“When I first started going to auditions, the feedback would be, ‘He’s a great actor, but it doesn’t make sense for the character to have those scars.’ Things had always had a way of working out for me, so when that happened, I remember having to do some soul-searching: 'Oh fuck, is this actually going to be a thing? Is this going to inhibit me from doing this?’ That was a low point.” – Miles Teller


“When I started working out, I was 188 pounds and 19% body fat, and I had to film two movies in between… I had two weeks worth of boxing lessons to train… [It] was like an eight-month pregnancy and I ended up getting to 168 pounds and 6% body fat. I was doing boxing four hours a day, and weights for two hours; an hour of cardio; an hour and a half of accent dialect; and then an hour of physical therapy. I had a nine-to-five job.” - Miles Teller for Flaunt Magazine


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“For me, I still have feelings for all of my ex-girlfriends. In different parts of my life, I would miss that person. There’s something that drew me to that person, and I shared something with them. It was tough knowing that this character was falling in love with me, and knowing that I was going to let her down. I’ve had certain moments in my life where I’ve felt really, really bad about shit I’ve done to an ex-girlfriend. I’ve written long letters, and you almost want them to say it’s okay, and sometimes they don’t say it. Sometimes they say, “I never want to talk you again.” That’s tough to deal with.”


“One thing I really loved about working with Miles as an actor is he’s very good at dialing up or down the amount of expressiveness in his eyes. Earlier in the movie there’s a lot going on in his eyes, that increasingly, as the movie progresses, whether he’s with Nicole or with his dad, or with his family… his eyes just become deader and deader and deader.” — Damien Chazelle