miles: the autobiography

My very good friend @zdravomilla tagged me in a survey of sorts. Let’s check it out

Nickname: Brown

Zodiac Dude: Man pouring a big jug of water on you

Last Thing Googled: Can dogs eat lettuce

Favorite Music Artist: right now, it’s King Gizzard. However, it always changes.

Song Stuck in Yr Head: Paperplanes, M.I.A.

Orientation: straight and narrow

Nationality: Chicano / Mexican-American

Favorite Fruit: the kiwi

Favorite Season: I used to be a cold season guy, now I’m a hot season feller.

Favorite book: the official Miles Davis autobiography

Favorite Flower: lotus flowers

Favorite Scent: I can’t smell

Favorite Color: magenta

Favorite Animal: Owls

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Choc’: if ice tea counts, then yeah

Number of Blankets Used to Sleep: one sheet and one comforter

Dream Trip: goin’ subatomic and gamblin’ my life in another dimension

Last Movie Watched: if binge-watching season 2 of The Get Down counts, then yeah

Current Outfit: a messy apron, hat, red shirt, black pants, and nonslip shoes

URL meaning: it’s the url I made up 11 years ago when I first opened a YouTube account

Do you have other blogs: just two: xela-ogerrob (my drawing/art thing) and another one that I don’t wanna publicly promote just yet

Religious or Spiritual: as much as I’d like to avoid being either sometimes, it’s in my blood

Average Hours of Sleep: about 5-7

Favorite Characters: uhh..Catwoman, Space Ghost, (also) Charlie Kelly, Naota Nandaba, April Ludgate, Marcel (who is this green dog villager from Animal Crossing), Metal Sonic, Special Agent Dale Cooper, Dare Devil, Quasimoto, and New 52 Batgirl

Cats or Dogs: both

Blog Created: 2013, I have to say

Number of Followers: 1,365

I tag @leatherboundkat and anyone else readin’ this far!

imagine the big fat A++ i would get on an essay about my disney channel era, replete with citations from tiger beat and popstar! and M magazines, and miley cyrus’ autobiography miles to go, wow i love history


I am the first musical note, the first beat of a drum, the African sun. I am a ton heavy on the mic of affection of the ghetto. I am mellow, I am hard as metal, I am a rebel.

Children have a lesson adults should learn, to not be ashamed of failing, but to get up and try again. Most of us adults are so afraid, so cautious, so ‘safe,’ and therefore so shrinking and rigid and afraid that it is why so many humans fail. Most middle-aged adults have resigned themselves to failure.
—  Malcolm X

Dennis Stock     Miles Davis, Birdland, New York City     1958

“The very first thing I remember in my early childhood is a flame, a blue flame jumping off a gas stove somebody lit…. I remember being shocked by the whoosh of the blue flame jumping off the burner, the suddenness of it….That stove flame is as clear as music is in my mind. I saw that flame and felt fear, real fear, for the first time in my life. But I remember it also like some kind of adventure, some kind of weird joy, too….The fear I had was almost like an invitation, a challenge to go forward into something I knew nothing about. That’s where I think my personal philosophy of life and my commitment to everything I believe in started, with that moment….In my mind I have always believed and thought since then that my motion had to be forward, away from the heat of that flame.” Miles Davis, “Miles-The Autobiography” 1989