April 11th, 2014 - Scintillating

ARTIST: dreamerinamoreheroicworld

AUTHOR: Charlotte

April 11th, 2014- Scintillating

As the self proclaimed creator of the English language, it was natural he loved words, they were easy to manipulate, but only if you knew your way around them. English especially was notorious for it’s words with so many meanings they make your head spin, or words that are maddeningly similar, but according to the stunning man sitting next to him, swearing aggressively at some shooting game, it suited him, apparently he was a complex and infuriating man, but that was only one man’s opinion.

A man who meant the world to him.

It’s where he stumbled over his precious language, when it came to describing him. It seemed easy on the outside, throwing insults he didn’t mean, all the shouting and arguing, but inside, inside he was lost. He wanted to be able to complement the other, but words didn’t seem enough to capture him and anyway, he would only get teased.

It wasn’t him who came up with the idea, of course not. It was the glorious American who had completely forgotten about it and was now flipping the bird at the TV, a ‘kesesese’ noise coming from his headphones. Just an hour ago, they had been chatting over dinner, he had asked:

“Hey…,can I ask a question? Do you think you know a word that describes us?”

Obviously he had been stunned by the request, but apparently it would be very cool and romantic if they had their own word, like a Hollywood couple. He was going to shout about how Hollywood was ridiculous and how it’s standards were too fantasy like when he saw the crimson blush on tanned cheeks…he had replied that he would think about it and get back to him….how he wished he hadn’t. He had been plagued with what words could possibly describe the enigma of a man he married. Looking over to him found a smile creeping onto his lips, the simple golden band still shining due to years of love and care. Suddenly it came to him, he focused too much on describing just one half of this relationship. The answer became clear to him


The jump was adorable, he would have to commit it to memory for future reference.


“The word that describes us love.”

The smile he received lit up the room, the game completely forgotten, German swears ignored, full attention focused on the smaller Englishman

“Really?! What does it mean?”

Figures, he comes the awkward mushy part….damn him.

“Well it depends, it’s a word that has two meanings and can be used in two different ways, which i…..I feel reflects us, especially, perhaps, your meaning.”

“Oh really?” A smirk, git, he’s not as clueless as he seems. “Please, tell me more.”

He resisted the urge to do something childish like stick out his tongue  or shout or punch that stupid face and forced a smile of his own.

“It can mean to sparkle or to shine brightly, which I think matches you perfectly, and i suppose you want an explanation so listen good because I will say this only once…..You shine in many different ways….Like physically, let’s be honest here puberty was good to you, all that working out you do helps too. You are beautiful from your toes to your head….however I have a personal liking for your smile, that brightens up any room…and I mean your real smile, not that fake one you do for meetings.”

He had the sense to look a bit sheepish at that, the blush creeping to his ears.

“It’s ok love, anyway, your personality is bright too, you’re so optimistic, it can get annoying  on a blooming Monday morning meeting I will admit, but It helps give me hope, it’s a sign that someone still cares about the future of this planet and of the people that inhabit it. You encourage me to work my hardest and are a much needed motivation on work filled nights. It may soon be that you are no longer a huge influence on the world or on the other nations….but you will always have a big impact on me, your light guides me I guess you could say.”


“I love you Alfred.”

Suddenly he was caught up in a trademark bone crushing hug. Alfred leaned his head on his shoulder and sighed happily. He couldn’t help but smile in return. They sat there in happy silence, but of course, Alfred felt the need to break it.

“So what’s the other meaning?


“For that sci-….sci-…whatever word you said.”

Arthur smirked.

“Well I don’t mean to boast but it mean brilliantly clever and/or skilful, which of course I am both, god knows you need some backup in that area.”

“Hey, i’m plenty smart and skilful.”

“Says the man who got caught in a trap because he was rubbing his ego.”

“You were the one complementing me!”

They descended into a traditional argument, but they both couldn’t help grinning like maniacs throughout.

My sister on Marco
  • -I put up a picture of Marco-
  • Sadia: NO
  • Melissa “アルミン・アルレルト”: yes
  • freckled jesus
  • charlotte: I hear Marcos been feeling weird lately, hes not all there
  • Sadia: STAHP D78
  • charlotte: hes only been doing his job half heartedly
  • charlotte: Its like theres something gnawing at him
  • Somethings chewing him up inside
  • tearing him apart
  • Sadia: STOP IT OKAY *SOBS*