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Spider Slayer (2/?)

So, I decided to start on some of the continuations of my fic project, and this one was the easiest since it’s just flirtatious, sexy fun and not a whole lot of plot, so well, here you go. The first chapter can be read on Tumblr or on

Brief summary: Prompted by laschatzi - K & E are neighbors and K attempts to save Emma from a spider in her bathtub. Yep, that’s it. :)

“Sorry lass, I hope this’ll do? I don’t seem to have much small enough to fit you.”

He’s holding up the matching top to the pajama bottoms that are still sitting sinfully low on his waist and a pair of boxer shorts from his position in the doorway of his bedroom.

“We’ll match, how cute.”

He peers down at his legs and then looks back up at her, a slight blush tinging the tips of his ears as he gives her a somewhat bashful smile.

“Aye, I suppose we will.”

There’s something about his nervousness that’s helping to calm hers and she finds herself moving towards him, one hand still clasping her robe tightly to avoid giving him a free show as she comes to stand in front of him.  She takes the clothes from his outstretched palm, their fingers brushing lightly under the flannel as he steps from the doorway into the hallway. She wishes she could say that she felt sparks at his touch, but honestly, her whole body feels like a livewire and just being within a few feet of him feels electric.

“You can change in my room. I need to go dig out the extra sheets and blankets for the guest room.”

“I’ll be quick so I can help you.”

“Don’t fret, Swan. We’ve got all night.”

The salacious wink he punctuated that last statement with was pretty ridiculous, but she finds herself laughing all the same. She makes sure to roll her eyes dramatically before closing the door to his room to change, and catch her breath.

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