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Hey hey i'm just not that much connected with internet i just got my tumblr. Who the fuck is that andy boy you are always talking about? I am a fan of juliet but i am someone who is usually not interested in private things but this page gave me some interest... So who is andy and why do you "hate" juliet? Is there something particiular? Loves <3 oh and i read u like linkin park :) an awwwwesome band :) hope u have fun with everything u do sweety!

Hey there.

Andy is Juliet’s “boyfriend” of 4 years. I use the air quotes around boyfriend but I doubt they are still together. I believe they have broken up but there has been no confirmed break up from either of them.

I hate Juliet because she is a liar

  • She lied about being pregnant
  • She lied about being engaged
  • She lied about being married
  • She lied about putting out in album which was promised 4 years ago

I hate Juliet because she’s a scam

  • She has had a pledge page for a few months now and has reached passed her 100% mark but has failed to release anything
  • She pushed back the release of this EP (which was suppose to be an album) twice already
  • Her pledges are a scam like her IG take overs. She posts only 3 pictures and they’re the same 3 pictures on many, if not most, of the IG accounts
  • She’s asking for an INSANE amount of money for her pledges
  • She’s gotten over $50,000 but is still telling people to pledge more money

She’s a rude bitch

  • I have personally witnessed Juliet being mean to one of her fans. Her fan (which was a girl no older than 16) ran up to Juliet during Warped of 2013 and tired talking to Juliet but Juliet just turned away and walked off. Her fan wasn’t asking about Andy, wasn’t asking how Andy was doing, she was there for JULIET but Juliet had to be rude
  • This personally happened to me. I went to a Meet and Greet for BVB after they performed at Warped but Juliet had to whisk Andy away like he had somewhere else to go. I said 2 words to Andy before she glared at me and took him away.
  • Juliet photobombs people’s pictures of Andy/BVB
  • She has many times taken the microphone from Andy and started singing. She always has to be the center of attention
  • When people leave her comments on her IG (they aren’t even mean. some are just questions about the EP and some are about things people are genuinely curious about) and Juliet will turn around, call them a bitch, and block them for no reason at all

I hate Juliet because she’s a bad role model who thinks she’s top shit

  • She called out Miley Cyrus for posing topless. Juliet said Miley was immature or something and asked what was this world coming to. Then, she posted pictures of herself topless.
  • She called out Justin Bieber (I forgot what for)
  • She has called out many artists who are way more famous and way more talented than her for no reason at all
  • She had to sneak onto Warped Tour (that’s trespassing theft since she had to take a tent and started playing in it) and then she complains about not being “treated right”.
  • She clings onto Andy like he’s her lifeline and then refuses to let anyone touch him
  • She constantly posts about her’s and Andy’s personal life and then lashes out on anyone who asks about it

She’s an all around horrible person.

To you’re last question and statement, yes, I absolutely ADORE Linkin Park. They are my most favorite band in the world! Linkin Park is the first metal/alternative/punk band I’ve ever listened to and they introduced me into more bands! They have made me smile in the darkest of times, they practically raised me. I owe everything to this band!

"How is Nicki Minaj being discredited?"

Iggy azalea had ONE O N E song that hit the mainstream, and she had EVERYONE calling her the queen of rap. It took ONE hit song from a white girl who can’t even rap to take away all the progress Nicki had made.

Nicki Minaj has been making history CONSTANTLY, surpassing LEGENDS on the charts. She made female rap relevant again. She has her own brand selling anything from clothes, to perfume, to moscato. SHE HAS DONE SO MUCH and has even been a good influence on women. Telling them to be sexy but smart. But people were so quick to write her off and has ALWAYS done that because she’s a black woman.

When Nicki is a little risqué the media and everyone else calls her a whore, slut, attention seeker, publicity whore, and so on. When Miley Cyrus poses nude she’s daring, shocking, sexy, bold, and so on.

But to the people who constantly discredit Nicki and always talk down about her, keep talking. She’s still going to be making history, and she’s still going to be making them coinz

Everyone stop what you’re doing for one minute and look at this classic example of white feminism.
Here is what Nicki Minaj said: “Black women influence pop culture so much but are rarely rewarded for it”
This was in response to her song not getting nominated for a VMA and Nicki felt that her song deserved it but since she wasn’t a thin, white woman she didn’t get it. A perfectly valid sentiment.
Here is Miley Cyrus’s response:  “What I read sounded very Nicki Minaj, which, if you know Nicki Minaj is not too kind. It’s not very polite…I think there’s a way you speak to people with openness and love…If you want to make it about race, there’s a way you could do that. But don’t make it just about yourself…If you do things with an open heart and you come at things with love, you would be heard and I would respect your statement. But I don’t respect your statement because of the anger that came with it.”
Ok, first of all, Nicki wasn’t impolite in the slightest. But apparently a black woman opening her mouth and expressing that she is unhappy with the way the music industry treats her and other black women is ‘impolite’ and ‘rude’. Should she be sweet all the time? Even when she is so frustrated about the fact that she has worked really hard but it still isn’t good enough for the racist music industry?  She has every right to be angry. In fact, she has every right to be outright rude (which she wasn’t!). She doesn’t have to disguise it just to make white people feel comfortable.
Secondly, “don’t make it about yourself”? She didn’t? She literally said “Black women influence pop culture so much and are rarely rewarded for it” not “I influence pop culture…”
And thirdly, “But I don’t respect your statement because of the anger that came with it.” Translate that to “I don’t respect what you have to say about the racism you and other black women face in the music industry because you had the audacity not to be sweet about it”
White feminism at it’s finest. Miley poses as a feminist but refuses to listen to what WoC have to say and refuses to acknowledge their struggles.


In the first picture we have Miley Cyrus posing with Rihanna at the SAG awards then a few days later in the second picture, its Katy Perry stealing Miley’s idea and Miley’s best friend Rihanna.

There are so many problems with this picture. First is that Klepty Perry copied Miley’s iconic best friend Rihanna which is absolutely ridiculous and unfair why should Katy Perry (a fat white female supremacist) copy innocent Miley Cyrus who isn’t racist like Katy Perry. And no, technically Miley is white but she’s also tehnically black because she’s the twerk queen and all the black people like her and she has a million black friends.

The reason why Hefty Perry copied Miley is because she’s a flop and Wrecking Ball ended her and Gaga’s flop careers. It’s so funny now that Miley’s the reigning queen of pop.