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Song List #6: May and June

Okay so I haven’t updated my song list in a while, but here are the latest jams I’ve been bopping to: • I Slept With Someone From Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me ~Fall Out Boy • Malibu ~Miley Cyrus (freaking LISTEN to this!!) • Love On the Brain ~Rihanna (what a queen, such talent) • Hey Tomorrow ~Mindless Self Indulgence (this is sad ugh my heart) • Somebody Kill Me ~Adam Sandler • If You Can’t Hang ~Sleeping With Sirens (this song occupies my thoughts for hours at a time please save me from its catchiness) • Straight to Video ~Mindless Self Indulgence • Grigio Girls ~Lady Gaga • John Wayne ~Lady Gaga • Carolina ~Harry Styles • Kiwi ~Harry Styles (and the rest of self titled) The songs I’ve bopped to during my song list hiatus aka I forgot: • Of All the Gin Joints in All the World ~Fall Out Boy • /S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W/ ~My Chemical Romance • Never Wanted to Dance ~Mindless Self Indulgence • Nearly Witches (Ever Since We Met…) ~Panic! At the Disco • Tears Dry On Their Own ~Amy Winehouse (I love her… so much)

Pretty Little Liars 6x10

I was sick most of last week and working all weekend so I didn’t have a moment to write about my thoughts on 6x10.

It’s clear that this finale did not live up to hype, what a surprise. The biggest thing that pissed me off was that they answered “all” our questions (actually they only answered like 10 out of 500 of them) in one episode. They should have answered them over a period of a few episodes. The finale seemed rushed, and left us with a lot of questions on even the answered questions bc they had no time to provide a real and logical explanation. They also took the time to answer a lot of questions in interviews…a majority of fans won’t see those interview questions/answers. I can’t even take those answers seriously when they answer them in interviews bc all I hear is a load of shit. 

I decided to break it down:


Going back to the fact that the finale was rushed. If it wasn’t rushed and they took the time to focus on the “small” details then there wouldn’t have been as many plot holes, if you’re the writer of a show you should know where things conflict in the story YOU WROTE *cough* Marlene *cough*. It’s funny how they are acting like we should look over those small details now that it’s convenient for them, what ever happened to there being no coincidences in Rosewood? They said you could go back and watch the past episodes and see all the clues about A. It’s kind of hard to see it bc i’m not sure if i’m not interpreting their stupid flashbacks correctly bc apparently Toby and Alison were both like fetuses in the flash backs with her about kiss him, are we just supposed to assume the same for every flashback now?! I swear Marlene was eating some of Spencer’s pot brownies while she said that bc she can’t honesty look bad and say that doesn’t sound stupid?! 

Another big reason for there being so many plot holes is that they were so focused on tricking the fans instead of writing a smart detailed oriented story about the one character they claimed they picked back in season 3/the end of season 2. They were focused on making other characters a distraction for us viewers and they weren’t creative enough imo on making CeCe blend in with out giving her some fake made made up life in Rosewood that turned out to not be at all relevant in the season finale, and they expected us to just over look that like the fools, sorry I mean kids, that they think we are.


If you say that it didn’t annoy you that she turned out to be Red Coat, and Black Widow, then you are a liar, or you’re Marlene King. I have a feeling that  they never realized how important these characters would become to fans so they had an idea of who they wanted to pick. Sara being this important makes no sense. How convenient that they have another half of another season to explain this. But little do they know, or care we really don’t give a fuck. Like seriously I would be happy if they wrote that character out. They had so many other characters from the past seasons that they could have used, and should have used. I honestly felt that by using a brand new actress to play not one but two pivotal roles was extremely disrespectful to the actresses who have been on the show since the beginning. 


Ok this came at me like a freaking Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball! 

They flat out LIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They said they would not do a transgender story line, and what did they do, they did a transgender story line. I just find that so aggravating that they would lie to fans like that in order to trick us so we would get off track with our theories. They should have never responded to fans if they were right. I just think the writers/producers/directors should just remain of social media bc apparently they don’t know how to use it. 

It was also not a good way to introduce a transgender character. There are so many other ways to have done that but now is the time you pick to do it. It blows my mind that ABC Family was ok with this. They made their first trans character a mental patient. Yes lets give your young audience the idea that people who are trans have mental disorders. Like yes I can see how that could happen over time becoming mentally unwell, not being accepted by your own father not even visited once by him, your mom faking your own death and keeping you a secret from everybody, and keeping you locked up in a mental hospital your entire life. But they could have easily gone a different direction to make that story line fit and not have used a trans character, and then introduced the trans character in a more appropriate way that was more realistic. 


CeCe being A didn’t piss me off bc in the past I thought she was A. It made sense she acted like Ali, was sketchy, a bitch to Jason, had beef with the girls for some odd reason, some how knew about Hanna’s shoplifting even though Hanna never started shoplifting till after Ali died, snuck into Radley with Wren’s help, knew Melissa and Wilden, came back to rosewood at christmas time after hiding out in Paris just to see Ali, claimed she spent all day at a perfume shop talking about her, and manipulated Ali into pinning her against her friends. But then they told us that a trans character was not possible, and they introduced Charles to us so we obviously assumed A was a man.  After they lied to us it made sense that she was probably Red Coat. 

I don’t think they had the Charles story line figured out till about 5B, and who was going to be A till the imo. They didn’t seem to know the character or her past history well enough to properly convince us in the finale that she was A. She claimed that while she took classes at the college she was still in Radley…funny because she had a roommate and also had friends from high school. Remember Noel Khans brother’s party? how did she know all those people if she never went to school or really hung out with them? She also rolled up to their year book photos and somehow earned the title as “prom queen”  in their yearbook without even attending. Isn’t prom queen like a big deal?! She also met her boyfriend who also happened to be her brother at the yearbook photos. I can’t understand why the writers thought this was a good idea unless they had no idea in the past that they would make her A. Didn’t she also date Wilden? Bc apparently in the finale he was just a dirty cop that was payed off by Mrs.D a few times. He was also the same age as CeCe so how is it that he was able to cover up the murder of Toby’s mom if CeCe was 12 at the time? Great job Marlene on that one!  

CeCe was arrested back in season 4, we saw that the cops were called on her when someone in a black hoodie walked up to the hotel lobby desk found her name in a guest book. Why would CeCe have done that? That literally makes no sense at all!!!

Also while CeCe was in Radley how would she have been able to have kidnapped Sara Harvey and hide her at the same time??????????

She would not have been able to have built that dull house and hide Sara Harvey while living in a mental institution. And since she was in Radley there is no way she would have known what the girls rooms looked like. 

If she lived in Radley why did they tell us Wren was sneaking her in, how do you sneak into the place you already live at?!


What was the motive?! Bc I still don’t even know bc I won’t accept the shitty answer they gave us! 

Why have 4 girls be centre of attention for almost 6 years, and be stalked and basically tortured by not one but two As who both had no real motive to have this much anger against them. 

The only person who had the most motive to harass and stalk Ali was Mona but CeCe didn’t, Ali didn’t even know CeCe was her sister. So to get Ali’s attention she stalked Ali, and tried to kill her but since Ali didn’t die it’s all good. 


What was the point to putting Ali in jail? CeCe was never out for revenge but that was what they made it seem like A was out for the entire season 5! We saw the bible verse, we say Ali get beaten up and harassed in jail, and Hanna was framed for murder as well. This is the another thing that does not at all line up for me. I know CeCe was crazy but it does not make sense as to why she would do that to her sister if all she wanted was her attention!


I found it disappointing that we never found out why Ali was sketchy in the past, and what her involvement with that night was. It was always made to seem that there was more to her and her character, and also what had occurred that night. 


I think it was Keegan who said this would be a tragic love story…the only thing tragic about it was that Jason, my love, dated his sister!!! I think we all had the same look Ali had on her face the moment she realized CeCe dated her own brother! 


This was a part that I could not believed they even rushed and took such little time for! 6 years with these girls in high school and we hardly even got a 2 minute goodbye between them. This show revolved around their friendships and they just pushed it to the side bc they decided they wanted to put everything into one 40min episode!

I obviously wasn’t a fan. I did have to watch it twice to kind of see where it did make sense, and I won’t say there aren’t things that don’t line up bc that wouldn’t be true. It was just disorganized and rushed so they made WAY TOO MANY MISTAKES. I know mistakes happen but there were way too many, it made me question if Marlene was even watching the same show as us. 

I plan on watching the time jump bc those jerks left us with a cliff hanger and I won’t accept this finale. But this show will never be same for most of the viewers, which is really sad. 

Summer Smith’s Big Pop Dance Party | A Rick and Morty Fanmix

pop anthems for the girl who’s gonna do something with turquoise.

  overprotected/britney spears//breakout/miley cyrus//freak out/avril lavigne//just a girl/no doubt//fabulous/high school musical 2//tell me something i don’t know/selena gomez//shake it off/taylor swift//how to be a heartbreaker/marina&the diamonds//how do you like me so far?/clique girlz//trouble/p!nk//roar/katy perry

listen here