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Heya everyone! Sorry for being so silent! I’ve been working super hard on the video and I’m almost done! I’ve gotten so much support and love in such a short time recently so I rushed to get it finished but unfortunately, it’s only a wip for that reason! I had a full video planned but I wanted to get half of it out to celebrate the followers milestone and save the rest of the video for the next one so that I can fully work on it! Thank you so much for 8000+ followers! I hope you’re all excited and again, I’m really happy you’re all here <3

‘Spider-man: Homecoming’ just made $22million in China in a single day putting it’s global box office total at $770million. So unless it drops dead in China after a day, it’s pretty much guaranteed to cross $800million. If it holds up the rest of the weekend as strongly as it did today, it might even pass that milestone by Monday. 

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Im just imagining CROC finding a batch of orphan newborn merpups by some shore. So they take them back to the HQ, and is bombarded the whole lost light pod. A few of them pick up the six pups, and start grooming their fins and scales while cuddling their tiny body to give them warmth. The little ones just peeps indigiantly, their eyes still not fully open. The HQ is soon filled with purring from both the pups and their adoptive merguardians. ❤

( Melly’s Mod Notes: Yesssss more headcanons and imagines of adopted pups being taken in and loved by their guardians.

I love this idea to bits but at the same time you’re implying here that there will be other seaformers who will get a chance to take the orphaned pups in if the liaison brought them to CROC and, later, the Lost Light pod after the babies get a clear bill of health to be taken in by now parents.

Because do you wanna know who is going to claim those orphaned pups moment they hear about it? Just straight up say, ‘THEY ARE OUR CHILDREN NOW HISSSSSSSS’ and no one dares fight them in fear for their own mortal souls?

That’s right- Chromedome an Rewind. It’ll be a great way for the couple to have pups to call their own. Seeing as how there is a real risk Chromedome could hurt Rewind thanks to not only due to Rewind’s minimer status - he very tiny! - but because of Chromedome’s poisonous quills.

I don’t know why but it’s been headcanoned by my friends and I that these two would have a huge litter of pups. Some from the results of (very) careful mating sessions while the majority are orphaned/stranded pups who they took in after they learn about the babies needing a new home. The liaison, at some point, will end up simply going, ‘Looks like Chromedome and Rewind will be adding to their litter’ if they or CROC learn about some stranded pups needing homes. )

Spider Slayer (2/?)

So, I decided to start on some of the continuations of my fic project, and this one was the easiest since it’s just flirtatious, sexy fun and not a whole lot of plot, so well, here you go. The first chapter can be read on Tumblr or on

Brief summary: Prompted by laschatzi - K & E are neighbors and K attempts to save Emma from a spider in her bathtub. Yep, that’s it. :)

“Sorry lass, I hope this’ll do? I don’t seem to have much small enough to fit you.”

He’s holding up the matching top to the pajama bottoms that are still sitting sinfully low on his waist and a pair of boxer shorts from his position in the doorway of his bedroom.

“We’ll match, how cute.”

He peers down at his legs and then looks back up at her, a slight blush tinging the tips of his ears as he gives her a somewhat bashful smile.

“Aye, I suppose we will.”

There’s something about his nervousness that’s helping to calm hers and she finds herself moving towards him, one hand still clasping her robe tightly to avoid giving him a free show as she comes to stand in front of him.  She takes the clothes from his outstretched palm, their fingers brushing lightly under the flannel as he steps from the doorway into the hallway. She wishes she could say that she felt sparks at his touch, but honestly, her whole body feels like a livewire and just being within a few feet of him feels electric.

“You can change in my room. I need to go dig out the extra sheets and blankets for the guest room.”

“I’ll be quick so I can help you.”

“Don’t fret, Swan. We’ve got all night.”

The salacious wink he punctuated that last statement with was pretty ridiculous, but she finds herself laughing all the same. She makes sure to roll her eyes dramatically before closing the door to his room to change, and catch her breath.

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Rosetta: Alarm to sound for comet mission

One of the most daring space missions ever undertaken reaches a key milestone on Monday.

Europe’s Rosetta probe was launched a decade ago on a long quest to chase down and land on a comet, and has spent the past two-and-half-years in hibernation to try to conserve power.

But at 10:00 GMT, an onboard “alarm clock” is expected to rouse the spacecraft from its slumber.

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