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Can u recommend me monsta x blogs to follow? I'm new to the fandom :-)

Of course! 

Here are all my recommendations for all/mainly monsta x blogs, all of these are my faves and the people who I think are extra special are bolded

(Warning: I love a lot of monbebes so this post is going to be L O N G )

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Hey everyone! It’s been a while since i’ve posted any writing on this blog, hasn’t it? Despite having a huge ass WIP list, i can’t seem to find inspiration/motivation for any of the oneshots or series i have planned/am working on.

Since my blog has gone through two huge milestones in the time i was being consumed by my work for college and i didn’t have time to celebrate, i’ve decided to do it now with a good old drabble fest! As a way to say thank you to all you lovely readers out there for supporting me despite me being so inactive lately and to get out of this damn writer’s block, here we go!

What to do?

1. send me an idol from BTS, GOT7 or MONSTA X (these are the only groups i’m accepting right now, i’m sorry)

2. add a quote/prompt (max. up to 2 quotes per idol please!)

3. don’t forget to mention which genre you want me to write for your request! important! ( i know i write mainly smut, but i’m completely fine with solely angst or fluff, even horror, or a combination of multiple! take your pick!)

4. AUs i’ll happily do for you: Harry Potter, vampire, mermaid/merman, hybrid/shifter, college/uni, fuckboy/bad boy, greaser, demon/angel, etc… ( i don’t do sports aus because i know way too little of them to make it interesting. I can’t really do a werewolf au either because i feel like everything i’d write would already have been done. If you have other suggestions, just ask!)

5. i’d like to ask you to please only send one request so everyone gets a chance to maybe have theirs fulfilled! as always, i’ll do the ones that inspire me the most!

Vague requests with too little information or requests that have been submitted in the wrong format will be deleted, so make sure you have everything you want in there!

Requests will be closed whenever i feel like i have enough material to work with! Thank you, and i’m curious to see what you’ll come up with!! <3