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NYC's first transgender firefighter will serve as grand marshal at Pride
Brooke Guinan called the opportunity "an amazing honor."

The folks behind New York City Pride have announced one of this year’s grand marshals: Brooke Guinan, the city’s first transgender firefighter. 

Brooke, who’s 29, has marched in Pride every year since she came out as trans eight years ago. Her parents are also firefighters, and they’ll be coming to Pride for the first time this year to support her. 

“It’s very rare in the everyday life of a trans person to feel valued or to feel appreciated in society,” she added. “I look forward to the pride march every year. It’s nice to be around your people, your LGBTQ family ― to really feel like you can let loose and not have to worry about judgment.” […]

While she doesn’t currently put out any fires in her current position as LGBTQ outreach coordinator for the FDNY, Guinan still feels she can make a huge impact in the lives of so many people.

“At the end of the day, I really just feel like I’m living my life,” she said. “I don’t necessarily understand why it gets so much attention. But if that attention can be used for good … and can be used to promote the education and betterment of other trans people then I feel like it’s my responsibility to do that.”

Awesome! Congratulations, Brooke. 

5 Years of Oh-Totoro

As the title says, on this day 5 years ago, I created this blog, and a few days before that, my friend suggested that I check out Tumblr. Honestly, in those first few days I didn’t understand the appeal. My dashboard was empty, I had nothing to post, my follower count was zero, I was just looking at a blank blue page. But then I started to use Tumblr as an outlet for my love of Studio Ghibli (and a little of my creativity), and immediately this website came alive. Before Tumblr, I knew of nobody else that had even heard of Studio Ghibli, and now I know there’s at least 180,000 other people that love and enjoy their work as much as I do. Tumblr is the website that turns a niche in to an arena.

Thank you for continuing to support my blog after all of these years, and making me feel at home ^____^

Serbia will have its first gay prime minister
Ana Brnabic will also be the country's first woman prime minister in a sign of increasing tolerance.

For the first time ever, the president of Serbia has nominated a gay woman to serve as prime minister. 

New Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic chose Ana Brnabic as prime minister in the conservative state, where she’s the first woman and first gay person to hold the position. And Serbia isn’t the friendliest place for LGBTQ people.

The symbolism of the appointment is real, but it comes against a backdrop of ingrained and sustained antipathy towards homosexuality. It may be more of a harbinger of change than evidence that change has already occurred.

Police research in 2015 found that almost half its officers agreed with the statement “homosexuality is an illness that should be treated”, reports the BBC’s Guy De Launey in Belgrade.

Even the leader of one of the smaller parties in the president’s coalition, Dragan Markovic Palma of Unified Serbia, said Ms Brnabic was “not my prime minister”.

He was recently quoted as saying that the new prime minister “should be a family man who knows what children are”.

Serbia! This is a serious milestone. The BBC article linked above gives a great breakdown of what this means politically and culturally; give it a read if you can.


((OOC: over 100 shows played, over four months away and its all over. 

This week has been surreal, hectic and exhausting, whilst also managing to be exactly what I needed. I just want to get soppy for a moment because this man is one of the most ambitious, considerate, hilarious, ridiculous and all round beautiful people I have ever met and I’m so glad to have him home until September <3 

Thank you guys for putting up with my  hiatus’ and sending all of the super sweet asks, after tomorrow I’ll be back to being a full time nerd *excited flailing* 

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03.12.17 // 8:29 AM

I haven’t been checking stuff online lately because exams are coming up and I’ve just been so stressed about so many things, but when I opened Tumblr, oh my. 500 followers?! Well, it’s a little over that now—I missed the exact mark. But still! Thank you, friends! You are all crazy wonderful! I know it’s not much, but it still means a lot to me. Have a great Sunday!

I am exhausted, but it has been the best night of my life. MBMBAMPortland was amazing. It was the longest live show they’ve ever done, the goofs came at full force, and by the grace of those kind McElroys’, me and @weabootunes were able to go. They even remembered me by name when I went to ask my question! Thanks to all the community and the brothers themselves for the fantastic night!

end of hiatus

ayyyyyyy!! hi y’all!! that hiatus turned out to be a loooot longer than expected. so much has changed in my life since then – i’m in university now! i never thought that would EVER happen after my anxiety and depression screwed up my high school years and prevented me from graduating. i’ve been in a massive slump for 4 years now, but finally i’ve lifted myself out of it through diligent therapy, meds, and support from my friends and family. i feel so alive now, when only a year ago i wanted the complete opposite of that…

this is a lot more sappy and depressing than i wanted it to be haha, especially since i don’t usually speak about my shitty personal life. but yeah! i’m kind of back now??? sort of??? i finally bought a proper gaming pc so i’ve been playing games like overwatch and civ 6 this entire time, but i’m slowly but surely getting back into ts4. i have a couple of asks in my inbox that i’ll try and get to, but i just wanted to stop by and idk… say hello?? and thank you all for the massive support while i was gone! i have 3.5k followers now which is a lil insane lmao

i’ve been playing around ingame a bit – and by ingame i mean cas and build/buy of course LMAO. i haven’t gotten a chance to try out city living yet so i made a lil sim to do so. anyway, the point is i’ll be posting again soon! love you all, as always, and i hope 2017 will be a happy one for you as well!!  (*´꒳`*)

The teacher assigns a buddy to all the children in her first-grade class. Everyone writes their buddy a postcard, giving them a compliment. Dean is supposed to write something for Castiel, the mysterious autistic kid in the corner – but he doesn’t hand anything in. Does he have nothing to say? Or does he have too much to say?  

p.S. will you Be my Boyfrend ?

In celebration of 1,000 lovely kudos on my fic A Postcard for Castiel, I decided to illustrate it! I love every single one of those teeny tiny “I like your fic” hugs. They definitely provide motivation to write more kid!fics and fics with autistic!Cas~ ♥