weren’t singing her praises.

There were survivors of sexual/domestic/verbal/physical abuse in that crowd who found something disturbing/triggering about the book. There were people who recognized the abuse for what it was and were worried about the effect the popularity the 50Shades trilogy is having on impressionable kids and teenagers. There were members of the BDSM community who were angry about the inaccurate portrayal and consequent undesired attention their community has received. It’s fun to make jokes paralleling EL James blocking users on twitter and restraining orders, these are real concerns about her books and regardless of whether or not she believes her books to be problematic, she had a responsibility to attempt to answer at least some of them.

These are not new complaints either. James has had pretty much since the publication of her first book to come up with answers to these complaints. If she doesn’t think her books portray an abusive relationship, she needs to explain why. If she believes Anna’s consent wasn’t coerced and was truly consensual, she needs to explain why. If she believes that a trouble childhood can justify perpetuating a cycle of abuse, she needs to explain why. If she realizes the problems in her books and is embarrassed by them, she needs to come out and say so.

James needs to come out and defend herself against these accusations and as long as she continues to hide behind a Twitter block button she will continue to give off the appearance that she either 1) does not care or believe abusive relationships are wrong/harmful or 2) she’s a soulless hack who doesn’t give a damn about her readers, literature, or a sense of integrity so long as the paychecks keep rolling in.

James is a creator and like all creators consensus about her work is never going to be guaranteed and that’s a good thing. Whether it’s Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance or Catilyn Jenner on the cover of Vanity Fair, controversial work opens a dialogue about important issues that need and should be talked about. If nothing else, James books allow the general population into a conversation about love, relationships, sex, BDSM, and abuse that they may not have felt able or comfortable to join otherwise, and James does us all a disservice, herself and all her supporters included, when she chooses to withdrawal from that conversation.