Nutty Brunette (Frog Level)

Brewery : Frog Level
Beer : Nutty Brunette
Style : American Brown Ale / Brown Ale
Variance : It’s crazy…

8.5 / 10

Allllllllrighty then. When talking about nutty brunettes I’m going to assume that you readers think I would instantly go with Miley Cyrus (naturally a brunette) or one of those dumb fuck Kardashians but instead we’re going to give it to the guys today and talk about good ol’ Ace Ventura. This beer comes damn close to topping both of his movies and if you need to “ass” me any questions about this brew I’ll be happy to climb into a fake rhino and crawl out butt naked from it’s ass to answer them for you. This beer will probably have you checking into a mental institution like Ray Finkle once you taste this because I’m pretty positive it will blow your freaking mind. Frog Level really impressed me with this one because browns don’t usually do anything for me just like looking at naked pictures of Kate Bosworth but this surprised me and really elevated the style. A nice sweet chocolate flavor starts this one off with some caramel and Nutella flavors mixing in towards the middle with even more sweetness before ending with a smooth but chocolatey finish. When it comes to a beer that can sway the beginners out there into trying new styles, this beer is a great contender because it’s light and sweet flavors will sway even the most avid commercial beer drinker over to our team. Bastards, pick up a can of this or forever be a Laaaa-Hoooo-Zahhhhhh-Herrrrrrr. Got it. Good. Now even though this has nothing to do with the beer and I can’t figure out a way how to work this quote into the review I leave you with this… Do NOT go in there! Whewwwwww!

Written by: Steve B.