miley cyrus personal pic


Okay so in middle school I told everyone I was friends with Miley Cyrus in an attempt to be cool (because I had just switched schools and didn’t know anyone). We both cheered at the same place as younger kids but on different teams and literally never spoke. But I had people convinced. And the summer that HSM 2 was filming I told everyone I was going to visit Miley in cali and be in HSM 2. While I was at the airport to go to vacation (the one that my friends thought was with her) I saw her there and took a selfie with her.

Then when HSM 2 came out she was in it but I wasn’t and I lied and told everyone that Mitchell musso had been there and we were making out during filming so I missed the scene.

Fucking stupid. 😂 these are from my 7th grade year book… people believed me to this day. I just never said anything. So here are the #facts. I was never friends with Miley and I didn’t go to California until I was 23 years old.