miley cyrus training

Miley Cyrus has literally never apologized for anything in her life, and I don’t get why everybody is acting so surprised now. 

A few years back, she and a friend (whose name escapes me) made some video mocking Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez. When an interviewer brought it up, she ‘apologized’ by saying that ‘imitation is the highest form of flattery’ although never actually apologized to Demi nor Selena for what she said. That video is still online today, I believe. 

She’s used transphobic slurs (tr*nny) and, to the best of my knowledge, has not apologized for them.

She was incredibly rude to Sinead O’Connor, despite O’Connor’s writing of a very mature, public, and kind open letter to her. She mocked mental illness in order to ‘prove a point’ against Sinead.

She’s been called out on use of black people and little people as props in her performances, and has yet to apologize for that either.

She mocked Demi Lovato’s coke addiction, despite the fact that Demi was one of her best friends at the time. 

she literally has a tattoo of a dream catcher. if that’s not appropriating native american culture then i don’t know what the fuck is. 

Even at the VMAs she was using AAVE and wearing ‘locs’ 

Every time an issue is raised with her, she cries ‘feminism’ and says that she should be allowed to do whatever it is that she likes because she’s a ‘young woman’ and it was hard growing up in the limelight. You can’t have it both ways. You can’t be exempt from saying things because you’re a female and because you support gay rights. Shit doesn’t work like that. 

So go Nicki Minaj, for putting her in her place. 

Miley Cyrus is racist trash, and it’s no longer a case of ‘oh she doesn’t know’ or ‘oh you’re just trying to put her down!’ or ‘that’s not very feminist of you; hating on another female.’ 

There’s a very, very, very big difference between attacking another female for no reason, and calling someone out on their shit. I’m sick of Miley Cyrus getting away with whatever she wants, just because she’s ‘famous’ or whatever. And she’ll say this is to boost record sales or that it’s a good marketing ploy; stop offending people just to get money out of it for fucks sake. 


- east of eden // zella day
- amber // 311
- free fallin’ // john mayer
- lost in my bedroom // sky ferreira
- hypnotic // zella day
- first date // blink-182
- spiderwebs // no doubt
- feeling this // blink-182
- big jet plane // angus & julia stone
- do my thang // miley cyrus
- come around // collie budz
- teddy bear // melanie martinez
- smells like teen spirit // noah gundersen
- our july in the rain // he is we
- telegraph ave // childish gambino
- good girls (acoustic) // 5 seconds of summer
- badfish // sublime
- three little birds // bob marley
- nobody’s home // avril lavigne
- girls like girls // hayley kiyoko
- goner // twenty one pilots
- baby // war paint
- mad hatter // melanie martinez
- sk8er boi // avril lavigne
- blood bank // bon iver
- i kissed a girl // william fitzsimmons
- you and your friends // wiz khalifa
- here’s to never growing up // avril lavigne
- she talks too much // elohim
- ace of hearts // zella day
- tag, you’re it // melanie martinez
- sixteen // real friends
- cry baby // melanie martinez
- riot girl // good charlotte
- l$d // a$ap rocky
- not enough // avril lavigne
- easy // son lux
- my happy ending // avril lavigne
- losing grip // avril lavigne
- it wasn’t me // shaggy
- jamming // bob marley
- fall to pieces // avril lavigne
- heart’s on fire (acoustic) // passenger
- soap // melanie martinez
- divorce and the american south // aaron west & the roaring twenties
- just like a pill // p!nk
- who owns my heart // miley cyrus
- hot // avril lavigne
- all the time // jeremih
- sippy cup // melanie martinez
- thank god, sarcastically // bobby meader music
- twin size mattress // the front bottoms
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- what’s my age again? // blink-182
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- first defeat // noah gundersen
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- day n’ night // kid cudi
- permanent december // miley cyrus
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- angel with a shotgun // the cab
- bouncing off the walls // sugarcult
- like real people do // hozier
- don’t wanna be your girl // wet
- pacify her // melanie martinez
- she’s kinda hot // 5 seconds of summer
- new americana // halsey

Tony’s Christmas Wish

gif is not mine

Title: Tony’s Christmas Wish

Pairing: Tony x Reader

Word count: 832

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was requested by an Anon! I hope you are all ready for some Tony Christmas drabbles! I hope you all enjoy this one! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!

Who knew staying all night at NCIS headquarters would end up like this?  You and Tony were the only ones here on Christmas eve finishing paper work.  Gibbs ordered you to go home, but the two of you wanted to go home with all of your work done.  Listening to Gibbs would have been a good idea; you were now snowed into NCIS.

“Tony are you sure we’re snowed in,” you asked for the tenth time.

Tony peered over his shoulder at you.  He’d been looking out of the window for ten minutes now.  “Over course I am [Y/N],” Tony muttered.  “I can only see the top of my car out there.”

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baby i’m yours; listen

cute love songs for your wedding day !!

1. Baby I’m Yours - Arctic Monkeys 2. When You Look Me In The Eyes - Jonas Brothers 3. Look After You - The Fray 4. Forever and Always - Parachute 5. All Of Me - John Legend 6. I Choose You - Sara Bareilles 7. 1234 - Plain White T’s 8. You & I - One Direction 9. I Do - Colbie Caillat 10. Marry Me - Train 11. A Thousand Years - Christina Perri 12. When I Look At You - Miley Cyrus 13. Life is Better With You - Michael Franti & Spearhead 14. Everything - Michael Buble 15. Never Stop - Safetysuit