Ponylicious turned 4 today!

wow its already been four years on this wild pony ride and its been so much fun! Who knew that this blog would blow up as big as it is today. I love you all you made my experience in the fandom and on tumblr a great one and i look forward to bringing you all the awesome pony fan art i can for as long as i can. 

stay safe, stay awesome! 

love yall!

I’m alone for the first time in a very long time. Five days. Just me and my dog. This is gonna be fine. Both of us are very anxious and sad about the situation, but we’re gonna be okay. 


I can do this.

Sorry about ALL the OOC lately! I don’t have much drive to do drafts 
and kinda wanna just do short things! But also I just wanted to be 
positive about myself for a second and just kinda say I’m really happy
how far I’ve come with my art! It’s not perfect (no artist IS and I know 
I’ll look back at my art now in a few months and cringe lol) but I’m not
like…disgusted by my own art anymore? Like I look back at stuff from 2015 
and yeah, I see mistakes and what I’ve improved on, but like… I’m still 
kinda happy with it. My style will always keep developing but I think I 
found something I’m comfortable with. I’ve gotten to a point where I can 
stylize more, and I’m aiming to try and draw more BGs as the months come,
as well as posing more now that I’m pretty comfortable with anatomy and how
it works with my style (which exaggerates a lot of limbs and stuff)

I don’t know- I’m just really happy about it and the only reason I still haven’t
done commissions is because I’m lazy to set shit up with my bank and pa.ypal
but aaaaaah- it’s not because I’m not confident in my art anymore. I can happily
say I’m a pretty good artist who still obviously has shit to learn, but I’m good
enough to feel good about my art and ask people to pay me to draw them shit