so we did this and that, I’m not really the kind of guy who does wacky expressions so forgive my ridiculously awkward startled faceeeeeee below :c

from the people I’ve worked with in the past, she was the only one who asked to take photos together lol

she’s my schoolmate and a month ago I met her while I was on my way home then I thought of asking her to work in a small fun shoot later on, she’s soooo nice and pretty! haha we’ve had a lot of catch up today, it didn’t feel like it was really a serious photoshoot but a catching up - get together hang out (I dunno if it sounded right but you do get the idea, yes?)

“ The Night comes ”

Miles Photography / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X10

“ Do epic shit " 

as part of an inspiration shoot while on my way home. the day I met Xyza Bacani, a Filipina Street Photographer and a DH in Hong Kong. Fujifilm Philippines brought him here to the Philippines and held a home coming :)


Miles Photography / NiftyStreetShift | Fujifilm X10