maeganbobaegan replied to your postalso

Bio Oil fades them a bit if you put it on twice a day for 4 to 6 months. But, then they’re just light…

they’re already light so i wonder how well it would work

mommabearkasey replied to your postalso

Bio oil helps, but of course nothing takes them away completely.

i guess i should invest in a small bottle

organicmommy replied to your postalso

Your doctor can laser them away. It’s about $100 and you need 3 treatments. Anything you buy in store is just wasted money

$100 dollars per treatment?? do they stay gone or do they fade back in over time?

milesfilesx replied to your postalso

Everybody reacts different to things in this case. Cocoa butter worked wonders for me. But than other call it garbage.

i have some i shall try it!!

wild–rumpus replied to your postalso

palmers cocoa butter oil!