miley cyrus giving you up

Beyoncé- halo
Lana del Rey- ultraviolence
Lord Huron- the night we met
Passenger- let her go
Christina Aguilera- you lost me
Miley Cyrus- don’t dream it’s over
The Fray- how to save a life
LP- lost on you
Miley Cyrus- giving you up
Melanie Martinez- pacify her
Demi Lovato- stone cold
Ed Sheeran - everything has changed
Rick Ross- purple lamborghini
Katy Perry- thinking of you
Ruth B- superficial love
Julia Michaels- issues
Lorde- green light

Joker x Reader - “Giving You Up” by Miley Cyrus

Request by Anonymous ❤️ - “Please do a Joker x Reader based on the song ‘Giving You Up by Miley Cyrus’ but end it with fluff! Thank you puddin’! 😋”

{A/N} Thanks for bein’ my first request sweetie! I had to look up this song, and it was beautiful. Fluff isn’t usually my area of expertise but I tried! I hope you like it! 

PS- Currently working on part 5 of Play The Ace! To read it, click here. Requests/Asks always open!

xo Harley

Warnings: Maybe a trigger warning, also fluff. If you think that’s a bad thing.. Oh and like two curse words.

“I can’t do this anymore, J!” You say, reaching for his guns that lay on the table. You slide them into the genuine leather holster he bought you for your birthday this year in a huff. You love him, you love him with all your heart but you just can’t sit around and watch him go out at all hours of the day and night, not knowing what he was up to. He was a murderer, sure, but he was also a charmer- and running that club of his, he’s had plenty of time to get to know the 'entertainment,’ too, you’re just sure of it. You weren’t always a jealous person. But loving him so much makes you that way. You have to get out before you lose your mind. Well.. Even more than you already have.

“Every time I keep telling myself it’ll be okay, that you’ll pay me more attention or that you’ll show your true colors that I knew when we first got together,” you continue, his pale face is expressionless from the doorway of your room as he watches you load yourself with his weapons. He’s speechless, and not because he’s surprised at your sudden actions, but because in his tainted mind, he was realizing how much he truly does love you.

“But all you do is leave and leave me behind, and I need, to just.. finally, give you up,” you say in one quick breath, “because it’s obvious we cannot be what we used to be.”

He growled, rushing towards you and shaking his head, his eyes full of anger and desperation. "You will not leave, {Y/N}. You’re mine, and mine only! You took an oath to me. To live for me! If you leave, I’ll kill you.“

You were ready to argue back with him before his last statement. The look in his eyes is terrifying, and you know he means business. Would he actually kill me? I guess he doesn’t need me.. The love you hold for him is still there, and hearing that makes your insides shrink. The hope you hold that he would turn around and do something about it begins to slowly diminish.

"Why do you keep me around, J?” You question softly, feeling the warmth of your tears rolling down your cheeks. You load the last gun and hold it in your hands, staring down at it through your {E/C} eyes.

J doesn’t know what to do, he’s only known you as the ‘bad bitch’ who can take whatever he dishes. He didn’t comprehend that you have such feelings beyond your hard exterior. He looks at you, the anger still coursing through his veins as his true love seems to be slipping away, unbeknownst to him. He just knows he can’t handle if you left. In one swift movement, he grabs your arms violently, squeezing them as he shakes you once.

“Look at me!” He growls, causing you to tense up. You’ve seen this side of him countless times, but you never quite got used to it, especially now that he’s threatened to kill you. You slowly look up into his eyes. A twinge of insanity takes over your mind and you flash him a grin, immediately holding the gun to your head.

“You wanna kill me, J? I’ll do it myself. Save you the trouble.”

He lets you go. His hands open wide next to your shoulders as he sways slightly around your frame. You can see the cogs turning in his head as his tattooed brow furrows. The only thing you can hear are the sounds of your heart beating laced with his heavy breathing. He swallows hard and drops his hands, spinning on his heel to face away from you exasperatedly.

“God damn it, {Y/N},” he sighs, frustrated, as his index finger and thumb meet the bridge of his nose, “Put the fuckin’ gun down.”

He clasps his hands behind his head and turns around to look at you again, stretching his arms out with a sinister grin as he does so.

“For me?” He coos.

Your eyes narrow, does he really think he can win me over like that even after all this? I’ve been fighting this battle in myself forever. I can’t do it anymore. But seeing him care a little does get you going. And you do like to tease him..

You cock the gun, the tears on your cheeks drying as your gaze stays fixed on his.

“Fine, fine. Just hurry up so I don’t have to wait.” He says, dropping his hands. Just hearing him say that angers you. Throwing the gun onto the floor, the tears form back in your eyes and you bury your face in your hands.

“This is what I’m talking about! You don’t even care! I used to be everything to you!” You break out into a soft sob, turning to leave and making your way towards the door, “I’ve made up my mind.”

Suddenly, you feel hands on your waist and his audible sigh next to your ear. J wasn’t about to admit it, but the thought of life without you now caused some sort of stirrings in the depths of what heart he had left. He held onto you tightly, keeping you from going any further. After trying to pull away and failing, you slump into his arms and let go, tears smearing the mascara you had perfectly applied this morning. His grip tightens on you and you turn around in his arms, staring up at him through damp eyes.

The look on his face is almost pained. He didn’t necessarily want to see you this way, even if he usually got off on the pain of others. He couldn’t believe what he was about to say next. But he knew it had to be said. Not just to get you to stay, but because he meant it. He sighed and rolled his eyes, reluctantly starting to speak to you in a calm tone.

“{Y/N}.. You gave me a friend when I had no others. You loved me, even though I’m so, so, so, so, so, so damaged. You gave up the life you had to devote your life to me. No one does that shit. You did.” He brings his thumb to your cheek, wiping away a black tear with his signature smile, “Hopelessly devoted to daddy in each, and every, way.”

Listening to him speak makes your heart melt. He never opens up to you, and small as this is, it means everything. You listen to his rough voice as he continues to speak to you.

“You mean so much to me, {Y/N}. Honestly, I don’t even know what I’d do without you, now! I think I’d go crazy!” He laughs at his own joke, and it’s music to your ears.

“Really?” You squeak, a small smile placing itself upon your lips.

“Ya think I’d be nice to you if I didn’t mean it, doll face?” He purrs, causing a small giggle to leave you.

“Well, I suppose that’s true..” You sniffle as he wipes another tear from your cheek, “I just wanted to know I mattered to you. Like I used to.”

He gives a short laugh, shaking his head, “Baby, that’s never changed.”

You wrap your arms back around him. The clanking of the guns you loaded onto yourself against the ones he was already packing feels comforting to you. It feels like home. He reaches a hand up and starts stroking your {H/C} hair, kissing the top of your head.

“Stay,” he says, “And we can have grape soda in your favorite spot.”

You grin, there’s no way you could give this man up and not want to just absolutely die.

“Tell me you love me.” You demand quietly. He’s never exactly told you that before. And you weren’t sure if you were pushing it now. But you figure it’s worth a shot.

“What?” He asks, dragging out the 'a.’

“Tell me you love me.” You repeat.

He stares down into your eyes, a grin slowly spreading across his crimson lips as he leans down to press them against yours. His kiss is so delicate you weren’t even aware it was possible for him as you returned it.

“You know I love ya, {Y/N}.”

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Vibe Tunes 2.0

I know I just did this earlier today, but the lovely @sweariwouldnt tagged me too and honestly noone has just 10 tunes they’re vibing to, so I’m taking this opportunity to cheat and am adding another 10 songs to the list! 

Again in no particular order: 

1. What I Like About You - The Romantics

2. Sing - Ed Sheeran

3. 1 - 800 - 273 - 8255 by Logic, Alessia Cara, Khalid

4. Get Low - Liam Payne, Zedd

5. Slow Hands - Niall Horan

6. Superstition - Stevie Wonder

7. Conga - Gloria Estefan, Miami Sound Machine

8. Skyscraper - Demi Lovato

9. Giving You Up - Miley Cyrus

10.  Times Are Changing - Di-Rect

Levi’s Playlist to Eren in Chapter 50

1) When I Look at You-Miley Cyrus 2) I Won’t Give Up-Jason Mraz 3) Lego House (Ed Sheeran Cover)-Austin and Kurt Shneider 4) Can’t Help Falling in Love-Ingrid Michaelson 5) Don’t You-Darren Criss 6) Feel Again/Dog Days-Mike Tompkins 7) Carry On (FUN Cover)-Madilyn Bailey & Friends 8) I’m Yours-Jason Mraz 9) You and Me-Lifehouse 10)Little Talks (Of Monsters and Men Cover)-Julia Sheer & Jon D. 11) Bigger Than Love-The New Velvet 12) Bonfire Heart-James Blunt 13) Close Your Eyes-Michael Buble 14) Mirrors (Justin Timberlake Cover)-Boyce Avenue feat. Fifth Harmony 15) Marchin’ On-One Republic 16) Stereo Hearts (Gym Class Heroes Cover)-Paradise Fears 17) Something I Need-One Republic 18) All of Me (John Legend Cover)-Boyce Avenue 19) Safe & Sound-Taylor Swift feat. The Civil Wars