miley and liam engaged

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I think they need to date different people to realize how much they need eachother because that's what happened between Miley and Liam they dated around but now they are engaged so jelena needs this

I agree

Never Forget

She was tired. Tired of these fights that never cease between her boyfriend and her.

Her boyfriend was a very famous actor and you’ve probably heard of him, Liam Hemsworth.

She thinks and is sure he still loves his ex-girlfriend, the famous Miley Cyrus !

A few hours before, she had gone out for shopping and it is by pure accident she had fallen out of a magazine. On the cover of this one, she could read : « Miley and Liam: back together ? » including a picture of them after a concert of this bitch. But the worst … The worst was that Miley had the engagement ring that Liam had given her when he made his engagement proposal.

At that moment, she had so much resentment towards Liam. And she knew that he will soon come back home.

Liam was not long in coming, the front door opened.

-          « Mornin’ my beauty ! » he tried a kiss on her cheek but she drew back quickly.

He turns his face toward the damn magazine.

-          « Y/N … » But Y/N absolutely don’want among his justifications. She doesn’t care.

She was hesitating between crying or screaming in anger.

-          « Liam … Do you still love her ? Tell me only yes or no ! » she asked calmly.

-          « Of course not, Y/N ! How could you think such a thing ? » he tried to approach her again but she stepped back … again.

She took a deep breath, tears streaming down her cheeks. She loves Liam, really, but she is so afraid.

-          « Prove to me that you no longer love her ! »

He took something from his pocket. Y/N wondered what he sought.

-          « Honey, Miley will always be a friend to me but she will never be you ! I love you, I love you more than anything on this earth ! » he took her hand, « I swear you’re the one I love with all my heart ! »

He took his thumb and wiped his tears streaming down her cheeks.

-          « Is it true ? How can I be sure that you tell me the truth ? »

Y/N was skeptical although Liam had affirm that she was the only woman in his life.

-          « I wanted to wait for your birthday to do that, but if that is the only way to prove you what I feel for you, then I’ll do it today ! »

She did not understand what he meant, but it was when he knelt on the floor she realized what happened.

-          « Y/N Y/L/N, would you do me the honor of making me the happiest man and the most filled by becoming my wife ? »

She was so happy. It was as if all that had passed was forgotten.

-          « Yes, Liam, yes ! »

She did not expect that Liam wants her to become his wife.  But she was so happy, so much. She put her arms around the neck of her boyfriend and kissed him.

-          « I love you, Y/N ! Never forget ! » Liam whispered in her ear.

Chris Hemsworth is Thor. 

Liam Hemsworth, his brother, also auditioned for Thor. 

Liam Hemsworth is apparently dating/engaged to Miley Cyrus again. 

Tom Hiddleston plays Thor’s brother. 

Tom Hiddleston is apparently now dating Taylor Swift. 

This is like a badly-written crossover/crack fic except it’s real life and we’re all bearing witness to it.

It's been a wild 2016 so far...

Fall 2013 Liam and Miley break off engagement.

Fall 2015 Liam and Miley get back together and by Jan 17 Miley is seen wearing her engagement ring again and spotted moving into Liam’s Malibu home.

Jan 17th Taylor doesn’t wish Calvin HBD on Instagram (let’s not ignore the fact Calvin didn’t wish her HBD on instead either for her birthday)

Jan 18th Selena and Samuel are spotted holding hands AGAIN. Are they or aren’t they? Where’s Niall?

New Years Justin & Hailey go Instagram official but are they really?

Harry and Kendall spends NYE together with friends/family on vacation… Never spotted together again…

Louis brings his new GF to LA and hasn’t been spotted with his baby momma in months…

Liam is a singer turned rapper.

ed won’t attend another Grammy award show if he doesn’t win this year.

HSM has a 10 year reunion. Zac is nowhere to be found.

Friends is having a 20 years reunion. Matthew Perry won’t attend bc of play rehearsals in London. Chaos ensues.

Cameron Dallas is a thing? The Italians love him. Why are vine stars even famous? When WILL IT STOP!!!!???!!!

Gaga took credit for a song she didn’t write and Linda Perry is pissed.

Daniel Radcliffe can hit it.

Lorde & James broke up.

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www(.)latinospost(.)com/articles/14582/20130315/miley-cyrus-explains-why-hasnt-wearing-engagemt-liam-hemsworth(.)htm miley's ''adventure'' with engagment ring reminds me of certain blond:P i wonder if things will end up the same or maybe they're only teasing us with zerrie break up. every time i feel like it's about to end we get new pics or pets:P

Anonymous said:didn’t miley cyrus have the same story when there was rumor that her engagement was over and was seen without the ring she kept on saying it was getting cleaned.
Anonymous said:This whole thing with Perrie and the ring reminds of when Miley and Liam were engaged and every time she was seen without it in she (or her publicist) would say it’s getting cleaned and they eventually ended it so this makes me think that it might be the beginning of the end for Zerrie 🙏

so miley


don’t see much difference

let’s see if lm is gonna have a big break up song
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Reportedly Engaged, Once Again
Take two!
By Josh Duboff

So, what to make of this second stab at an engagement? Us is usually a very reliable source in these sorts of matters, but we will feel more confident in its truth when we see a joint selfie posted on Cyrus’s Instagram account revealing the news in cryptic emoji. 

What sort of heated text-message thread are Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence engaging in right now? 

What sort of trippy love songs is Cyrus crafting between breaks of jumping on a trampoline and blowing bubbles? 

What did Chris Hemsworth say when he heard his brother’s news? Actually, we know the answer to that last one: he grasped Liam’s shoulder and muttered, in a gruff but affable tone, “That’s great, mate.”

So apparently, to sum it all up: Niall Horan and Selena Gomez, Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, Louise Tomlinson and Danielle Campbell, and Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are all dating. Plus former engaged couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth, and ex-lovers Liam Payne and Sophia Smith are now back together. Additionally, Pitch Perfect’s Skylar Astin (Jesse) and Anna Camp (Aubrey) are now engaged.

Well, that escalated quickly.