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Marik: I call this piece “Saving My Boyfriend From The Shadow Realm, And He Still Finds Something To Complain About”


Thank you all so much! You guys are so amazing! And I hope I can make more stuff that you will enjoy!

@therealjacksepticeye @markiplier @crankgameplays This was supposed to congratulate all three of them for reaching a huge milestone but I guess it’s kind of late XD I was sick for the past few days and I never got to finish it in time ^^; If either Jack, Mark or Ethan sees this, congratulations! And thank you for the videos that always helps to brighten up my days!

Still sick, so right now, I’m not gonna be on for quite awhile ^^;

Thank you also, the members of Jack’s, Mark’s and Ethan’s community for being so nice and being so supportive :) All you guys help to make my days brighter

i’m like criung so much beacause you all are so sweet and supportive and so nice to me like i wouldn’t of thought in a million years people would be this supportive and liked my stuff this much im just so blessed and soft rn i love you all i wanna cuddle each and everyone of you so bad nm,ffnb


((AHHHHHHHHH YOU GUYS THIS IS THIRTY FOLLOWERS LATE,, BUT I HOPE THIS IS GOOD ENOUGH! AND THE NOTIFICATIONS ARE ACTUALLY THE ONES I GOT WHEN I REALIZED I HAD HIT 100, SO SHOUT OUT TO THOSE TWO. But really thank you all so much, it’s barely been two weeks since this blog started and just wow. I look forward to making more not-so-quality content for you guys, so please bear with me as i struggle to fix my art styles!!!))

((also because people actually asked for it i’ll do a meet the mun ish thing later after i clear out my ask box ; u ; it’ll probably just be a doodle of me and some facts on the side, unless someone wants me to do the interactive kind,,))

rosemaries-and-rue  asked:

Hi! Congratulations on your 8k followers :) Your art is absolutely amazing and I love that you exist! So, may I request cherik having a breakdown after a huge fight with one another? Sorry I just love angst...

so i’m not very good at angst

The teacher assigns a buddy to all the children in her first-grade class. Everyone writes their buddy a postcard, giving them a compliment. Dean is supposed to write something for Castiel, the mysterious autistic kid in the corner – but he doesn’t hand anything in. Does he have nothing to say? Or does he have too much to say?  

p.S. will you Be my Boyfrend ?

In celebration of 1,000 lovely kudos on my fic A Postcard for Castiel, I decided to illustrate it! I love every single one of those teeny tiny “I like your fic” hugs. They definitely provide motivation to write more kid!fics and fics with autistic!Cas~ ♥