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Where is this vid that says it? I want to watch ^^

The stream is here, it’s online again now (with Mike Pollock this time) but they saved the previous stream here I believe? It’s in lots of pieces though and I have no idea which one of those she says it in, sorry.

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being the same age as Sonic again is gonna be awesome though!

Oh yeah that’s true!! And in theory when I turn 21 I’ll be Boom!Knuckles’ age too :D

milesthefox asked:

Just wanted to tell you you're a wonderful person and deserve a rain of werehuggles every day <3

And you’re a super wonderful person and you deserve a… SUNSHINE OF GARDEVOIR KISSES yes let’s go with that

When the sun shines a shiny mega waifu floats down from the clouds and kisses your cheek

And then a Werehog crashes down from space and gives you a werehuggle too despite it clearly being the middle of the day

okay I finished the map yee

aauauugughgh MILES THIS WAS THE COOLEST THING I’m gonna keep this forever it has made Christmas morning for me ;;v;; Everything was perfect and has made me smile so much!! And I think it’d be really cool if you did release this map publicly it’s a lot of fun for a dumb Sonic like I am ahah

Thank you so much Miles, I hope your present arrived and merry Christmas!! (☆´ ∀`)